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“Dead Place” could be regarded as the biggest winner of this year’s Cloud International Film Festival. Two-thirds of the awards for which a movie could be shortlisted in the main competition unit, it had been shortlisted. It also served as the world premiere for the opening of the film, attracting a lot of attention at home and abroad. The other films paled in comparison.

The most-watched awards at the Cloud International Film Festival were the Golden Feitian Award for Best Picture, and the Best Actor and Best Actress, which were called Cloud Awards.

There was no serious female lead in “Dead Place”, and the only female character with a heavy role in the film could not be nominated because of not having enough time in the film. Su Yewei has no regrets. In her words, “Shi Zhen did not get a nomination, he has more of a role than me.”

Shi Zhen went crazy when he heard this, why would he, a big man, be compared to Su Yewei for the best actress!

At seven o’clock in the evening, the opening red carpet of the Cloud International Film Festival officially started. The scriptwriters of “Dead Place” were arranged to enter the theater in the middle and back. When the crew stepped on the red carpet, the fans who had been waiting on the periphery for a long time could no longer control their own emotions. The volume and the flashing lights came and went, so that people could barely open their eyes.

Yu Siyang’s walk on the red carpet had always continued this style – walking faster and faster.

The little friends who walked the red carpet together were also led by him quickly. When she stood in front of the signature wall, posing for the media to take pictures, Su Yewei wondered if she really walked on the red carpet of the Cloud Film Festival.

Because the people who were on the red carpet before them were still there, while they were about to enter the screening hall.

The opening ceremony officially started after the finale and international big names also entered the exhibition hall.

The organizers still invited some leaders and celebrities to give speeches. After the lengthy speeches, the opening film “Dead Place” officially premiered.

After the picture of the header and the production unit flashed, in the gray picture was a lynching room, a man who was tortured beyond recognition lay on the ground, a delicate calfskin shoe stepped on the man’s face, and the man looked dirty. There was a sharp contrast, the camera was pulled up, the owner of the calfskin shoes appeared in the camera, and Shao Qing with a sullen face said coldly: “It seems that you are not willing to confess about your accomplices…”

He kicked the man and told the people around him, “Give him something to try.”

Someone immediately went to the side to get a needle.

Shao Qing looked around at everyone in the small black room, and kicked the half-dead man again, “See, this is the end you get for betraying me.”

A silent long shot showed the expressions of everyone in the small black room. When he came out, it finally settled on Wu Wenjing’s chubby face. He couldn’t bear to glance at the man who fell to the ground, so he looked away, and hid the pain in his eyes.

As soon as the movie opened, it was a dark scene that made people feel a little suffocated, and the audience couldn’t help but sweat for Wu Wenjing.

Next, the dark tone gradually receded.

In the early morning, a fat figure was climbing the mountain. As he climbed the mountain, the sun also rose. The bright and not dazzling sunlight made the fat man on the top of the mountain feel very comfortable. He sat down and looked at his watch. He took out his mobile phone and called someone: “Old Guang, you fucking said I won’t be able to climb to the top of the mountain before six o’clock, I was able to climb it, don’t forget to transfer the land that you lost to me.”

What was said on the other end of the phone could not be heard, but the fat man stood up and said, “Wait, I’ll send you a selfie.”

The fat man held up the phone, turned his back to the sunrise, and put his hands up in a Vee, smiling so hard that his eyes couldn’t be seen.

The contrast of light and shadow of one dark and one bright heralded the final victory of the battle.

The audience in the exhibition hall was amused by the comical appearance of the fat man taking selfies.

Xue Chengxiu shook his lover’s hand and said with a low laugh: “This fat look is quite cute.”

Yu Siyang said proudly: “Of course.”

Although the theater was dark, Xue Chengxiu knew the appearance of his child without looking at it. It was very attractive, he grabbed his hand and put it in his mouth to bite.

Not to be outdone, Yu Siyang bit back.

“Dead Place” lasted for 150 minutes, and the plot was compact. Not a single frame of the whole process was wasted. Even if the audience knew that the righteous side won in the end, they couldn’t let go of their hearts.

During the melee in the jungle, Wu Wenjing carried a gun to rescue Qiu Shizhe.

Later, Qiu Shizhe sacrificed himself to save Wu Wenjing, and Wu Wenjing roared: “Brother–“

Many people shed tears.

At the end of the final credits, in the cemetery of the martyrs, the anti-narcotics police in police uniforms held funerals for their fallen partners, and the camera slid over the tombstones, reminding people of these heroic soldiers.

“Salute -“

The anti-narcotics police raised their right hands in unison. They stood upright, like steel guns. In the years to come, they would still embrace faith to maintain the happiness of thousands of families behind them.

Wu Wenjing was wearing a police uniform with a determined expression, and immediately after the martyrs’ cemetery, he was stopped by the captain of the anti-narcotics team.

“Xiao Wu, you’ve succeeded in losing weight.” The captain teased, “A flower from the police academy is back.”

Although Wu Wenjing was no longer fat, his smile was still naive, “Captain, please don’t laugh at me.”

The captain patted him on the shoulder, “This is a compliment to you.”

Wu Wenjing muttered: “You better stop complimenting me, you have praised me until I have internal injury.”

The captain smiled and asked, “You really won’t be on the front line from now on.”

“The doctor said that I have serious psychological problems and I am no longer suitable for front-line work.” Wu Wenjing’s expression was a little sad, but after a while, he wiped the sadness from his face, “It’s nothing if I don’t go to the front line, I have been worried all these years. It’s time to retire now and live a stable life.”

“It’s good if you can figure it out, it happens that you have vacation time, go out for a walk and relax.” The captain looked relaxed.

The two walked away while chatting.

At this point, the movie ended.

The lights in the exhibition hall came back on again, and everyone came back to their senses and stood up in unison to applaud the movie.

After Yu Siyang followed the director to the stage to thank everyone, he happily ran back to Mr. Xue, “How was my acting?” He was clearly a child who was begging for compliments.

“My family’s Yangyang is of course the best.”

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