MGSGW Ch. 277

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During this day, Lin Mumu really discovered that Kazuki Inoue was more difficult to deal with than Noko Inoue.

When it came to Lin Mumu, Kazuki Inoue was really the kind of person who was gentle, polite, and had a charming smile that people couldn’t bear to refuse.

“Ms. Lin, can I treat you to lunch? I have a few questions and I hope to get your advice.” After class, Kazuki Inoue smiled and bowed to Lin Mumu, formally inviting her.

“I’m not free today, and I won’t be free in the future.” Lin Mumu refused in disgust.

“So Miss Lin, I am new to China. Can I have dinner with you and feel the atmosphere of Huaxia students?”

“You can find someone else.”

“Why would Miss Lin refuse people who came from thousands of miles away?”

“You were originally someone thousands of miles away.” Lin Mumu responded unceremoniously: “Since you know my husband’s identity, you should also know that my identity is sensitive. If you deliberately approach me like this, will you be misunderstood as a spy, or that you are trying to spy on military affairs or something?”

“Ms. Lin is so funny.”

“I never joke. So for your own safety, it’s best to stay away from me.” Lin Mumu said, turned and left.

After Lin Mumu left, Kazuki Inoue’s expression began to slowly cool down.

“How is it? I said this woman is difficult to deal with, right?” Noko Inoue casually turned the glass beads in her hand to restore her injured arm.

“The belief that my master has taught me since childhood is: “If the enemy is strong, I have to be stronger and will never retreat”.” Kazuki Inoue’s face showed the light of battle: “I have an intuition that this girl from China has spirituality in her body.”

“No. She’s just an ordinary girl.” Noko Inoue was a little annoyed.

Kazuki Inoue was different from Noko Inoue. He just had no parents so he took the surname of his master Hideaki Inoue and was not actually a member of the Inoue family.

Kazuki Inoue had been different from ordinary people since he was a child. His physical strength was not as good as Noko Inoue, but he had abilities that ordinary people did not have, such as communicating with animals. His eyes were also different from ordinary people, and he could also see the so-called “spirit”.

This kind of unbelievable thing could not be understood by ordinary people, but Noko Inoue knew that such things existed, because she was a typical case of being stronger than Kazuki Inoue, but losing to Kazuki Inoue time and time again. Until last year, even Hideaki Inoue could not defeat this apprentice with average physical strength.

The people who could be sincerely praised by Kazuki Inoue seemed to be really extraordinary people. For example, Professor Lin from the Department of Religion at Yenching University.

Kazuki Inoue gave Noko Inoue a smile: “Noko, if you really fall in love with a man from China, your character must change. Stop treating yourself as a Sakurajima citizen, instead treat yourself as a Chinese citizen. You must first love this beautiful country before they can accept you. I have heard about that man, he is very good.”

“Aren’t you going to challenge him to help the master vent his anger?” A look of confusion appeared on Noko Inoue’s face: “You, if you win, I will be yours, and so will the entire Inoue family.”

“I observed carefully that day. That person is different from ordinary people, and I am not his opponent. And if I use other methods to attack him, I may face a backlash. What’s more, I’m not interested in you either.” Kazuki Inoue looked at Lin Mumu’s retreating back, with a sincere smile on his face, and murmured thoughtfully: “Maybe she and I will be the best couple. We are the same kind. Could it be that China is my root?”

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