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Mr. Li’s attitude towards Kang Xing Luo couldn’t be better, partly because of Xiao Shizi’s favor, but more because of the old man’s love for his grandchild.

Mr. Li had seen a lot of his grandson’s friends, but seeing the gentle Kang Xing Luo, he was satisfied no matter how he looked at him.

Li Hongming’s parents felt the same about Kang Xing Luo. After thanking him about Li Hongming several times, they went to take care of other guests.

“Son, you and Hongming are the same age?”

Kang Xing Luo said: “Well, we’re both almost twenty-five.”

The old man nodded and found him better the more he looked, saying, “You child, you are not very old, but you have a stable personality, you have good cats at home, and you have a successful career.”

In the past, Kang Xing Luo couldn’t afford it, but now the word “successful career” really suited him.

Cat World had opened up a brand-new entrepreneurial market for Kang Xing Luo. Afterwards, physical chain stores were opened, and a formal listed company was established to cater to the evolutionary cats all over the world. Needless to say, the profits were not to be overstated.

Kang Xing Luo was a little embarrassed, and old man Li suddenly showed a smile common to elders all over the world, and asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?”

Kang Xing Luo was startled: “…No.”

Naturally, Li Hongming would not tell the old man about Kang Xing Luo’s liking for men, but the old man couldn’t help but ask about it.

He thought it would be fine to just remind him after asking, but he didn’t expect Mr. Li to be overly satisfied with him, and say enthusiastically: “What kind of girl do you like, this old man will introduce one to you?”

Neither Kang Xing Luo nor Li Hongming expected Mr. Li to want to introduce a girl to Xing Luo. With such a sudden attack, the two of them were startled at the same time.

Li Hongming interjected: “Who are you introducing to Doofus? I also don’t have a girlfriend yet. If you have a beautiful woman, introduce her to me first!”

Mr. Li shouted: “Shut up quickly, you still want me to introduce, when your peach blossom debts can’t be counted!”

Li Hongming curled his lips, wanting to continue helping Kang Xing Luo to get out.

Old Man Li picked up his crutches and pointed at him, Li Hongming immediately shut up.

…Well, there is nothing I can do to help, life saving is the most important thing.

Kang Xing Luo naturally wanted to refuse, but unfortunately once the best time to speak was missed, there would be no chance to speak afterwards. Mr. Li raised his hand to greet him, and a middle-aged man with elegant appearance and glasses came over.

Old Li smiled all over his face: “This is my second child.”

Li Hongming added in Kang Xing Luo’s ear: “My second uncle.”

Kang Xing Luo had heard of this “second uncle.” He managed the business at home and was a good hand in the family.

Li Hongming complained about his second uncle many times, but he never spoke ill of his second uncle. It could be seen that this person had a good character, but was also purely a simple and old-fashioned character.

In Li Hongming’s words, he was like an old pedant from the old society, he did things rigidly and paid special attention to right and wrong. Li Hongming’s personality was too rough, so he couldn’t get along with this second uncle.

Grandpa Li introduced Kang Xing Luo to his second son, and the second uncle Li who was called suddenly also felt very strange.

Mr. Li went straight to the point: “Where is your girl, didn’t she come back from studying abroad? Xing Luo is Hongming’s friend, and he is about the same age as our little girl. They are both young people, so young people should play together.”

Second Uncle Li immediately understood the meaning, and his gaze swept to Kang Xing Luo, almost staring a hole into Kang Xing Luo.

There was no way, he knew Li Hongming too well, and he really couldn’t treat the friends Li Hongming made doing bad deeds since he was a child, well.

Mr. Li said: “Don’t think about it, it’s rude! Xing Luo is a good boy, he is young and successful, and he gave Hongming a helping hand. His own conditions are also good! In comparison, he is much better than our family’s child.”

Second Uncle Li came late, so he didn’t know anything about Kang Lai Yin’s escort of Kang Xing Luo, he did not even know about the other cats, so he stared at Kang Xing Luo and asked, “What kind of work do you do?”

Kang Xing Luo somehow got involved in this kind of questioning which was like a blind date review, so he had a headache for a while, but it would be too embarrassing for the old man to interrupt it now, so he could only answer it first, thinking that he would let Li Hongming reveal Kang Xing Luo’s sexual orientation in a vague way when he got back.

And dissolve everything from behind.

“I’m opening a shop and doing some small business.”

“Oh, small business, what exactly is it?”

Li Hongming interjected, “Oh, it’s too troublesome! Let’s just say it, Second uncle, you know the Cat World right, it’s Xing Luo who opened it.”

Second Uncle Li was in a trance, surprised: “He opened it?”

So, this handsome young man in front of him was the mysterious man who was famous all over the Internet?

Second Uncle Li: “…”???????

Introduce the mysterious man to his daughter????

If he remembered correctly, the current trending search on Weibo was still #Mysterious Man gets forth concubine#!!!

Second Uncle Li and Old Man Li’s gazes met. Old Man Li was taken aback by the accusing eyes, and later realized what his son meant.

The child didn’t know that the four cats rumored on the Internet belonged to Kang Xing Luo, so it was no wonder he had such a reaction.

Mr. Li sighed and said, “You are my son. Let’s change our ages, okay? Can you broaden your mind? Kang Xing Luo and their relationships are normal, don’t care about those rumors, don’t even think about it, people and evolutionary species, how could they really be together?”

After saying this, Kang Xing Luo and Li Hongming asked in a daze at the same time: “Why?”

Mr. Li said: “Let’s not mention the ethics and take a step back. When there can be no conclusion, how can humans and evolutionary species talk about the future.”

In an instant, Kang Xing Luo and Li Hongming turned pale for some reason.

After that, Kang Xing Luo didn’t listen to any of the old man’s words.

When he came back to his senses, the topic was over, and Mr. Li had already set a date for them, so he urged: “Go, I know you young people don’t like blind dates, but this kind of experience is also part of life!”

Li Hongming couldn’t stand listening anymore, so he dragged the old man to walk in quickly, Kang Xing Luo was in a daze for a while, then he walked towards the semi-circular balcony by himself.

When the night wind blew on him, he realized that he was sweating all over, and his whole body was icy cold.

The old man’s words echoed in his heart, his nose was sour, and he had the urge to cry.

Kang Xing Luo lowered his head, staring at the ground, he suddenly felt a gust of wind in front of him, then someone suddenly cupped his face with both hands, and raised his head.

Xiao Shizi in a black suit squatted on the railing of the balcony on the second floor, his leather shoes deformed slightly due to the strength.

After Kang Xing Luo reacted, he realized that Xiao Shizi had jumped up from the flat ground on the first floor. Such a high distance, but when he fell, there was no sound at all.

Not like a cat, but like a vampire visiting at night, handsome and soul-stealing.

Kang Lai Yin said: “What’s the matter? Don’t cry, I’m here.”

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