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The weather in October was getting colder and colder. Apart from the mid-term exam approaching, Chi Fang was worried about another thing.

Yu Mo’s birthday.

Last year’s birthday Chi Fang had missed because he didn’t pay attention, and Yu Mo misunderstood him. This year, he must prepare well.

What to give… Chi Fang turned his head and looked at Yu Mo, who was sitting next to him. Yu Mo was doing test papers. After his sophomore year in high school, he could hardly finish the test papers every day, so Yu Mo did not do every test completely. Basically, he only glanced to know the general process of the topic, and he would write more on the topic that required him to think more.

Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo, thinking for a moment what he needed to buy for Yu Mo.

The time passed in this entanglement of Chi Fang, and even the mid-term failed to cause any unnecessary reaction from Chi Fang. During the mid-term exam, Chi Fang had a dream again, the same as last time, except that after Yu Mo got out of the car with the rose, he looked up at Chi Fang on the second floor for a while.

Unfortunately, Chi Fang still woke up too soon.

But this time Chi Fang didn’t care that much. Instead, he felt like he was watching a movie and waiting for the climax.

The results of the mid-term exam came out quickly. Chi Fang had improved a little bit compared to before. Now he had kept up with the progress in all subjects. Yu Mo, the tutoring student, had also completely helped him make up. Now all he needed was to do more questions and accumulate experience.

Chi Fang bought all the tutorial books and workbooks available on the market and began to concentrate on studying the questions.

“Eh, have you heard that Wang Pengyu seems to have a girlfriend.” Chi Fang heard the boy sitting diagonally in front of him speak. He raised his head slightly and found that the boy was the one who had followed Wang Pengyu to stop him in Class 2 before. It was just that Wang Pengyu not only lost a bet with Chi Fang, but he was also scared away by Chi Fang’s words.

“Who is it?” The boy sitting at the same table asked with some gossipy interest.

“It seems to be Zhang?” The man was also a little uncertain.

Chi Fang’s pen stopped, and when he thought of seeing Zhu Ling and Wang Pengyu arguing before, the corners of his mouth gently curved up.

“Can’t you do it?” Yu Mo had been paying attention to Chi Fang and asked after finding that he had stopped for a long time.

Chi Fang smiled, shook his head and continued to work on the problem.

Wang Pengyu was indeed separated from Zhu Ling. He didn’t really want to be with Zhu Ling, but the woman was holding on to him. After Wang Pengyu took away the things in Zhu Ling’s hand, he had no interest in this person and directly talked to Zhu Ling about breaking up.

However, Zhu Ling didn’t accept it. She was arrogant and thought she could grasp Wang Pengyu’s heart by her appearance. She began to pester Wang Pengyu non-stop. And Wang Pengyu’s new girlfriend was also beaten by someone she found.

Wang Pengyu had never seen such a crazy woman. He dragged Zhu Ling out of the classroom to a remote corner and asked her in a fierce tone: “What do you want to do?!”

Zhu Ling still held her head high, looked at Wang Pengyu, and there was also a sneer at the corners of her mouth, “Why? Do you think I would let others steal my things so easily?”

Wang Pengyu frowned.

Zhu Ling didn’t care about him, she just opened the mouth and said, “I want one hundred thousand to buy new clothes.”

Wang Pengyu’s face was pale. Before this, Zhu Ling had already asked him for a large sum of money. Even if he had enough pocket money, he couldn’t afford such blackmail!

“Don’t go too far…” Wang Pengyu gritted his teeth.

Zhu Ling just looked at Wang Pengyu calmly, without worrying at all. The corner of Wang Pengyu’s eyes twitched a few times, and he took out his phone and pressed the screen forcefully. After a while, Zhu Ling felt her phone vibrate. She glanced at the message to confirm that she had received the money, then Zhu Ling smiled and patted Wang Pengyu on the shoulder, turned and left.

Wang Pengyu also returned to the classroom with an iron face.

After both of them had left, Chi Fang came out from behind a tree not far away. He originally planned to meet Yu Mo here, but instead of waiting for Yu Mo, he saw such a good show.

After hesitating, Chi Fang sent a message to his second brother to remind him to check Wang Pengyu’s recent spending records.

Chi Zheng had been very busy lately, and since he told his father about Wang Liang, he hadn’t taken care of these things anymore. On the contrary, the relationship between the Wang family and the Ma family had become more and more tense recently, and even the smile on Wang Liang’s face had become more and more reluctant. Chi Zheng hadn’t tore his face[1] with Wang Liang, and every time he saw him clearly scheming, but pretending to look calm and gentle in front of him, he found it particularly funny.

