TBLF Ch. 91.1

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At the end of August, Qi Ying was about to board the plane to City B.

On the other end, Ji Rang, who was still undergoing devilish training at the police academy, didn’t even have a chance to call her.

The mobile phones were confiscated on the first day of entering the training camp. Some students who secretly concealed their mobile phones were found and were punished to stand in horse stance for three hours and also had to run 3 kms with a load. The instructor gave them another opportunity to hand in their mobile phones, saying that as long as they confessed their mistakes, they would be exempt from punishment. If they were found out, the punishment would be doubled.

So, the last batch of hidden mobile phones were also handed over.

Before handing over the phone, Ji Rang quickly sent a message to Qi Ying and Wu Rui, and then they were basically out of touch.

He couldn’t get in touch with anyone, let alone call anyone.

The message he sent to Wu Rui was very succinct: Yingying will arrive at school. Take care of her for me.

Wu Rui had been recommended to University B earlier and had reached the school a long time ago. Ji Rang thought about it and felt that he was the only reliable person.

Yu Cheng was too busy at work and Qi Ying didn’t let him send her off. She was an adult and couldn’t always be taken care of like a child. Everyone sent her to the airport, and they ordered her to leave, as they watched her leave.

Wu Rui went to the airport to pick her up.

Wu Rui had joined University B majoring in aerospace engineering, and he still looked dull with his black-framed eyes. He was very happy to see Qi Ying, and ran over to shake hands with her, and then took her suitcase, “Classmate Qi Ying, in the future, we will continue to be alumni and help each other!”

The campus on the first school day was extremely lively.

Wu Rui accompanied Qi Ying to the freshman reception desk of the Department of Medicine and then went to work on his own affairs. The senior elder sisters who received the new students saw a little fairy-like girl coming, and they were happy to take her to the dormitory.

Many people were watching her all the way.

The elder sister who led the way was almost crying with joy. The face value of the medical department this year was good enough! Finally, the threshold to participate in the school flower election was reached!

Senior Sister Yan Gou enthusiastically added Qi Ying’s WeChat account and told her about her experience without any secrets, and she patted her chest to assure that she can come to her for help if anything happens!

Qi Ying was well-behaved and polite, without the arrogance of being a beauty, so her goodwill had risen immeasurably.

She was in dormitory room 207, a 4-occupant room. When Qi Ying entered, two roommates were already making beds. They both had chosen the upper bunk, they poked their heads out from both sides, and saw the girl standing at the door looking at them, and they wowed unanimously.

This was the era of watching faces, and face dogs were everywhere.

Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi, who were alumni from the same high school, got out of bed and pulled Qi Ying into the dormitory and were very friendly towards her.

She was a little embarrassed and said softly: “Hello, my name is Qi Ying.”

Xia Xiao almost became crazy after hearing her introduction, and grabbed her hand: “Hello, hello, my name is Xia Xiao, Xia as in summer, and Chun Xiao’s Xiao. You can call me Xiaoxiao, can I call you Yingying?”

Qi Ying bent her eyes and smiled: “Yes.”

Xia Xiao covered her heart: “Oh, my heart, you are so cute.”

Ouyang Bi helped Qi Ying pull her luggage inside: “My name is Ouyang Bi, you can call me Ouyang. Are you afraid of heat or cold? If you are afraid of heat, you can choose the left side. There are more cold winds there.”

Everyone was very enthusiastic, and Qi Ying’s nervousness from before was just gone.

The three of them finished making the beds and made an appointment to have lunch together. When they returned to the dormitory, the last roommate came in. She was dressed like a goth girl, with a black coverall and a black T-shirt, and hugging a huge computer. As soon as she came in, she started playing games without even making her bed.

Hearing the opening of the door, she glanced back. It was estimated that she turned her head without even seeing the person’s appearance. Her voice was a bit cold, and she said politely: “Hello, I am Gao Nian.”

After that, there was nothing but the sound of clacking. The keyboard sound resounded through the dormitory.

The legend of a person focused on playing games, was finally met by them.

Xia Xiao secretly leaned in Qi Ying’s ear and said, “She’s so cool.”

Gao Nian played games till late at night, during which she basically didn’t know what the other three people said or did. Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi went shopping, only Qi Ying was in the dormitory.

Her desk and Gao Nian’s were next to each other. As soon as Gao Nian turned her head, she saw the little girl next to her lying on the desk, peeking at her playing games.

Seeing her looking over, Qi Ying was a little shy, so she sat up straight, pushed the lunch box next to her, and said softly, “I brought you dinner.”

Gao Nian said, “Thank you.” She opened the lunch box. “What’s your name?”

“Qi Ying.”

“Oh, you are very beautiful.”

Qi Ying was so bluntly complimented that she blushed and whispered: “You too.”

Gao Nian said: “Do you know how to play games? “

Qi Ying shook her head.

The girl who had been cool all day finally showed a smile: “I will teach you another day.”

Qi Ying nodded happily.

She ran back to the bed and laid down on her stomach and took the phone to send a message to Ji Rang.

Although he couldn’t reply to her, she still shared with him what she had encountered every day, and she was also enjoying talking to herself.

“The roommates are very friendly, and there is a cool girl who said she wants to teach me to play games. Then I can play games with you.”

“Xiao Xiao said that there is a lively snack street near the school. I will go get familiar with the situation and take you there when your military training is over.”

Ji Rang’s military training time was one month.

While University B only had military training for half a month.

Qi Ying was given a medical exemption by the doctor because of the concussion, and the school exempted her from the military training requirement. When they were training every day, she held her roommate’s water glass and sunscreen, and sat under the tree obediently.

She had become the spiritual pillar of many boys in training.

Seeing her, the eyes felt relieved!

After the military training was over, the Department of Medicine selected the department flower, and Qi Ying became the one with the highest vote rate.

The boys in the Department of Medicine cheered each other up privately. This face value, once discovered by an outside department, would definitely be chased!

After a while, the boy who used circuitous tactics to contact Qi Ying’s roommate bowed his head and brought back the news that the flower already had a boyfriend.

According to the flower’s roommate, flower’s boyfriend was not from their school, but a student from the police academy.

Many boys’ hearts broke into pieces.

Everyone was upset!

Even if the department flower didn’t belong to this department, she should at least belong to this school! It was cheap for boys from other schools to take advantage of them!

It was so irritating!

What good was a police academy student! Up to now, they didn’t know which military base he was training at. He must be tanned like a black loach, ugly and fierce! The police school usually managed their students very strictly, maybe they had to sneak around when they were in a relationship, and he was so far away, he couldn’t even help the department flower with getting water and buying food! What was the use of such a boyfriend?

Xia Xiao also wanted to ask, “Do you really have a boyfriend, Yingying? Why haven’t I seen him call you since the beginning of school for so long?”

Qi Ying said, “He is still in military training and it will not be over until the end of the month. When he comes back, I will ask him to invite you to dinner.”

So, everyone looked forward to seeing this legendary police academy boyfriend.

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