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The emperor was also very surprised when he heard the news that Xue Chengyu was about to get married, because there was no news at all before. He thought that King Annan didn’t want his son to marry into the royal family, so he suddenly announced that Xue Chengyu was about to get married.

Su Huai came to ask the emperor to marry him, but the emperor was also a little embarrassed and hesitant, because King Annan had already announced Xue Chengyu’s wedding date. If it was other ministers, even if they were forced to marry by the emperor, they must accept and even thank them, but it was the Annan palace, and the emperor did not dare to force King Annan to accept the marriage.

Originally, the emperor wanted Su Huai to develop a relationship with Xue Chengyu. After Xue Chengyu was tempted by Su Huai, he wanted Xue Chengyu to propose marriage, and he would naturally marry them. In this way, if King Annan objected again, it would not be his fault.

The emperor was still very confident in Su Huai’s charm and felt that Su Huai would definitely be able to seduce Xue Chengyu, if he just waited for some time. The emperor knew that Su Huai was sought after by the noble children, but he did not know that Su Huai had already had many suitors, because the emperor himself was busy with his harem, and no one had told him about it. In addition, because of his trust in Su Huai, he did not specifically investigate him secretly.

But King Annan’s eyes were all over the imperial capital. King Annan knew everything about what the emperor did every day. He knew Su Huai’s lifestyle even more clearly. Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for King Annan to let Su Huai marry Xue Chengyu.

Su Huai came to ask the emperor but saw that the emperor who wanted him to marry Xue Chengyu was hesitant, so he began to use all his strength to persuade the emperor to agree.

The emperor felt that if Xue Chengyu was unwilling to forcibly be bestowed with marriage, then the purpose he wanted would not be achieved. In this way, the gift of marriage would be unfavorable for them, and the value of Su Huai would be lost in vain.

Su Huai assured the emperor that he had a way to make Xue Chengyu fall in love with him. Once Xue Chengyu fell in love with him, he would persuade Xue Chengyu to help the royal family at all costs, but he needed the emperor to give him a chance.

After listening to Su Huai’s plan, the emperor felt that it was feasible. After careful consideration, he agreed to Su Huai’s request.

After Su Huai got the emperor’s approval, he went back to his own palace to continue recuperating with the determination to succeed.

On the third day after Su Huai returned from the palace, it began to rain heavily. The heavy rain did not stop for seven consecutive days. Many rivers began to swell, and a small number of fields were submerged. If the rain did not stop, there would be floods.

Su Huai was very happy when he saw the continuous heavy rain. He never thought that when he was planning that event, it would actually rain for seven consecutive days. He felt that even God was helping him this time, he had no reason to fail, and now he just hoped that the rain would last longer, preferably causing a major flood.

However, on the eighth day, the rain gradually decreased, and on the ninth day, the rain stopped completely, and the sky began to clear. However, it rained for seven or eight days in a row, which was enough for Su Huai.

After the rain stopped, the Taoist priest who guarded the altar of Weishan suddenly rushed into the city, and then hurriedly entered the palace to report to the emperor, saying that the god-given stone Tianci which had placed on the altar had some bloody words appear on it.

At that time, it was the time of the imperial court, and all the civil and military officials were there. The emperor asked the Taoist priest who reported the message seriously and urgently, “What is the content of the bloody words?”

The Taoist priest said, “Reporting to Your Majesty. The evil star descends, and disaster strikes.”

The emperor frowned again and asked, “What do these words mean?”

The Taoist priest said, “After seeing the bloody words, our people immediately practiced divination and calculated these numbers. The meaning of these words is that this is an instruction from God, and there is an evil star coming. If it is not solved as soon as possible, I am afraid that a catastrophe will come, and it will affect all the people. Heavy rain for seven or eight days in a row was a warning from God.”

“Can you people figure out who this evil star is?” the emperor asked.

“Our people are trying to find this evil star, and it will take three days to complete the method. Before solving the evil star, it is best to let all the people stop their wedding banquets, otherwise the evil spirit might get hidden in the festive atmosphere, and it would be difficult to get rid of it until everything is over.”

“I know, you go back and let your people find out who the evil star is as soon as possible, and also find a way to get rid of the evil spirit as soon as possible.” The emperor said with a serious face.

The ministers were silent, but after understanding all the events just now, they already had their own thoughts in their hearts.

King Annan and Xue Chengyu quickly exchanged glances. This play was aimed at them, how could they not see it. The soldiers of the Nanman were afraid of Xue Chengyu, so they called him evil star, and they ran away when they saw him on the battlefield. Now it was very obvious who it was referring to when they suddenly spoke of a heavenly evil star.

Moreover, King Annan had worked hard for many years after returning to the imperial capital. Every move of the royal family was under his control. How could he not know what the emperor and Su Huai had been planning recently.

“Every minister has also heard that the Tianci Stone is a divine stone that fell from the sky. Now that there are bloody words appearing on it, it must be an instruction from the gods. For the safety of our Dayan Dynasty and all the people, from today until this matter is resolved, no one is allowed to hold a wedding banquet, otherwise they will be dealt with as if they had committed a serious crime!”

Finally, the ministers naturally would not object, and King Annan did not say anything against it, so no one spoke out. The hall was quiet, and all the officials tacitly accepted it.