The two were waffling about it, but the Chi family’s luck had improved recently. Although the Chi family gave up the bid last time, they bought another piece of land. Now a shopping mall had been built on that piece of land, and it was about to start attracting investment.

And the Xu family…nothing right happened to the Xu family since they bought that piece of land. There was a problem with the certificate one day, and the next day there was no one who could handle the construction. Xu Guang’s second uncle walked proud by depending on this piece of land every day.

Xu Guang didn’t worry about it. The price of this piece of land was indeed very expensive, but for him, if he could knock down his second uncle using this piece of land, it would be more profitable for him.

Yu Mo had moved into the small apartment for more than a month. When the two people got up every morning, Chi Fang would cook a porridge for breakfast. Yu Mo would prepare the school things for the two of them. After eating, the two would go to school together.

In the evening, the self-study lasted until 8:30. After school, the two of them went back and read a book for a while, and then took turns to take a bath and sleep.

After only a month, Chi Fang felt that the two of them were like an old husband and wife, but every time Yu Mo came out of the bath, he couldn’t help but blush.

As for basically lying in Yu Mo’s arms when he woke up in the morning, he had calmed down about it. Anyway, he thought he slept very honestly.

Seeing Yu Mo’s birthday getting closer and closer, Chi Fang became more and more anxious. Every evening, Chi Fang asked for leave from self-study. Mother Chi helped to make the call for leave. Every day when Yu Mo returned home, Chi Fang had already come back, so he didn’t have a chance to ask what Chi Fang did.

Yu Mo had forgotten his birthday a long time ago. Because Chi Fang was always away at night, he asked him several times about it, but Chi Fang refused to tell him. Yu Mo felt a little depressed, and he couldn’t say much, but as a result, some people wanted to hit on Chi Fang.

When Chi Fang saw the girl standing in front of his desk, his first reaction was to look at Yu Mo. Sure enough, even though Yu Mo’s expression was still cold, the corners of his lips were already lowered.

The cold air on his body was thrown on the person in front of him without money.

Chi Fang looked at the girl in front of him helplessly, and said, “Yuan Yun? What’s the matter?” Today was November 11th again. Was it possible that she wanted to give him a love letter again?!

Actually, still remember her name! Yuan Yun’s expression showed a hint of happiness.

Looking at Yu Mo, the low pressure on his body was about to condense into substance.

Chi Fang was also very helpless. When the school started, he didn’t notice that Yuan Yun was in the same class as him. Later, he found out that she had also been hiding and pretending not to know him. Yuan Yun had never appeared in front of him. Chi Fang originally thought that the love letter matter had completely passed. He didn’t expect Yuan Yun to come to him inexplicably today…

He was really shot while lying down.

Yuan Yun squeezed his hands in front of him, a little shy, “That is, Chi Fang, you said before, you want, you want…” She glanced at Yu Mo quickly, and she was a little bit embarrassed about saying it directly in front of Yu Mo. She skipped the name of the school and said, “I, I want to take the exam, too, let’s work hard together!”

She had always thought Chi Fang was just saying it casually, just to refuse her. However, Chi Fang worked hard the prior year to reach the key class of the school year in the second year of high school. Yuan Yun’s heart was suddenly ignited with a glimmer of hope. And she thought was Chi Fang really rejecting her because he wanted to study hard, then if she were admitted to the same university as Chi Fang, would she be able to pursue Chi Fang with integrity?

Chi Fang froze for a moment, remembering his reason for rejecting Yuan Yun in the first place, and coughed lightly. He looked a little helpless, and said: “It’s not like this…”

“I’ll work hard!” Yuan Yun looked at Chi Fang with high morale, “I will definitely be admitted to… that school!”

After speaking, she turned and walked back to her seat.

Chi Fang was helpless. He turned his head to look at Yu Mo and saw that Yu Mo’s hand holding the pen was so tightly clenched that the knuckles had turned white. He frowned and felt a little distressed. He stretched out his hand to open Yu Mo’s fingers, and said helplessly: “A little girl, don’t care about these things, don’t care about her.”

Yu Mo turned his head slightly and saw Chi Fang’s expression with a hint of coldness. For that girl and for himself, Chi Fang had always been so calm, even when he was emotionally out of control in front of Chi Fang, Chi Fang seemed to be a high god, watching people fighting for him indifferently.

In Chi Fang’s eyes, was he just a naive child?

How could Chi Fang know that he could cause so many waves in Yu Mo’s brain without doing anything? Today is Yu Mo’s birthday. He had prepared gifts and birthday cake. He was waiting to go home in advance after school in the evening to prepare.

As he was thinking through the things that needed attention and preparation at night in his heart, Chi Fang didn’t pay attention to the eyes of Yu Mo at all, which seemed full of endless darkness.

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[1] Completely breaking off relationship.

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