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During this journey with the Muka cubs to Senna, Xie Luan fully felt the development of the Muka planet and the race itself.

The Muka people were also a race with wisdom. In the future, there would be a day when they could advance to humanoid form. Xie Luan was convinced of this.

This evolution may only appear in a very small number of individuals at first, but over time, the entire group would complete this transformation.

“I don’t know what Nick’s humanoid form will look like?” Having returned to Yunbao Branch from Senna, Xie Luan raised his hand in the living room and lightly touched the sharp forearm of the Muka cub in front of him. His voice was very gentle when he said this.

Although in the parallel world line, Xie Luan had seen that the grown-up Muka cub did not advance to humanoid form, but maybe it would be different in this world line.

There were so many things that had changed in the world here, and one change could trigger a whole chain of reactions. Xie Luan had hopes and expectations for what he just said.


The Muka cub tilted his head when he heard the young man’s words, and then made a low hiss to rub against Xie Luan’s arms.

Other babies would have humanoid forms when they grew up, and even if he was still a cub, this Muka cub had a certain awareness of this matter.

But when he would grow up, he would just become taller, but the overall shape would not change much.

Because it was a natural fighting race, the Muka cubs generally wanted to grow up faster in terms of the improvement of their combat power in adult form. The Muka cub in front of Xie Luan naturally had the same idea.

In fact, with the development of the Muka people in recent years, this kind of racial instinct was gradually weakening in the Muka people, but there were still some reservations.

The humanoid form’s combat power might not be that strong. After hearing what Xie Luan said just now, the Muka cub instinctively discerned the matter.

But feeling the expectations expressed in the youth’s words, this Muka cub seemed a little hesitant. On the one hand, he wanted to have a stronger fighting force to protect the youth when he grew up, and on the other hand, he also wanted to respond to the youth’s expectations.

Being rubbed by the cub, Xie Luan placed his left hand on the hard-shelled head of the Muka cub. After touching it a few times, he tried his best to open his arms to hug the cub.

When Xie Luan first met this cub, this Muka cub was already six months old, and it was a size that Xie Luan could not hold.

Until now, Xie Luan had never picked up this Muka cub like he had with other cubs, so he could only open his arms as much as possible to half hug him like this.

He had failed to hug him when this Muka cub was still a newly born baby. The first time Xie Luan went to Senna to save the eight Muka cub eggs and witnessed those Muka cubs being born from the broken shell, he had felt regret in his heart.

It would be great if this Muka cub could advance into a humanoid form during the cub stage. Although he knew that the possibility of this happening was very low, Xie Luan couldn’t help but think so now.

Watching the cubs with other caretakers in the hall, Xie Luan took out a small carved wooden box from his pocket when the cubs were not surrounding him but were playing together.

Opening this small wooden box, one could see two ice blue scales, one large and one small, lying quietly inside the carved wooden box.

These two ice-blue scales came from the same mermaid, but they were mermaids in different worlds. The small one was the first scale dropped by the mermaid cub not far from Xie Luan, while the larger one was the piece given to him when he met the grown-up Gale in the parallel world line.

This slightly larger scale was successfully brought back to this world by Xie Luan when the giant clock of the Saen people brought him back. Xie Luan kept the scales of the mermaid cubs together, and occasionally took it out to look at it.

It had been more than four years since he left that world line. What happened to Gale and the others who had grown up in the world over there, this was something that Xie Luan had never been able to rest assured about.

It would be great if they were also safe and happy…

There was some kind of weak but very subtle induction between different world lines, just like when Xie Luan came back from the parallel world line, he was still a little fat in this world. The chirping Kuwei cubs would tweet to their parents to expressed their desire to see Xie Luan.

When Xie Luan was so hopeful, those who were placed in the parallel world line seemed to be able to feel it.

In the world that Xie Luan had been to, it was different from the environment he was staying in now, but it was also built quite well. The Yunbao Branch here now also presented a warm picture of the caretakers taking care of the cubs.

