KHSW Ch. 115: Street Dancer Finals

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The publicity director’s face went red for a while, and then white again.

After hearing Ling Xi’s words, the editor-in-chief glared at the publicity director without a trace, and then said with a smile, “I’m really sorry this time, Ms. Ling Xi.”

When Ling Xi walked out of the door, she winked mischievously at Meng Xinyan from an angle that they couldn’t see.

Meng Xinyan burst into laughter and couldn’t help feeling the warmth in her heart, this child…

After Ling Xi left, the editor-in-chief really scolded the publicity director, and then called Meng Xinyan in, “Sister Xinyan, everyone can see your ability. It is indeed the publicity director who did something wrong this time. It’s just horrible, why don’t I give you Ling Xi’s exclusive interview, what do you think?”

The editor-in-chief looked at her with anticipation. After all, since she had the ability to invite Ling Xi to their magazine, she should be able to interview her again, right?

Meng Xinyan hesitated for a moment, then nodded lightly, “Okay, thank you editor-in-chief.” It was better to have it in her own hands rather than giving it to those who might fabricate false news.

In the blink of an eye, the final of “Star Dancer” had been put on the agenda, and there were three remaining members from Ling Xi’s team, and two each from Yu Jiayin and Shu Tingting’s teams.

“Hello? Sister Pei, come and watch our team dance tonight! Really? Don’t worry, our team will definitely be number one. Please order this meal.”

She happily stuffed the phone into her trouser pocket, but her fingertips froze slightly. Should she say something to Yizhi as well?

After dialling the number, she kept the phone to on her ear…

The scene of the final was very lively. Most of them were dancers who had participated in the audition before. At the same time, the seats of the dancers were also full, and the five international dancers were already seated.

The team assembly room.

“Ms. Ling Xi, you shouldn’t be on stage today.”

“Yes, the body is the most important thing.”

The members of her team persuaded her one by one, but Ling Xi didn’t listen to a word, “It’s okay, the fever is not very bad, maybe the fever will subside in a while.”

“It’s already 39.7℃, Ms. Ling Xi, you really can’t stand up, go to the hospital!”

Ling Xi waved her hands, her head was slightly dizzy, “It’s really okay, whatever you say, you have to stick to it until the end of the game.” They couldn’t be affected during the event because of her.

Everyone looked at each other, “How can this be done?”

On the stage of the street dancer set, it was dazzling and colourful, the lights were shining, and there seemed to be a kind of magic, enough to make people forget all their pain.

Ling Xi’s state at this time was completely different from that before she came to power, which made the other three feel a little at ease, but they still couldn’t help but worry.

Angel-like fair skin, with a pair of crystal-clear glass eyes on her moist face, and in this perfect and mysterious street dance, there was a trace of loss. She was a combination of an angel and a demon, and of light and darkness. The combination of white light feathers on the collar was like a goddess descending, noble, elegant and moving, while the black lace dress, because of her angelic charming temperament, had become a discordant representation of a fallen angel, like a dark night. It seemed as if the god of death had come.

The dancers screamed, and every time Ling Xi appeared, they were amazed.

When Pei Shan saw the handsome Ling Xi on the stage, she almost couldn’t believe it, her eyes widened, for fear that she would miss even one wonderful move of hers.

Xu Yizhi and Chi Jingyu in simple disguise were sitting in the VIP seats. Xu Yizhi stared at the dazzling person on the stage. The smile at the corner of his mouth had not stopped since the moment she appeared on the stage. His Ling Xi, really was so beautiful and excellent that he even wanted to hide her from anyone who was not him.

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