TBVSR Ch. 36: Gifts

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Jiang Yu did well in the final exam unexpectedly. She was in the upper-middle level of her grade, so she should have no problem getting into a key university.

Jiang Manyi was very happy. She worked so hard to make money and let Jiang Yu enter the best private Yuxi Middle School, so that she could be admitted to a good university in the future.

She also didn’t ask her to go to Tsinghua University and Peking University, because she knew that her daughter was not that kind of student, and she was very satisfied even if she could go to an ordinary key university.

On the 30th day of the new year, Jiang Manyi woke Jiang Yu up early in the morning, dressed her up well, and then took her to the supermarket to buy New Year’s goods together.

Tonight, she was going to cook a sumptuous New Year’s Eve dinner to reward her for her hard work.

The supermarket was decorated with colourful lights, also the supermarket was very lively due to New Year.

Wearing the bright red short down jacket that Jiang Manyi had specially bought for her, Jiang Yu pushed the trolley, yawned, and followed her mother lazily.

Jiang Manyi looked east and west in the New Year’s Goods area, and carefully compared the prices of discounted products.

Jiang Yu yawned, turned back in a trance, and saw a familiar figure, it turned out to be Xie Yuan.

He was standing in front of the freezer pantry, picking out frozen dumplings.

Jiang Yu reached out and greeted him: “Mr. Xie!”

Xie Yuan looked up and saw Jiang Yu, his eyes lit up, and he walked towards her: “Xiao Yu you also came to buy New Year’s goods with your mother?”


Jiang Yu seeing that his trolley was full of pre-packaged food such as braised beef and pepper chicken, she asked, “Will Mr. Xie eat these for New Year’s Eve?”

Xie Yuan explained: “I have to work overtime at night, so this is enough.”

“It’s not right, that you have to work overtime during the New Year.”

“No way.”

“Mr. Xie, aren’t you the boss of the company? Who would dare to make you work overtime?”

“Because the employees will go home for reunion dinner during the New Year, I have to do more work alone.”

Jiang Yu knew that Xie Yuan was single and unmarried. The last time he helped her like that, so Jiang Yu always had a good impression of him, and she hadn’t found a chance to repay him.

So, she simply said, “Mr. Xie, do you want to… come to our house for the New Year?”

After listening to this remark, Jiang Manyi immediately rejected: “Don’t talk nonsense, what kind of person is Mr. Xie, how can someone of Mr. Xie’s identity come to our house?”

Xie Yuan smiled and said, “If you don’t mind, after I get off work, I can come.”

“I don’t mind, I don’t mind.” Jiang Yu said with a smile, “I’ll just take this opportunity to thank you for your help last time.”

Jiang Manyi quickly pulled Jiang Yu aside and said in a low voice, “Do you know this man, that you’re inviting him to come to our home. Don’t you know that the neighbours will gossip!”

“What’s the big deal, they like to talk than they can talk, he is not married and has no wife, even if they want to gossip, that’s just because they are jealous of you…”

Jiang Yu patted Jiang Manyi on the shoulder: “Besides, Mr. Xie is very upright and won’t have bad thoughts about you!”

Jiang Manyi was about to get mad at Jiang Yu.

The two of them were biological father and daughter, so the two of them looked alike when they stood together.

Jiang Manyi really didn’t want to let Jiang Yu and Xie Yuan have more contact.

Because it would be so obvious.

Xie Yuan looked at Jiang Manyi meaningfully, and seemed to have guessed what she was thinking.

Although he couldn’t wait to recognize his daughter, he also knew that this matter must not be rushed.

If he forcibly recaptured his daughter from Jiang Manyi’s side, it was likely to cause Jiang Yu to hate him and not even want to see him again.

This was not the result he wanted.

He could only take one step at a time, subtly make a good relationship with Jiang Yu, and wait for an opportunity.

“Then thank you for your invitation.” Xie Yuan said thoughtfully: “If Ms. Jiang is worried about the gossip of the neighbours, I can understand.”

Jiang Manyi breathed a sigh of relief: “Yes, the small alley where we live is full of busybodies, if they see you coming to our house, I don’t know what it will be like.”

