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Although today was the 30th, because she accepted Xie Yuan’s invitation for tonight, there was no need to prepare the New Year’s Eve dinner. Jiang Manyi was thus free in the afternoon, so she went to the foot bath and sauna club to work overtime.

Jiang Yu entered the Esmera Art Center, which was a place that burned money. Although tuition was exempted, the students who could enter the art center were all rich.

Jiang Manyi didn’t want to wrong Jiang Yu financially, so she must work hard to earn money.

Jiang Yu went home to freshen up, put on a new pink and white padded jacket, tied a refreshing ponytail, and then carried a shoulder bag to go to the clubhouse to find her mother.

It was already six o’clock in the evening when Jiang Manyi was done, and Xie Yuan urged her by making several calls.

Jiang Manyi answered the phone impatiently: “What are you urging for, I’m working!”

Xie Yuan was really afraid that she would regret it, and said, “How long until you get off work?”

“Wait, didn’t you say you have to work overtime too?”

“I don’t work overtime, I was just selling my daughter some misery.”

Jiang Manyi: …

What kind of president are you, you rascal!

Xie Yuan: “I’ll ask the driver to pick you up at the door of the clubhouse now.”

“No! Hello! Hello!”

Xie Yuan had hung up the phone.

Jiang Manyi hurriedly changed out of her work clothes, put on makeup for herself, and hurried out.

Jiang Yu was sitting on the lounge sofa in the lobby of the clubhouse and playing with her mobile phone. Seeing that her mother finally came out, she scolded, “You’re so slow, I’ve been waiting for you for half an hour.”

“It’s not very appropriate, you say, we are not relatives and completely unrelated… It’s not good to go to someone’s house like this.”

“It’s not that we took the initiative to go, it was Uncle Xie who invited us.”

Jiang Manyi looked worried: “For no reason, he invited us to his house. Do you think he has ulterior motives?”

“Mom, what are you thinking! Uncle Xie has helped me a lot, and he is a very good person. How can he be bad?”

Jiang Manyi also tried to dispel Jiang Yu’s favourable impression of Xie Yuan: “Then…he must have a plot.”

Jiang Yu suddenly laughed wickedly: “It’s really possible.”


“He must have fallen in love with you.” Jiang Yu approached Jiang Manyi’s ear and said mysteriously, “I want him to be my father.”

Jiang Manyi rolled her eyes.

It’s true that he wants to be your dad, but seeing her… that’s absolutely impossible.

After so many years of Bu Tanyan’s death, Xie Yuan had fought all the way from the bottom to his present status, how many women must have squeezed their heads while trying to get him, but he had remained single.

With such deep feelings, how could others be able to intervene at will?

Jiang Manyi stood by the bus booth at the intersection, looked at the time on her watch, and waited for Xie Yuan’s driver to come.

At this moment, a black Audi stopped in front of them.

The car window rolled down, and her colleague Tang Qianqian was sitting in the co-pilot seat as she said to Jiang Manyi, “Manyi, are you waiting for the bus?”

Tang Qianqian divorced a few years ago and just like her, she lived alone with her daughter. But recently, she started talking about a big boyfriend, who often drove this Audi to pick her up at the club.

This rich boyfriend looked to be almost fifty years old, maybe he even had a son, he might even have a wife.

Tang Qianqian didn’t care, she always showed off how good he was to her in front of her colleagues, and how he bought her necklaces, bracelets and bags.

Jiang Manyi didn’t want to say anything to this kind of person, so she ignored her.

Tang Qianqian had always disliked Jiang Manyi’s aloof appearance. When she used to show off to her colleagues in the store, Jiang Manyi never expressed any envy towards her.

She was still living in a tube building from the 1990s, and she was so poor, who did she think she was to look down on her!

Today, it just happened that her boyfriend was driving her to a high-end restaurant for New Year’s Eve. There were many colleagues waiting for the bus at the bus station. So, Tang Qianqian took this opportunity to kill Jiang Manyi’s arrogance.

“Manyi, where are you going? I’ll ask Lao Li to take you there. It’s 30th. It’s hard to find a bus or a taxi.”

“No need.” Jiang Manyi still refused, coldly. She said coldly, “I don’t dare to ride in such a high-end car.”

Tang Qianqian smiled and said, “The car is not expensive, it’s less than 400,000 yuan.”

“What made your Lao Li love you.” Jiang Manyi sneered and said, “Isn’t it going to be New Year’s Eve, hurry up, or you will be delayed.”

“No hurry, I can’t see you here. The cold wind blowing here might make you feel uncomfortable.” Tang Qianqian was so determined to show off here, how could she leave so easily.

“Dear, look at my bag, this is from Chanel’s new autumn and winter collection. Oh, look at your bag, it’s been used for three or four years, it should have been replaced long ago, Chanel’s autumn and winter style is good, when we have time, we should go together for a walk.”

“I don’t have time.”

Tang Qianqian burst out with a smile: “Why did I forget, you still have a child. Tsk… It’s really not easy to have children. You look haggard, I feel distressed.”

“Don’t you have any children?”

“That’s right, I thought this would be the case in this life. Who knew that when I met our Lao Li, he would love me so much. Haven’t you heard, people have their own fate, good or bad, it’s all destiny.”

Several colleagues around heard this and whispered.