The emperor did not expect that it would go so smoothly. He thought that he would only be able to continue according to his plan after arguing. But since no one argued, it was naturally the best thing for him, and he saved his energy and did not get angry.

After retreating from the imperial court, some ministers approached King Annan. King Annan said some very ordinary words to them, and the ministers who understood the hints in the words left on their own.

Back at the palace, Xue Chengyu told Jing Yang about this, saying that their marriage date would be postponed and could not be carried out as scheduled.

Jing Yang wasn’t especially surprised after he heard it. He had already guessed what Su Huai would do to prevent him from marrying Xue Chengyu.

“He actually came up with the trick of using the instructions of the gods, I have probably guessed what they are going to do.” Jing Yang leaned on Xue Chengyu’s body and said lazily.

“What do you think they will do?” Xue Chengyu asked.

“I don’t know the specifics, but the general content is not difficult to guess. They just want to say that you are the evil star first, and then explain that the removal of the evil star must be done by Su Huai. Since if you are evil, all the people will suffer.” Jing Yang said calmly, “Then Su Huai will help you get rid of the so-called evil spirit. Then since he was kind to you, you would have to marry him.”

Xue Chengyu bowed his head and kissed Jing Yang’s face and said, “You’re really smart, it’s almost what I guessed.”

Jing Yang put his arms around Xue Chengyu’s neck and said, “The Tianci stone really fell from the sky. When this world was still my home, I vigorously researched the Tianci stone, it is said that it is a god-given stone that is specially designed to protect the people of Great Chu. The people have always believed this statement. This time the emperor and Su Huai want to use the instructions of the gods to force you to obey. What’s the best way to deal with it?”

Xue Chengyu said, “The best way is of course to follow the plan. No matter what Su Huai plans to do, I can do it.”

Jing Yang whispered in Xue Chengyu’s ear, “When the time comes…”

“Okay, just do as you said.” After listening, Xue Chengyu said, “But you have to do what you can, and not be stubborn. Even if you can’t do it, we can think of other ways. In short, I will not marry Su Huai, you can rest assured, don’t try to destroy Su Huai’s plan since in trying be brave, you might hurt yourself.”

“What’s wrong with me?” Jing Yang said indifferently, “If you can stand it, you can marry him back, and there won’t be so much trouble. And  when he is fascinated by you, maybe he will help you to rebel against his father emperor together.”

“You really don’t care if I marry him back?” Xue Chengyu asked, looking into Jing Yang’s eyes.

“Of course, you can try it.” Jing Yang’s face was expressionless, but the cold light in his eyes flickered faintly.

Warning 18+ content

Xue Chengyu laughed suddenly, pressed Jing Yang under his body and kissed his lips, sucking the tip of his soft and sweet tongue, and stroking his body without any pause.

Jing Yang suddenly felt cold on his lower body, his pants had been taken off, and his legs were opened. When Xue Chengyu stepped forward, he couldn’t help groaning, his head was thrown back, and his neck showed a perfect arc.

Xue Chengyu’s body was strong and powerful, so not only did Jing Yang’s butt hurt, but his head had also become dizzy. When he closed his eyes, he seemed to see exploding fireworks, which looked beautiful and shining.

Jing Yang was picked up by Xue Chengyu and made to straddle his waist. This posture made it go too deep, and Jing Yang couldn’t help but want to scream.

Xue Chengyu held Jing Yang’s slender waist. As he swayed up and down, Jing Yang held his shoulders, his body was completely under his control, and he could only let it be manipulated. Jing Yang was a little dizzy from the thrill of too much excitement, but he enjoyed it very much. This kind of satisfaction was both like a torrent and a volcanic eruption.

Warning end

Three days later, the Taoist priest finished his calculation, and pointed out that Xue Chengyu was the evil star mentioned on the Heavenly Stone. This result was almost as expected by all ministers.

Only those people who didn’t know the truth were panicked and didn’t know what to do. On the one hand, they respected Xue Chengyu very much, because Xue Chengyu was the god of war in their minds, and he had never lost a single battle, and he could even make the southern barbarians feel terrified. They didn’t want to lose such a god of war who guarded their peace. On the other hand, they were also very convinced of the Tianci stone. This time, there were bloody words on the Tianci stone, and the people who knew the divine will had exposed it. Now they just hoped that there would be a way to resolve Xue Chengyu’s evil star as soon as possible, so that they could feel at ease.

Jing Yang had long expected that in such a society in ancient times, superstitious people still accounted for the majority, and the ruler’s brainwashing to achieve their goals would make the people even more convinced.

That heaven-sent stone was a meteorite that fell from the sky more than 100 years ago. Of course, ancient people did not understand what a meteorite was. In their hearts, since it fell from the sky, it was either a gift from heaven, or something given by God, and it was something that could convey the will of God, so of course, it must be treated according to the above meaning.

Since Su Huai wanted to use the superstitious psychology of the common people to achieve his goals, Jing Yang simply decided to take advantage of the plan, and also use this heaven-sent stone to make the people of the Su family unable to turn over again.

It didn’t take long for the Taoist priest to enter the palace in person and tell the emperor that it took him several days and nights in a row to finally think of the method that the gods asked for to clear the evil spirits.

So, all the ministers were summoned into the palace to hear what the Taoist priest had found out.

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