TBLF Ch. 91.2

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The boyfriend wasn’t seen, but first they met the good friend of the so-called boyfriend: Student Wu Rui wearing black-rimmed glasses.

He kept in mind the order Ji Rang sent him to take care of Yingying. Whenever he had time, he would run to the Department of Medicine to see if Qi Ying needed any help. He often ate outside with Qi Ying.

Later, they didn’t know who took photos of their meals and uploaded them to the school forum. It said: “Are you teasing me? This is the police school boyfriend of the flower? Isn’t his height too short to enter the police academy?!”

The following posts were all a string of exclamation marks plus question marks.

Later, someone came out to refute the rumors: “What nonsense, this is the schoolmaster of our school’s aerospace engineering department!”

“The flower is straddling two boats?”

“Even if she is straddling two boats, the flower’s vision is too bad.


“The flower look at me! I am handsome and rich and willing to be stepped on by you!”

Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi went almost mad when they saw this post, and they all responded below. It was just a high school alumni, who was a good friend of her boyfriend, and they had pictures of each other at the same school.

But they didn’t know who was mingling in the post and spreading rumors, and it was said that similar people gathered together. The good friend of the police academy boyfriend was so simple, it was estimated that the police academy boyfriend would also look similar.

Anyway, the rumor that the Department of Medicine’s flower’s boyfriend was not good-looking had spread.

Xia Xiao and Ouyang Bi couldn’t tear up an entire post, and they were so angry.

Gao Nian, who finally looked up from the game, gave them a faint glance: “Move aside.” Then she closed the game and opened the post bar. After two clicks, the post was hacked.

Damn it?

It turned out that there was still a hacker hidden in their room?!

With the presence of the pseudo-hacker Gao Nian, as soon as a post on the Internet appeared, it gradually disappeared.

But offline, it was still noisy.

Everyone said in private that high school students just talked about their feelings when they fell in love. Now that they had come to college and met more outstanding people, they would have different visions. They would definitely break up soon.

When Xia Xiao relayed these rumors to Qi Ying angrily, she was not very angry.

She who had experienced life and death for two lives, these trivial rumors couldn’t really attract her attention.

What’s more, the medical department had a lot of homework and the professional courses were difficult. She spent most of her time studying. How could she have the energy to get angry with them?

One evening at the end of the month, Qi Ying finally received a call from Ji Rang.

Late self-study was very quiet, with only the sound of turning pages echoing in the room. She saw the caller ID, her heart pounded twice, and almost jumped out of her throat, so clutching her phone, she ran out to answer the call.

As the summer night wind passed by her, she heard his tired but smiling voice, familiar and gentle: “Did you miss me?”

The little girl hid on the balcony beyond the corridor, her voice terribly soft: “I think about you, I think about you every day. “

He had received more than a hundred messages from her, which had filled his mailbox.

He didn’t have the time to look through all of them, but he called her as soon as he got the phone.

Hearing her voice, the depressing thoughts during this period of time seemed to have evaporated, and he even started breathing better, “I will come back tomorrow, and I will come to you when I finish schoolwork.”

She was obedient and sweet: “Okay. “

Ji Rang said, “Kiss.”

She was a little embarrassed. She glanced around, no one was there, and she said “mua” through the phone.

He laughed so loudly on the other end, gave her a kiss, and whispered: “Wait for me.”

The next day, Qi Ying went to class as usual, but from time to time she secretly took out her phone to check it out.

After Ji Rang’s military training was over, he had to return to school first. The police academy had strict management, so he had to follow the rules. In the second class in the afternoon, Qi Ying received his message: “I’m coming there now.”

She replied, “I’m still in class.”

Ji Rang said, “I will wait for you outside the classroom.”

Qi Ying sent him the classroom number.

When the school bell rang, Qi Ying, who never did anything in a hurry, stuffed the books into her schoolbag indiscriminately, and ran outside.

Xia Xiao looked dumbfounded behind her: “Does Yingying have diarrhea?”

The three hurriedly followed her out.

In the corridor, students from various classrooms came out one after another, and it was lively and crowded.

A boy wearing black T-shirt and sweatpants was leaning against the wall next to the classroom door, with his hands folded, and his head lowered slightly, with a dark aura surrounding him that warned others not to come near him.

His aura was too strong, and everyone looked at him unconsciously.

The boy raised his head, his face was hard, his eyebrows were cold and handsome, his black eyes were like blades, and a cold light flashed when he looked at people.

Cold and wild, aggressive, and in good shape! His shoulders are wide, the waist is narrow, and the legs are long. The muscles of the arms under the sleeves of the T-shirt were also well-proportioned.

Everybody was wondering: Where did this handsome boy with the perfect body ratio come from?!

As everybody looked at him fascinated, they saw the Department of Medicine flower rushing out of the classroom door beside him and plunge into the arms of the boy.

The boy who looked like an ice peak, melted in an instant, his smile overflowed from his thin lips to the corner of his eyes, his arms wrapped around her waist, he lifted her up, hugged her in front of him, and kissed her forehead.

The surrounding students stood petrified on the spot.

Who the hell said that the boyfriend looks ordinary?! Get out and gouge your eyes!

The three roommates who followed were dumbfounded.

After a long time, Xia Xiao asked Ouyang Bi who stood next to her in a low voice: “Is the girl hanging around the handsome guy’s neck, the shy Yingying of our family?”

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