KHSW Ch. 344

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However, as soon as they entered the door, they saw roses all over the ground.

Su Zhiyan opened her lips slightly, and Xu Xinrong’s eyes widened, “Why are there so many roses in the house?”

Su Zhiyan pulled Xu Xinrong and rolled her eyes, “Why don’t you even understand this? This is called romance. It must be our son’s masterpiece.”

“What? Romantic?” Xu Xinrong couldn’t help but be a little stunned. He really didn’t have any romantic qualities.

The raised corners of Su Zhiyan’s lips betrayed her mood at this time, “If there was a man chasing me like this back then, I would definitely have married him.”

Xu Xinrong felt unhappy, “Now that you are a grandmother, you still say such things in front of your daughter-in-law?”

Su Zhiyan glared at him, “What’s wrong with me saying such things? Think about it when you chased me, not to mention flowers, I didn’t even receive a love letter…”

Xu Xinrong had walked inside before she finished speaking.

Ling Xi snickered in her heart. It seemed that Xu Yizhi had inherited her mother-in-law’s romantic gene!

“I haven’t finished speaking yet! You…come back to me.”

Perhaps the movement downstairs alerted Xu Yizhi. When Xu Yizhi appeared in front of his father and mother in pyjamas, Su Zhiyan looked at Xu Yizhi and then at Ling Xi, feeling relieved.

Sensing her mother-in-law’s strange gaze, Ling Xi guessed that her mother-in-law might have misunderstood something.

“Xiao Xi, you just got up, right? Then go wash up quickly, and mom will make breakfast for you.”

“No mom, I’ll do it later.” How could a daughter-in-law ask her mother-in-law to make breakfast?

Su Zhiyan half-pushed Ling Xi up the stairs, “Okay, Mom wants you to try the new skills Mom has learned.”

Ling Xi looked down at her slightly wrinkled pyjamas and said softly, “Mom, you guys sit down first.”

When Ling Xi went upstairs, Su Zhiyan had a smile on her face and said, “Son, I didn’t expect you to be quite good at coaxing girls!”

“Mom, why did you come here so early in the morning?” Xu Yizhi frowned slightly and pinched his eyebrows gently.

“We saw something about our daughter-in-law last night. How is the situation now? Do we need to use our connections?”

Xu Xinrong said what he wanted to say on behalf of Su Zhiyan.

Xu Yizhi shook his head gently, “No need, Ling Xi can solve this matter by herself.”

Mother Xu suddenly exploded, “How can you let your wife handle this matter? If Xiao Xi solves this matter, what use will you have? Wait until one day your wife is saved by another man as a hero, then you will regret it.”

Mother Xu angrily entered the kitchen with the supplements Xu Xinrong brought.

Xu Yizhi raised his eyebrows slightly. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, but that he believed Ling Xi could solve it. Why didn’t his mother understand this?

When Ling Xi washed up and changed her clothes and came down, her mother-in-law had already prepared breakfast.

“Come on, Xiao Xi, come here and try the soup mom made.”

At this time, Xiao Nuo also came back from martial arts practice, “Grandpa and grandma?”

“Grandma’s little sweet grandson is back? Come over and have breakfast.”

Su Zhiyan served a bowl of soup to each of Ling Xi and Xu Yizhi, “Here, this is a new skill Mom has learned. If you think it works well, Mom will teach Yizhi how to make it.”

Ling Xi took a sip without thinking, feeling that the taste was a bit strange.

Then she saw that Xu Yizhi also took a sip, but his expression was not strange, in fact he started to drink heavily.

Seeing this, Xiao Nuo also picked up a spoon to serve the soup for himself. Su Zhiyan quickly stopped him, “My little sweet grandson, you can’t drink this soup.”

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