As the branch president, the young Severa woman who was taking care of the cubs suddenly stopped all movements, and the two tentacles on her head moved.

“President?” The caretaker who was feeding the cub in his arms with a small bottle couldn’t help but ask aloud when he observed the other party’s unusual reaction nearby.

“…It’s okay.” Xia Qi slowly shook her head, but the strange feeling that had just been conveyed to her heart just for a moment still made her a little bit unable to completely escape from it.

For some reason, this feeling reminded Xia Qi of the noble person she met on this planet four years ago.

A black-haired human youth, Xia Qi had been grateful to this young man who she had only met once in a hurry over the years. If there was a chance to meet again, she must repay him.

Although the young man who could easily give her a crystal card with a huge deposit probably didn’t need the meager rewards she could give, she wanted to repay his kindness no matter what.

Because the other party gave her the crystal card, she finally had enough funds to buy back the land of the Yunbao branch. The money in the crystal card was even enough for her to complete the reconstruction of the infrastructure of the Yunbao branch and hire employees. With this sufficient start-up capital, Xia Qi rebuilt the Yunbao branch and started normal operation.

Speaking of which, she had met more than one noble person. In the past few years, several other people had been helping the Yunbao Branch for free, but among these people, only one Kuwei with dark blonde hair had shown his face to her.

The young man from the Kuwei ethnic group was named Ravi, and the other party asked her what difficulties she had recently with a smile on his face and really helped her out.

She squatted down and picked up a cub. The feeling that was conveyed to her heart in just a short moment just now made Xia Qi feel very warm, and she always felt that someone was sending her blessings.

This feeling was also conveyed in the hearts of several people far away on the ark.

In front of the long table in the main hall, the senior members of the legion were sitting. The ark ship was on its way, but there was no meeting. The five people who had no expressions on their faces and an adult Muka tribesman changed their moods slightly at the same time.

The mermaid with light blond hair and icy blue ear fins next to his ears raised his hand to touch his chest. The warm feeling in that moment was as if he had seen his parent again.

They were all sitting at the long table, and it was not difficult to perceive the emotional changes of the nearby people. It happened at the same time, and several people present could be sure that it was not their own illusion.

“Papa…” The voice said this name in a low voice, as the mermaid with an unusually beautiful face narrowed his eyes as blue and beautiful as the ocean.

Was the warm feeling that moment just now conveyed to them by the youth?

Even if the other party came from a parallel world line, this kind of thing could happen. Gale didn’t doubt the possibility of this happening, and actually didn’t want to doubt it.

It was just a little bit of missing, but it made him feel very happy, even if he was happy, he also became greedy and wanted more.

He wanted to see him again.

The fact that he didn’t sing to the other party until the young man left made Gale very regretful. He just wanted to practice a little more.

Because no matter what, he wanted to sing well, and he wanted to sing a song that could make the young man feel good, like what he saw in his memory, and let the young man raise his eyebrows and praise him.

Gale even thought that they could go to the planet Halumite, which was only half destroyed by their legion… For the remaining half, the Nesera Festival would still be held.

Although he was no longer a cub, at this festival, he wanted to go to the reef to sing to the other party like the little mermaid in the memory of the youth, and then hope to get the same response from the youth.

But he didn’t correctly estimate how long the young man could stay to accompany them, so the young man left before he could sing the song he was practicing to the other party.

Even Ravi, who always showed a hippie smile and a nonchalant look, restrained his expression at this time, like a child who suddenly accepted parental discipline, and now looked very obedient and calm.

The rather large adult Muka let out a low hiss at this moment, instinctively making it want to find someone, but this Muka knew that the person was not here.

The nox, who was sitting expressionlessly before in the head seat, was still expressionless now, but the silver tail was raised a little in just a moment still showed the other party’s true emotions.

Compared to Gale and the others, the reaction of the black dragon and the young man with his eyes closed on the right side of the long table were more restrained.

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