ISIQP Ch. 192.1: Self-Inflicted Evil

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[Three thousand worlds are intricately arranged, and there is only one god who can control the destiny of the world and reverse the situation of the world. He is the Lord god.

Once the Lord God has selfish desires, great turmoil will inevitably occur in the three thousand worlds, countless worlds will collapse, countless people will suffer disasters, and no one will be spared.]

Su Yu looked at the note in his hand, then at his lover beside him, and asked with bright eyes: “So you are the Lord God who has selfish desires, and I am the one who made you have selfish desires?”

“…” Li Yuan shook his head with a complicated expression, “I am the next Lord God who saved the three thousand worlds, and the previous Lord God who had selfish desires has been obliterated by me.”

Hearing this answer, the brightness in Su Yu’s eyes slowly dimmed: “So that’s it.”

“…” It was obviously very domineering, but under Su Yu’s reaction, Li Yuan inexplicably felt that he should also act on his selfish desires and destroy the world, so that he could be freed. Lovers really needed to treat each other differently.

“So just to obliterate the previous Lord God, you made yourself so miserable and had to exist in various worlds in the form of soul fragments?” Su Yu asked.

“…Yes, I was born from the self-protection instinct of the Three Thousand Worlds, but the power of the Lord God cannot be underestimated. After trying my best to kill him, my soul was close to being broken, and I could only break it into countless soul fragments and scatter it in the three thousand worlds, then I depended on the power of the world itself to continue to exist. But because of you, part of my soul fragments have been re-integrated. I don’t have to be unable to remember the past like before, and I can only follow certain instincts in my subconscious to act.” Li Yuan felt that there was something obviously wrong with the direction of his conversation with A Yu. Why did the more he talked, the more he seemed not strong enough?

“You can only act according to instinct, so you need to supplement your IQ, right? As for those methods of supplementing IQ, they are actually just superficial forms and will not really affect the progress of the mission, right? I really didn’t expect that as the impartial and selfless Lord God, you can actually do such disgusting things.” Su Yu touched Li Yuan’s head and looked at Li Yuan with a half-smile, “So, you are actually quite pitiful, then shall we do it in the future? Do you want to continue to do missions in different worlds?”

According to what his lover said, although he had collected some soul fragments, his lover’s current soul should still be incomplete, and he needed to slowly find the remaining soul fragments.

“…Yes.” Sure enough, he shouldn’t have taken the initiative to show the Lord God’s Notes to A Yu, but now everything had been exposed!

“It’s okay. You won’t be bored if I walk around with you in the future.” Su Yu thought for a moment, and suddenly his eyes lit up, “My dear, in the next world we will stage a suicide-murder show. Wouldn’t that be a big show?”

“…Why do we have to fall in love and kill each other?” Li Yuan took his thoughts back and looked at Su Yu with some expression that he didn’t know how to put on. Just after finishing the forced play, his lover was about to stage a drama of falling in love and killing each other. Could it be that the plot of the previous world made his lover open the door to a new world?

“Of course because it will be fun,” Su Yu said coquettishly, holding Li Yuan’s neck, “I am the guy with selfish desires, and you are the selfless god, do you agree?”

“Is this really the case? Want to play?” Li Yuan was still a little unsure. He knew Su Yu too well. Looking at his high interest and shining eyes, he knew there must be a conspiracy.

Su Yu continued to shake Li Yuan’s neck, and even took the initiative to kiss him on the lips: “Of course it’s true, don’t you think this setting is actually very interesting?”

His lover acted like a spoiled child, so even if Li Yuan saw the tail of the conspiracy, he couldn’t pull out directly. So, he had to sigh and nod: “Okay.”

“Then let me set up the plot now, because you are particularly impartial and selfless, no matter what you do. There is no need for anything, but I have a particularly bad taste and like to do a lot of bad things.” As soon as Li Yuan relaxed, Su Yu began to plan, “So you must try your best to stop me, and you must not be tempted by me and do bad things with me, do you understand?”

Li Yuan felt worse, but since he had agreed, he could only indulge in letting his lover do whatever he wanted: “Okay.”