Originally it was a big New Year’s day today and Jiang Manyi didn’t want to bother with Tang Qianqian, but the more she said it, the uglier she sounded, and it also involved her daughter.

This made Jiang Manyi unable to bear it, and she was about to have a seizure, but Jiang Yu gently held her back, looked inside the car, and shouted, “Oh, isn’t this Mr. Li!”

The middle-aged man sitting in the driver seat.When the man heard this title, he was so frightened that the cigarette in his hand was about to fall out. Jiang Yu smiled and said, “Hello, Mr. Li, I’m your student. It’s strange, why are you celebrating New Year’s Eve with Aunt Tang today? Does your wife know?”

The words around them became meaningful, “Is it, he has a family?”

“Tang Qianqian, you’re the third party in their marriage?”

Lao Li was so frightened that Jiang Yu would go to school and talk nonsense. Originally, he lived by depending on his wife’s family. The car was also bought for him by his wife’s parents. If they were told that he was messing around outside, what would happen!

Lao Li made a quick decision and immediately said: “No, no! Student, you misunderstood, she… she just begged me to give her a ride, and I have nothing to do with her!”

Tang Qianqian heard this and said excitedly: “You are talking nonsense!”

“It was like this!” Lao Li opened the side door and untied Tang Qianqian’s seat belt: “Get out of the car, I have nothing to do with you, don’t try to throw dirty water on me!”

After speaking, he pushed Tang Qianqian out of the car, started the engine quickly, and fled.

Tang Qianqian chased after him embarrassedly and shouted, “Stop! Stop for me, you… coward!”

Jiang Manyi looked at Tang Qianqian proudly: “Qianqian, what you said is true, everyone has their own lives. I’m a mother, no matter how bad my life is, it’s still better than some people who are kicked away after they even become a mistress.”

Tang Qianqian looked at her, and then looked at the colleagues around her.

The scandal that happened today would definitely spread to the entire hall tomorrow, and she was ashamed and had nothing to say.

At this moment, a special black Bentley drove to the bus stop, the door opened, and the driver in a black suit said to Jiang Manyi and her daughter, “Miss Jiang, please get on the car, Mr. Xie Yuan has already ordered a banquet. He’s been waiting for a long time.”

Upon hearing the words Xie Yuan, the surrounding colleagues opened their mouths wide, and some couldn’t believe their ears.

Xie Yuan even invited Jiang Manyi and her daughter to dinner!

Everybody knew, so many wealthy and noble people in Beicheng wanted to invite him to dinner, but they couldn’t make an appointment even half a year in advance!

Jiang Manyi, what kind of good luck did she have!

Tang Qianqian’s face turned pale when she heard this.

Jiang Manyi heard that the driver deliberately emphasized the words “Mr. Xie Yuan”, and propped her forehead, knowing that this must have been ordered by Xie Yuan deliberately.

He just wanted to set up a net in her life, so that he would be able to grab her daughter from her logically in the future.

Jiang Manyi just wanted to drag Jiang Yu home, so that she would never interact with him in this life!

However, Jiang Yu had already got into the car consciously, and said in a hopeless manner: “Mom, Uncle Xie’s car is very high-end!”

So, Jiang Manyi had no choice but to sit in and exhort: “Don’t touch it, if it’s broken, you can’t afford to pay for it.”

Under the admiring eyes of everyone, the fully automatic door slowly closed, and the Bentley disappeared at the end of the road.

On the way, the driver turned on the car’s six-figure surround sound to play the “Swan Lake” music.

“This is my business card, Miss Jiang, Mr. Xie explained that if you need a car in the future, you can call me at any time.”


Jiang Manyi was about to refuse, but then she saw the driver hand the business card directly to Jiang Yu.


Jiang Yu ate the chocolates in the tray, glanced at the business card, and forgot Jiang Manyi’s serious expression, she just pushed it back and said, “That, I don’t need it for the time being, thank you uncle.”

“It’s okay.”

Jiang Manyi asked Jiang Yu curiously: “That Lao Li just now, is he really a teacher of your school?”

“Of course not.” Jiang Yu said: “How could Yuxi Middle School recruit such a teacher with bad morals? He is a teacher of No. 12 Middle School.”

“Then how do you know each other?”

“Because…” Jiang Yu made a random excuse: “I have a friend from the dance class at No. 12 High School. I’ve seen him.”

Actually, this matter was told to Jiang Yu by Jiang Manyi in the last life. The affair between Lao Li and Tang Qianqian was soon discovered by Lao Li’s wife, who came to the clubhouse and made a big scene.

After Jiang Manyi returned home, she told Jiang Yu all this as gossip. Therefore, Jiang Yu naturally knew who Lao Li was.

Jiang Manyi had no doubts, but said, “After today, she probably won’t have the face to stay in the clubhouse and continue working. You girl used to quarrel with me, but now you’ve become my little lucky star.”

Jiang Yu rested her head on Jiang Manyi’s shoulder, patted her chest and said, “Mom, I will protect you from now on, so that no one can bully you.”

“Well, no matter what happens in the future, you should not regret it.”

“Absolutely not. “Jiang Yu hugged her arm coquettishly: “You are my mother!”

Jiang Manyi looked at the driver in front of her, and he seemed to be looking at the mother and daughter through the rear-view mirror.

She sighed softly.

If only she really was her mom, that would be great.

But she was not.

If Xie Yuan really wanted his daughter back, what reason would she have to refuse.

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