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That evening self-study, Chi Fang was gone again.

Yu Mo sat on his seat alone, staring at the question on the table, but felt that he couldn’t understand even a word.

Where did Chi Fang go? What was he doing? Why won’t he tell him?

Yu Mo was full of these questions. He put down his pen and looked up at the classroom, only to find that the girl in the day also did not come to the night self-study.

Could it be that Chi Fang went to find her? This idea was rooted in Yu Mo’s mind, and he couldn’t help thinking about what he would do if Chi Fang really went to find that girl.

Yu Mo had no way to suppress his inner emotions. He glanced at the quiet classroom, didn’t even pick up his schoolbag, held the key to the small apartment, and went straight home.

How could Chi Fang know that he was misunderstood by Yu Mo again? He was preparing gifts for Yu Mo in his small apartment. After taking out all the equipment hidden in the kitchen, Chi Fang remembered following a pastry chef outside the school for half a month, and he could barely make a good-looking cake. He spread the cream evenly on the surface of the cake, drew a few simple flowers on the cake, and wrote happy birthday on it with jam. Chi Fang put the cake in the oven, and then hurriedly started preparing other dishes.

When Chi Fang had just put the cake and dishes on the table, and before he had time to prepare the gifts, he heard footsteps coming from outside.

Chi Fang looked at the clock and found that it was only eight o’clock, Yu Mo actually left early today! Before he could think about why Yu Mo came back so early, Chi Fang quickly stepped forward and closed the switch, and then hid with the intention of surprising Yu Mo with the cake.

Yu Mo opened the door and pressed the light switch on the side.

The light was not on.

He didn’t even try to reconfirm and walked directly to the bedroom.

Chi Fang originally had some mischievous psychology and wanted to scare Yu Mo, but suddenly realized that Yu Mo was in a wrong state.

Not only did he not carry his schoolbag, but…he didn’t know if it was his illusion, he felt that Yu Mo seemed…a bit scary.

Chi Fang paused and opened the switch. The light returned to the room, Yu Mo also stopped suddenly, turned his head abruptly, and saw Chi Fang standing at the door, looking at him with a worried expression on his face.

Yu Mo: “Why are you… why are you back?”

Chi Fang patted the white ash rubbed on his hands, and said helplessly: “What do you mean by why I came back? This is my home, and I haven’t left.” After he finished, he motioned Yu Mo to look around with his eyes.

When Yu Mo turned his head, he saw a cake in the middle of the table and a circle of dishes that he liked to eat.

“I wanted to give you a surprise and prepared well, but you actually came back early…” Chi Fang sighed helplessly, and lay on Yu Mo’s shoulder from behind, “Why did you come back so early? School got over early?”

Yu Mo’s attention was completely attracted by the scene in front of him, and he subconsciously replied: “I skipped class.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Okay, when he first came back, Yu Mo often did it. He didn’t know where to go during class, but because he always had problems later, Yu Mo didn’t seem to be in a daze in the class and never skipped class again.

“Hey, the surprise is gone.” Chi Fang sighed deeply.

Yu Mo didn’t think so, he looked at the scene in front of him almost greedily. Chi Fang didn’t go with others, but was moving around for his birthday. This fact made him feel more satisfied.

“Okay, why are you in a daze? Sit down and I’ll light the candle on the cake for you.” Chi Fang said, pressing Yu Mo on the chair beside him, and turned off the light in the living room again.

The living room became dim again, and Chi Fang used a lighter to light up the candles one by one, a total of eighteen.

“Okay, cough cough.” Chi Fang was thankful that the light was dim now, so Yu Mo couldn’t see the red at the base of his ears, “Happy birthday to you~Happy birthday to you…”

Chi Fang’s voice had always been gentle, and singing was considered one of his strong points. A simple birthday song when he sang became affectionate, just like a love song. Sitting on the opposite side of the table, Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang through the light of the candle. He couldn’t tell whether the candle was glowing or Chi Fang himself was glowing.

“Happy birthday to you~” After singing the last sentence, Chi Fang bent his eyes and said to Mo: “Happy birthday, Yu Mo! Congratulations, you are eighteen years old!”

Yu Mo nodded slowly.

Chi Fang looked at him with a smile, and urged: “Quickly, close your eyes and make three wishes, and then you can blow the candles!”

