MGSGW Ch. 276

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Kazuki Inoue spoke Chinese very well, and his voice was gentle and quiet, as comfortable as spring water.

Compared to Noko Inoue, Kazuki Inoue could really make people feel good when he opened his mouth. Even his polite smile with a hint of shyness was very bright and charming.

It was a pity that Lin Mumu didn’t give him any face. But the classmates next to them, they couldn’t resist the temptation and changed their seats. Kazuki Inoue happened to sit next to Lin Mumu.

Lin Mumu also gave him a polite smile and wrote a sentence on the paper: “I have no obligation to give you advice, and I have no interest in getting to know you.”

Then Lin Mumu gave him a standard and elegant smile, and exchanged words with Zhou Qiang.

Lin Mumu’s words were written on paper, and no one except Kazuki Inoue, Noko Inoue and Chen Fangya who were at close range saw it.

What outsiders saw was that Lin Mumu had a good temper, but she didn’t want to sit near a boy from Sakurajima, so she changed seats with someone from her own class.

There was nothing wrong with that.

Fortunately, class started soon. What a coincidence. In ancient history, the topic was about howe the ancestors of a certain ancient dynasty immigrated overseas, and then spread Chinese civilization to overseas barbarians, and then some people settled on some islands, such as Sakurajima.

Such an embarrassing history lesson made Kazuki Inoue and Noko Inoue feel very uncomfortable. Because the teacher was a patriot, he casually used these two classmates as an example.

Everyone who was listening to the class had their eyes on the two strangers, Kazuki Inoue and Noko Inoue.

After all, this was the country of China, and the civilization that everyone was pursuing was also Chinese civilization. This kind of national generation gap could not be written off in one stroke.

“I’m embarrassed for them.” Chen Fangya discussed with Lin Mumu in a low voice.

“Yeah, do you think that appearance is everything? The heroine in Sakurajima Kingdom’s limited edition movie is also very beautiful.” An Xiaoqin also had a vicious tongue.

“Hey, Lin Mumu, why are you so big-hearted? One of the others wants to seduce you and the other wants to seduce your man. You still take notes with Yuanyuan, a nerd, and don’t even think about how to deal with these two swordsmen.” An Xiaoqin hated it. She poked Lin Mumu’s arm without hesitation.

“If I don’t take notes, who will you copy them from?” Lin Mumu rolled her eyes at her and continued to listen to the lecture leisurely.

“What are you worried about? Su Xinlan is so virtuous. Of course she will help you make up your notes.”

Since they were all roommates, Lin Mumu still said to An Xiaoqin:

“My master said that for those situations that have not happened, if it can’t be changed, the best way is to ignore it. If you value them, they will be able to torment you proudly. If you ignore and let them go, that is actually a pi~”

“Pi~?” An Xiaoqin covered her stomach and laughed.

Lin Mumu’s voice was not deliberately controlled, and could be heard from all directions, including Kazuki Inoue and Noko Inoue, who were very good at Chinese.

Kazuki Inoue looked at Lin Mumu again inquiringly, and Lin Mumu gave him a calm, indifferent look.

However, Kazuki Inoue was not angry, and even smiled at Lin Mumu. His smile was filled with warm moonlight. Gentle, warm but not harsh, and tender as water, it was a tenderness that every girl couldn’t resist.

Except for Lin Mumu.

What was gentleness? Could it be eaten?

With Lin Mumu’s reminder, An Xiaoqin and Chen Fangya became much calmer. They followed Lin Mumu’s example and responded to the two Sakurajima pi by ignoring them. The effect seemed to be really good. At least they didn’t feel uncomfortable if the enemy was uncomfortable.

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