“That’s an interesting plot, how about we make a bet? If you can always maintain your character and be a positive person who is selfless and has no desires in public, you will win and I will agree to whatever request you make. You can do whatever you want.” At this point, Su Yu deliberately gave Li Yuan an ambiguous look, and then continued, “But if you are tempted by me and do something bad, then I will win and you have to listen to me sometimes.”

When he heard the first half of the sentence, Li Yuan’s eyes lit up very obviously, but when he heard the second half of the sentence, he felt that Su Yu must be planning something evil.

But since his lover wanted to play, he would naturally accompany him to the end. This could be regarded as a little fun between the two.

“Okay, it’s settled,” Li Yuan agreed, then raised his own question, “But how to judge whether what I did is a bad thing?”

“It depends on the rules of that world. I definitely can’t slander you on purpose just to win, right?” Su Yu blinked innocently.

“Yes.” Li Yuan reached out and pinched Su Yu’s nose.

“But in order to maintain the mystery of this world, I think setting the background should be left to Ball, what do you think?” Su Yu rolled his eyes and suggested.

Li Yuan had no objection to this, so the Ball was summoned, followed by Black Egg, who was covered in black gas.

After stating the detailed requirements, Su Yu pulled Ball aside, muttered a few words, and then let him and Black Egg go to set up the world background.

The next day, Su Yu and Li Yuan both traveled to this new world, but this time they mainly wanted to have fun and did not need to do any tasks.

As soon as Li Yuan opened his eyes, he found himself in a large hall. When he lowered his head, he saw that he was wearing a white robe.

Since this was the world background set by Ball himself, the bodies of Su Yu and Li Yuan were specially prepared. There was no such thing as the original owner, and naturally there was no relevant memory.

Li Yuan looked around but could not find his lover. At this moment, a young man also wearing a white robe walked in from outside.

“Leader, those demon sect believers are so abominable. They even said that they would hold a blind date conference with our Qingxin Alliance. It’s really unreasonable!” As soon as the young man came in, he began to talk angrily, “They put us in the Qingxin Alliance. What kind of place are we supposed to be? We will never talk about love, let alone have any physical contact with other people!”


Li Yuan’s expression instantly cracked, what the hell was the Qingxin Alliance? What the hell was it that you can’t have sex or have physical contact with other people?

Seeing that Li Yuan didn’t respond at all, the young man said anxiously: “Leader, the leader of the Demon Cult is waiting outside now. Go and reject him quickly. His magic power is so powerful. If he accidentally touches one of our cult members, then that would be bad!”

As soon as he heard the identity of the leader of the Demon Cult, Li Yuan immediately had an answer in his mind. Without saying a word to the young man, he turned around and walked out of the hall.

Soon, he saw his lover, wearing a crimson robe, standing there calmly.

Just as Li Yuan was about to speak, he heard Su Yu speak first: “This must be the leader of the Qingxin Alliance. I have admired you for a long time. I, Su Yu, am the leader of the Demon Cult. I came here today to discuss the blind date conference with the leader.”

“…” Li Yuan was really surprised by Su Yu, who was dressed in red, but he quickly came back to his senses, “Since we have to discuss important matters, please inviting the leader to come in and discuss in detail.”

Who knew that as soon as Li Yuan finished speaking, the young man who came out behind him immediately started shouting: “Alliance leader, you must not do it. Our Qingxin League has always been at odds with the Demonic Cult. How can the alliance leader agree to his request? Besides, the members of the Qingxin League must never be emotional, let alone have any physical contact with other people, so how can they participate in a vulgar blind date meeting?”

Li Yuan felt as if an uncontrollable burst of blood had erupted from his forehead. At the same time, he finally understood where his lover’s bad taste was reflected this time, and where the conspiracy he felt before came from.

The members of the Qingxin League could not have physical contact with anyone, nor could they have romantic relationships. So as the leader of the Qingxin League, how was it possible that he had these rights?

The answer was of course no, so in the context of this world, if he wanted to be a good person who was fair, selfless and had no desires, he could not have physical contact with his lover, let alone do some shameful things with him. Otherwise, he would be tempted by his lover and lose the bet.

So in summary, this world was a place for his lover to trick him, right?

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