Yu Mo silently moved his gaze to the cake on the table. He never believed in this. This time he really wanted to make a wish inexplicably. Yu Mo closed his eyes, opened his eyes after a while, leaned forward slightly, and blew out all the candles.

Chi Fang turned on the light again and removed the candles from the cake. He found the knife for cutting the cake that the cake shop gave him, and handed it to Yu Mo, “You cut the cake first.”

After speaking, he went into the bedroom. After a while, he came over with a particularly large cardboard box.

Yu Mo looked at the carton with some expectation.

A smile appeared on Chi Fang’s face, but the smile seemed a bit malicious, but it was a pity that Yu Mo didn’t notice it.

“Birthday present for you.”

Yu Mo looked at the box, “Can I… open it?”

Chi Fang blinked, “Of course, it was originally given to you.”

Yu Mo put down the knife in his hand. He carefully disassembled the outer carton, and when he saw what was inside, Yu Mo was speechless for a moment.

It was a doll almost 1.6 meters tall. It looked like a fish, but it felt very soft, but… “Why are you giving me this?” Yu Mo still couldn’t help but ask.

Chi Fang leaned over, looked at the doll, and smiled: “Well, don’t you like to hold things when you sleep? I just wanted to buy you a bigger one, how about it, do you like it?”

The expression on Yu Mo’s face was a bit hard to say. He thought for a while that Chi Fang found that he was secretly holding Chi Fang in his arms every night before going to sleep. At that moment, he never felt that Chi Fang might really think he needed a pillow… but he didn’t want anything else at all. He just wanted to hold Chi Fang!

It was a pity that he didn’t dare to say this, he could only reluctantly nod: “Well, I like it.”

Chi Fang almost laughed to death at the expression on Yu Mo’s face, he coughed lightly, and then smiled from behind. He took out a package, “This is your birthday present.”

Yu Mo froze for a moment and reached out to take the small box. The small box was not big, and he opened it puzzledly. A pure black pen was just inside, with a circle of golden patterns engraved on the pen body. Yu Mo was taken aback when he saw this pen.

“This is not…”

“Yes, the latest.” Chi Fang stood up straight back and sighed deeply, “For such a gadget, I threw all my pocket money for a year.”

Yu Mo held the box and didn’t know what to say for a while.

“How do you know…” He likes pens.

Chi Fang tilted his head and hesitated: “Actually, I guessed it, but you like it.”

He just saw that Yu Mo often carried a pen, but only occasionally wrote with a pen. When he used a pen, he must use it for writing important things.

“Okay, okay, let’s eat our meal soon, or the food will get cold.” Chi Fang sat down opposite Yu Mo, opened a bottle of juice, and poured it into the cups of two people.

“Congratulations on becoming an adult!” Chi Fang smiled, and then a little curious, “If you are an adult now, wouldn’t Yu’s family hold a banquet?”

Yu Mo took a sip of the juice, put the cup down, and shook his head, “I will only celebrate at home, after all…I haven’t got the approval of Yu family yet.”

Chi Fang nodded and took a bite of the cake. It gave a sweet feeling to Chi Fang and his mood instantly became happier and he squinted slightly, he was just like a cat, after a while, he asked: “Yes, what is your wish?”

Yu Mo hesitated for a moment, his eyes slightly dodging.

Chi Fang blinked when he saw this. If he hadn’t seen what Yu Mo thought of him till now, he would be too blind. Although Chi Fang still felt that it was impossible, mutual affection like this was most unlikely, but it really happened.

He felt a little complicated at the moment.

When he was just reborn, Yu Mo was J in his eyes, the future president of Yuchi Group, indifferent and uncomfortable to get along with. This was probably all his impressions. But now, he knew that Yu Mo would be low when he is unhappy, talk very well when he is happy, like to eat sweets, and also likes to do math problems.

Chi Fang was still thinking about it when he saw Yu Mo who was opposite suddenly put down his chopsticks and look at him solemnly.

“What, what’s wrong?” Chi Fang was stared in confusion, and subconsciously sat back upright, just like a student named by the teacher in class, feeling nervous.

Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang for a long while before speaking, “My wish…”


“I can test into the same university with you.” Yu Mo looked at Chi Fang seriously.

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