Of course, Xie Yuan was not easy to get rid of, he simply said: “In that case, why don’t I ask Ms. Jiang to bring Xiao Yu to my house? My house is relatively big, how about you two coming over for New Year’s Eve?”

Jiang Manyi: …

As soon as Jiang Yu heard that Xie Yuan invited them to “Wuting”, she opened her mouth slightly, feeling a little incredible.

Wuting was the most high-end residential area in Jeon Buk City. It was located in the natural ecological area next to Olin Park. The air quality there was excellent, and the environment was quiet. There were high-end clubs and golf courses around it. Therefore, it had the highest land price in the city.

Without waiting for Jiang Manyi to refuse, Xie Yuan continued: “Because my last girlfriend was a ballet dancer, my family has a lot of ballet music collections, such as Tchaikovsky’s original discs and some classical music discs. There are a lot of ballet-related collections, you can come and also have a look.”

This sentence could be said to accurately hit Jiang Yu’s most fatal point. She quickly grabbed Jiang Manyi’s sleeve and looked at her pitifully: “Let’s go, Mom, I beg you!”

Jiang Manyi looked at Xie Yuan with hostility, and Xie Yuan looked at her without shame.

She knew that he said that on purpose. He was determined to celebrate the New Year with his daughter, and she couldn’t stop it at all.

“Okay, since Mr. Xie sincerely invited us, I will definitely bring my daughter to the appointment on time.”

Jiang Yu was very happy, and quickly said to Xie Yuan: “Uncle Xie, you are so kind! I will definitely come over tonight!”

Xie Yuan heard that she had even changed his address, looked at Jiang Manyi proudly, and said, “Uncle will be waiting for you.”

“Yeah! See you tonight.”

Jiang Manyi gritted her teeth.

Who was afraid of who, she still didn’t believe it, how could the capitalist with sugar-coated talks snatch away her daughter, for whom she had worked so hard for so many years!

Jiang Yu was not such an ungrateful little white-eyed wolf.

Jiang Yu didn’t know her mother’s thoughts at all. She looked at Xie Yuan’s departing back and pulled her mother’s sleeves: “Mom, if he were my dad, it would be great.”

Jiang Manyi: “?”

In the afternoon, Jiang Yu went to the underground basketball court in the hip-hop district to find Qiu Li.

Today was New Year’s Eve, and the bustling hip-hop cultural district on weekdays was also empty at this time.

Even the most rebellious children go home today to be reunited with their parents and families.

Qiu Li was wearing a thin black T-shirt and was playing basketball alone on the court full of graffiti.

Dribbling, jumping, layup, he moved smoothly and had a very beautiful figure.

Jiang Yu walked over with a box and sat on the side of the basketball court. Seeing that he hit the basket steadily, she clapped her hands repeatedly: “It’s great!”

Qiu Li turned his head to look at her, so he became more and more energetic, and began to make fancy moves, he turned around and shot.

Every ball landed accurately in the basket.

Jiang Yu shouted at him, “Boyfriend, come here.”

Qiu Li trotted in front of her with the ball and sat down, but instead of sitting next to her, he sat a little farther away from her to help her avoid the smell of sweat on his body.

Jiang Yu was worried that he would catch a cold, so she quickly picked up the coat on the side and handed it to him: “Put it on quickly.”

Qiu Li took the clothes obediently and put it on himself.

“What’s up?”

“It’s new year’s today, so I came to see you.” As she said that, she handed over the insulated lunch box beside her: “My mother fried dumplings, I brought you some to try.”

Qiu Li opened the lunch box and saw that inside were several golden fried dumplings, and a fragrant smell was blowing off them.

He reached for it, Jiang Yu slapped his hand away, and handed him the chopsticks: “Your hands are sweaty.”

Qiu Li picked up a piece of fried dumplings with the chopsticks and brought it to Jiang Yu’s mouth: “Old rules.”

Jiang Yu asked angrily, “Why do you have to let me eat it first, every time you eat?”

“I can taste it only after you eat it, otherwise it’s like drinking white water.”

Even though she bit the crispy dumpling skin, she didn’t believe his words: “What nonsense, how can there be such a thing?”

