KHSW Ch. 114: Professional Standards

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Inside the studio.

Ling Xi’s every move was extremely accurate.

Some pictures were fresh and lovely, some were enchanting and charming, and some were just beautiful. The photographer looked at the semi-finished product and couldn’t help nodding, “Very good, it doesn’t even need to be refined.”

The surrounding staff secretly watched Ling Xi’s shooting and suppressed their excitement one by one.

“I didn’t expect the real person to look better than the photos that were posted before!”

“She is even more professional than some models, the sales of our weekly magazine will definitely skyrocket.”

“She’s so beautiful, I really want a signed photo!”

When the publicity director passed by, he heard their conversation, and it turned out that Ling Xi had already started shooting inside.

After waiting for more than half an hour, Ling Xi finally came out, the publicity director immediately put on a smiling face, and bowed slightly in front of her, “Hello Ms. Ling Xi, I’m the publicity director of “Entertainment Express”, I really appreciate that you came to shoot the cover of our weekly magazine despite your busy schedule, may I do an exclusive interview with you by the way?”

Publicity director? Ling Xi’s brows were lightly furrowed, as she had just accidentally heard something. It turned out that it was the publicity director who had been forcing her mother to resign!

Then she glanced at Ou Mengxue who was busy, “Help me get everything into the car and wait for me in the car.”


Ou Mengxue seemed to be accustomed to her role as an assistant. During this time, she was very calm and worked extremely seriously.

However, only Ou Mengxue knew how much she hated Ling Xi in her heart. She was just patiently waiting for an opportunity, but Ling Xi knew everything about her.

The publicity director thought that Ling Xi had agreed, and the smile on his face became more flattering, “Please come this way.”

“Where is your editor-in-chief’s office?” Ling Xi’s voice sounded a bit cold, and the publicity director didn’t think much about it, and immediately showed her the way, “This way, please.”

When passing by the journalist’s office, she saw Meng Xinyan, but seeing that she was busy, Ling Xi walked away calmly.

“Ah? Is it Ling Xi who just walked over?”

Hearing this, an entertainment reporter immediately ran out holding his beloved camera, and Meng Xinyan immediately followed.

When the editor-in-chief saw Ling Xi, he immediately smiled, “You’ve worked hard.”

Ling Xi sat on the sofa and crossed her legs, revealing her domineering aura like that of a queen.

“I heard the publicity director saying that he wants to do an exclusive interview with me, let’s start!” Those lazy eyes made people feel an unconscious chill.

“Ah?” The editor-in-chief and publicity director were slightly taken aback, would it be done here?

“Ms. Ling Xi, do you want us to change the venue?”

“Sorry, my time is limited, so here it is!”

The editor-in-chief immediately glanced at the publicity director and winked at him.

Because no equipment was prepared at the moment, the publicity director had to take the notes himself.

“How do you feel about working with the director of “Haihu Bay” this time?”

“What do you think?” Ling Xi asked rhetorically. The publicity director couldn’t help but continue to ask the next question, “So what’s your ideal boyfriend?”

“No comment.” 

After asking a few questions one after another, she didn’t say a word, and the editor-in-chief stared anxiously from the side.

“I’m sorry, the time is up.” Ling Xi got up and looked at the director of publicity. “It seems that your professional level is not very good, and you are asking about non-nutritious things.” Looking at the editor-in-chief again, “Editor-in-chief Ji, it seems that our future cooperation will be difficult to continue!”

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