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Yu Siyang’s small step of being nominated for the Cloud International Film Festival was a big step for his fans other than food fans.

Emma, our idol finally stopped going astray, and returned to his full-time role as an actor, scatter flowers ~~~~

Originally Yu Siyang ‘s fans were divided into food fans, girlfriend fans, mother fans and CP fans. However, after several months of vigorous battles, his more than 40 million fans miraculously divided into two groups – the foodie group and the acting group. Fans, mother fans, and CP fans could only fight back together, but they were still losing ground.

Finally -finally! The acting school was looking for just such an opportunity to counterattack!

It was not easy.

In fact, after the filming of “Dead Place”, Yu Siyang was resting, but he was not completely unemployed. After the operation of the mom-and-pop shop got on track, he spent much less time being the chef, and spent most of his time studying the script at home.

The name of the script was “Another Me”, and it wasn’t Luo Peng who brought it to him, but Wei Xiaofeng.

The male lead in the script was a psychopath with delusional disorder. He often had delusions that he had schizophrenia and was split into two people with different personalities. Through another he observed the people around him.

At first glance at the outline of the story, Yu Siyang thought it was a suspenseful movie, and then after reading it through, he fell silent…

This was actually a movie of youth pain, and the final ending was still unfolding, the screenwriter had a lot of outrageous ideas.

“This screenwriter is a good friend in my circle,” Wei Xiaofeng told him. “When he gave me the script, I thought of you. The male lead is a high school student, and Zhan Heng is too old to act in this role. You are one of the young freshmen with good acting skills in the circle, and naturally good stuff should not flow to outsiders.”

Zhan Heng, who was said to be old, felt very wronged and hugged Wei Xiaofeng for comfort.

Wei Xiaofeng pushed Zhan Hang away. “Look at the script slowly. Don’t worry. The filming is still far away anyway.”

Yu Siyang: Saying this, it seems that the script is hopeful.

“That’s right,” Luo Peng said happily, “Let’s ignore the script for now and see what to wear at the film festival.”

The crowd chatting and eating snacks said nothing to him.

Luo Peng said even more happily: “Let’s think about what to say in the acceptance speech.”

Everyone agreed that it was time to chat and eat snacks. Since the announcement of the shortlist, Luo Peng, the agent was more excited than the client Yu Siyang. He had always been maintaining such a state of excessive excitement that everyone no longer wanted to pay attention to him.

“Why are you ignoring me?” Luo Peng felt wronged.

It hurt the eyes to see such a big and rough person pretending to be wronged.

For the sake of the optical health of his and his friends, Wei Xiaofeng actually needed to find something for Luo Peng to do to vent his excitement that he had nowhere to put.

“This is a group of a few good new prospects, you go to the company to choose one or two out of them.”

“Well? Let me bring a new guy? What about Xiaoyu?”


Yu Siyang who was shot while lying down: “…”

It was Mr. Xue who was kinder and explained to Luo Peng, “Yangyang is preparing to go to university, so there will be less filming and announcements.”

“Going to university?!” Except for Yu Siyang and Xue Chengxiu, everyone else was shocked.

Going to university was one of his dreams. Why did all these people look like hell?!

What’s the matter, was he not allowed to study?

Yu Siyang was unhappy and felt a little emotional in his heart.

Xue Chengxiu glanced at everyone coldly, “Why, do you have any opinions?”

Running to his house, eating his food and drinking his food, and daring to chirp, it was not really hard to clean them up.

“No, no, no… It’s good, good, good…”

Everyone shook their heads hurriedly, and quickly took a bite of the biscuits to calm their shock.

Luo Peng: No wonder Brother Xiaofeng asked me to bring new people. It turned out to be inside information. Xiaoyu’s announcements are already pitiful, how much less?

Wei Xiaofeng: It turns out that I had the foresight to ask Luo Peng to bring newcomers around, so that he would not lose his job. I really admire myself.

“Has brother Xiaoyu thought about which university to go to?” Pei Ziteng asked with a smile.

Yu Siyang said, “Yunzhong Normal University.”

“You already have a goal, what major are you studying?” Pei Ziteng continued to ask.

Yu Siyang continued: “Theatrical film and television literature and cooking and nutrition education.”

“…It’s very good, it fits your current employment situation very well.” Pei Ziteng said dryly.

Yu Siyang said solemnly, “Thank you.”

Pei Ziteng turned his head: It’s really inspirational.

Luo Peng looked at Yu Siyang, and suddenly had the feeling that “my family has a young child growing up”.

Thinking back then, the two of them depended on each other, one was shy, and the other was in huge debt. As long as it was a role, he would take it up, as long as it was an announcement, he would do it and he almost lost his life for a side role. It was very difficult to walk step by step till they reached here.

Now, Xiaoyu’s goal was almost half completed, and he had to work hard, get promoted and raise his salary as soon as possible, and become a gold-plated broker.

Jiayou~~~ It was very inspirational to think about it.

So, let’s start by letting Xiaoyu make a big splash at the film festival.

When the shortlist for the film festival was released, P&H began to prepare Yu Siyang’s dresses to wear on the red carpets and award ceremonies.

The P&H brand had cooperated with Yu Siyang for two years. Whether it was the gratifying sales data or the recognition in the cold European fashion circle, the latter had perfectly fulfilled the role of a spokesperson, especially considering the huge purchasing power of Huaxia. It had become one of the top ten high-end brand in sales.

After seeing the data released by P&H, other brands were very excited about the huge cake of Huaxia. Many brands approached Luo Peng, hoping to cooperate with Yu Siyang.

However, since Luo Peng’s tossing and ecstasy at the Jade Hotel, he fell in love with this kind of high-cold pretence, and he didn’t give up easily, nor did he accept advertisements and endorsements indiscriminately.

Especially when he saw that some brands wanted to eat the big cake of the Huaxia market but couldn’t let go of their arrogant attitude. His attitude was more arrogant than the brand’s side, which caused the other party to get very angry, but he was beyond reproach.

“If you want me to say, P&H has vision,” Luo Peng folded his arms watching the dresser help Yu Siyang sort out his clothes, “They found out early on that our Xiaoyu is a piece of rough jade.”

The dresser gave a sweet smile: “Thank you for your compliment.”

Luo Peng waved his hand, “I’m not complimenting you, I’m complimenting your boss.”

Dresser: “…” I really want to hit him!!!

The newcomer brought by Luo Peng sat on a chair in the corner of the room and looked enviously at Yu Siyang, who was surrounded by a dozen people taking care of his appearance.

He was spotted by Luo Peng last month and was transferred to his subordinates to prepare for his debut.

At that time, he still remembered that other people who were training with him looked at him with envy, jealousy and hatred, and he was very proud at that time.

And today he was fortunate enough to be taken by Brother Luo to the premiere of “Dead Place”, so he could really feel what it was like to be at the top in this circle. Not to mention hate.

He was a little impetuous because he was about to debut, but he settled down at once.

It was just the beginning, and he had to work harder.

Although Luo Peng was talking to Yu Siyang, his eyes were always watching the expressions of the newcomers he brought. Seeing that the kid’s expression that had been floating around for a month finally disappeared, he was secretly satisfied – he was not a plastic talent.

“Brother Luo—Brother Luo—”

Yu Siyang shouted several times before Luo Peng came back to his senses.

“What’s the matter?”

“Let’s go, why are you in a daze?”

“Thinking about life.”


I shouldn’t have called him, let him continue to think about life.

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