She still wanted to eat, but Qiu Li threw the remaining half into his own mouth.

“Aren’t you disgusting? It’s like this every time!”

“What’s disgusting?”

Qiu Li held the back of her head and wanted to kiss her, but Jiang Yu pushed him away: “You have a mouth full of leeks, go away.”

Qiu Li smiled and continued to eat the fried dumplings with his head down. Seriously, it tasted delicious. Jiang Yu looked at him and gradually felt that his feelings for her were beginning to become a little complicated.

The young man in front of her was not the vicious, evil, and violent murderer she imagined… On the contrary, after in-depth contact, she felt the enthusiasm, sincerity and hard work hidden under his icy mask.

She was no longer as afraid of him as she used to be, she gradually even began to sympathize with him, and she was willing to be kind to him from the bottom of her heart. When she saw him alone, she would feel sad. Even without the 300 million, Jiang Yu thought to herself, she would be willing to help him. Qiu Li ate the rest of the dumplings cleanly, covered the lunch box, and said, “Mom’s craftsmanship is really good.”

“What are you calling, it’s not your mother, it’s my mother.”

He smiled: “It’s all the same.”

“It’s very different.”

Jiang Yu put away the lunch box, took the bag from behind, and took out a shoe box from inside, then she said, “I brought you a New Year’s gift.”

Qiu Li didn’t expect that she would suddenly give him a gift, and was stunned…

“I won the special prize last time, I bought it for you with the bonus.”

Jiang Yu opened the shoe box, handed it to him, and said, “I went to your house last time and saw your shoe size, but I’m afraid you won’t be comfortable wearing them. So, I bought these shoes in a bigger size. You can try them.”

Qiu Li saw the brand-new pair of classic AJ sneakers in black, white and red, lying quietly in the shoebox full of shreds.

He was suddenly at a loss.

“Look, do you like it?” Jiang Yu urged.

Qiu Li wiped the sweat from his palms on the clothes behind him, and then took out the pair of sneakers.

The shape of the shoes was very beautiful, and it was a style that young boys would definitely like. It was unlike the pair of sneakers on his feet that are rough and whose color couldn’t even be seen.

“Just try the size, the store said that if it doesn’t fit, you can return it.”

Qiu Li’s throat seemed to be choked, and he said in a deep voice, “It fits.”

After Jiang Yu finished speaking, she directly reached out to untie the shoelaces of the shoes on his feet: “Quickly put them on and show me.”

Qiu Li turned his back, took off the old shoes on his feet, and put on the new AJ shoes.

He stood up and tried to walk a few steps, the softness of the new shoes wrapping around his feet felt very full and very comfortable.

Jiang Yu frowned, looked at his sassy jump shot, gave a thumbs up, and praised: “My boyfriend is too handsome!”

Qiu Li also smiled: “Inevitably.”

“I’m going to help you throw away these old shoes, they are all worn out.”

As soon as Jiang Yu picked up the old shoes, Qiu Li snatched them away and said: “No, I’ll throw it away later.”

“Okay.” Jiang Yu looked at the setting sun in the west and said, “Then, I’m going home.”


Jiang Yu looked at the boy squatting on the ground, felt a little unbearable, reached out and rubbed his hair: “When New Year’s Eve start, I’ll accompany you for New Year’s Eve.”

Qiu Li enjoyed her rubbing his head, so he looked at her with dark eyes: “Xiao Yu, you fell in love with me, right.”

Jiang Yu’s heart tightened, and she immediately responded, “Yes, I love you so much.”

Qiu Li smiled lightly and pushed her hand away: “Get out.”

Jiang Yu told him goodbye, got up and left.

After she was far away, Qiu Li quickly took off the brand-new pair of AJ sneakers, patted off the dust on the edge of the shoes, and carefully put them into the shoe box.

He was still wearing his rough old shoes.

He liked this gift so much, how could he be willing to wear it casually on his feet.

Qiu Li carried the shoe box and walked towards the house with the sunset on his back, but at the end of the block, he saw Huo Cheng and other men, looking at him badly.

They must have been waiting for a long time.

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