KHSW Ch. 116: Is is the First?

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Chi Jingyu looked at the stage dumbfounded, with a look of obsession, and said excitedly, “Brother, what should I do? Cupid shot me in the heart, my sister-in-law is so handsome, did you see that turn? Oh my muse.”

Xu Yizhi’s whole body instantly became cold, and a devilish voice fluttered into Chi Jingyu’s ears, “It seems that Cupid’s archery is not very good.”

Chi Jingyu couldn’t help shivering, um, he had forgotten for a moment that the person sitting beside him was a big jealous king, he raised his legs stiffly.

“What, I have an urgent need to urinate, I’ll go to the toilet!”

In the blink of an eye, he fled from the “danger zone”, squatting in a corner and smoking a cigarette.

“Sister-in-law should be finished now, right? I’ll go take a look.”

As soon as he extinguished the cigarette butt, he walked to the backstage. Due to his handsome and charming appearance, no staff member tried to stop him along the way.

“Go and call an ambulance, Ms. Ling Xi fainted just after stepping down, hurry up.”

Hearing their anxious voices, Chi Jingyu felt uneasy, what happened to my sister-in-law?

So he immediately followed them.

Seeing that it was indeed his sister-in-law lying on the ground, Chi Jingyu took out his mobile phone and called Yizhi.

His tone was terrified, as if Ling Xi’s life was in danger, “Brother, come backstage, something has happened to sister-in-law!”

Xu Yizhi’s ears seemed to hear a “buzz”, then he could no longer hear other sounds, his eyes were full of panic, his hands and feet had instantly gone cold, and when he regained his senses, he immediately rushed out.

After learning about the situation here, Yu Jiayin couldn’t help but pick up Ling Xi on the ground and walk out, his footsteps obviously faster than before.

Jiang Xie chased after them on seeing this, “Mr. Yu, you can go back to the assembly room first. We’ll take Ms. Ling Xi to the ambulance.”

Yu Jiayin didn’t seem to hear him, and his pace quickened.

As soon as Xu Yizhi ran out of the gate, the first scene he saw was where Ling Xi had already gotten into the ambulance.

Chi Jingyu drove the car over, “Brother, get in the car.”

Ling Xi woke up and saw that she was in the hospital again. How could she be in the hospital again?

Her head…felt groggy.

“Is it better now?”

It was the voice of the witch, why was she here?

Ling Xi looked around in confusion, but her voice was hoarse, “Sister Pei, why am I in the hospital?”

Pei Shan ignored her, instead she stretched out a hand and put it on her forehead, “Fortunately, the fever has subsided, you have been in a coma for almost two days.”

Fragments of memories gradually flooded into her mind, and she sat up laboriously from the bed. The first thing she cared about was the competition, “Is it so long? Which team won in the end? Who is the hip-hop champion?”

Pei Shan glared at her speechlessly, “You only care about your event as soon as you wake up?”

Ling Xi reached out and grabbed her sleeve, her eyes showing a pitiful bunny-like look, “Sister Pei, just tell me!”

After all, this was not only her own business, it also carried the dreams of all the members of her team.

“Okay, let me tell you, don’t cry.”

Hearing what Pei Shan said, Ling Xi’s eyes gradually dimmed, and the expectation in her heart disappeared.

Everything was her fault!

Seeing her depressed look, Pei Shan couldn’t help her mouth from turning up, “Where do you think your team ranked?”

She let out a sigh of relief, “Anyway, it’s either the third or the second, it’s not bad.”

“Why, are you so unconfident in your team?”

Ling Xi’s eyes suddenly lit up, “Is it the first?”

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