IHSB Ch. 15: Milky Little Nuan Nuan

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The old man obviously thought of this after the reminder of Mother Gu, and then he agreed.

Compared with her grandfather, it was more important to improve the relationship between the younger ones. After all, the brother and sister would need to support each other in the future. Of course, the elder brother must protect the younger sister, but the premise was that the relationship between the brother and sister should be good.

The old man was quite confident in the character of his children and grandchildren. Although some of them were a bit naughty, but they were indeed flawless in character. Although his youngest grandson disliked Nuan Nuan in his words, but in action… …

Heh… just an awkward child who would slap himself in the face sooner or later.

“Nuan Nuan, is it okay for your brother to teach you how to read?”

Mr. Gu asked softly, as it mainly depended on Nuan Nuan’s own intentions.

The little girl nodded without hesitation, her fluffy little soft hair swayed slightly with her movements, and a small tuft of hair was suddenly raised on the edge of her head.

Mother Gu and Dad Gu, suddenly raised their eyes and their eyes were glued on Nuan Nuan.

Even Grandpa Gu’s eyes were fixed on her.

Good guy, when the light wind blew, the little bunch of dumb hair swayed and swayed, as if to say hello to them.

The three of them… had itchy hands and wanted to touch her.

Nuan Nuan saw that they were all staring at her forehead, her little face went a little blank, then she raised her little arm and touched her head.

“Is there something on Nuan Nuan’s head?”

Her little fingers touched her hair randomly, and then pressed down on the small bunch of dumb hair. As soon as her hand was removed, the little dumb hair rose particularly strongly.

Mother Gu’s heart trembled with that little hair, so… so cute!


She stretched out her hand with a smile, and successfully pinched the clump of dull hair.

“It’s just that your hair has risen up.”

Nuan Nuan snorted softly, it turned out to be her hair, then it was all right.

She couldn’t see it herself, but the three adults could see.

Before her hair was cut, these little hair were tied up by the hair band and could not stand up. After the hair was cut, it was suppressed by the styling done by the stylist.

Nuan Nuan continued to walk the dog and the cat with the little silly hair, and when it was over, she followed the adults back.

She was thinking about her literacy, but she was too timid to talk to her little brother, so she could only stare at her mother.

“Mom, if little brother doesn’t want to teach Nuan Nuan, can I learn to read with my grandpa, dad and you.”

She would study very seriously.

“Okay, if your little brother doesn’t want to be the only one at home who can teach you to read and write. You can find anyone.”

Hearing what her mother said, Nuan Nuan immediately stopped panicking.

Mother Gu took Nuan Nuan to the door of Gu An’s room and knocked on the door. After a while, Gu An ran out barefoot. “Mom, what are you doing here?”

“I’m here to discuss something with you. Your sister is in preschool and can’t recognize a lot of characters. She wants to learn how to read, so as her brother can you help her?”

She was eager to integrate Nuan Nuan into the family, but she would not completely ignore Gu An’s feelings. If she asked her son to do something for her daughter in a tough tone, it would not only destroy the relationship between mother and son. Her actions might even make her son rebellious, and also make him more resistant to Nuan Nuan.

This was not what she wanted, so she had to ask her sons and daughter to fulfil their own requirements.

Gu An raised his chin and looked at Nuan Nuan proudly, “Tsk…So you don’t know how to read.”

Nuan Nuan defended herself in a low voice, “That’s not it, Nuan Nuan can already recognize more than 300 characters.”

She knew all the characters taught by the preschool teacher.

Gu An became even more proud, like a dazzling little rooster, and even boasted, “Ha…it’s only over three hundred words, I know all of them!”

Mother Gu’s eyelids twitched, and she felt that her son was really dumb. What if Nuan Nuan really asked something he didn’t know?

“Wow…Brother, you are amazing!”

Nuan Nuan looked at Gu An with star-like rays of light, and sincerely praised him for his awesomeness.

She didn’t doubt him either, and she believed it when she heard Gu An say this.

Mother Gu, “…”

If she really dared to believe this, did she not know her own son? In the class he occupied the twenty-second place, and there were only twenty-three people in the class.

But the words in the textbook must be recognizable, so if he could only teach this, there should be… no problem.

As he was now completely overwhelmed by Nuan Nuan’s adoring eyes, he never thought of the problem of his poor grades.

“For the sake of you admiring me so much, I will reluctantly take out some time to teach you.”

“Thank you, brother~”

This thank you was a sincere one, and also a soft one. Hearing this, Gu An was unreasonably ecstatic. He was trying to put on a serious and unconcerned appearance, but the corners of the upturned mouth couldn’t be suppressed no matter what.

Mother Gu felt that her son was really stupid, as stupid as his father, and he didn’t get even a little calm and self-control from her!

In this way, the little teacher who could teach Nuan Nuan had been found. Starting from tomorrow, Gu An would teach Nuan Nuan to read after school.

When it came to going to school, it hit Gu An like a bolt from the blue.

“Ah! Tomorrow is Monday!”

After he finished speaking, he looked at Nuan Nuan enviously, “Why doesn’t my sister have to go to school.”

Going to school was simply one of the most painful things for a scumbag like him!

Mother Gu said calmly, “Your sister will be taught at home for a while, and she will go after school starts next year, so you have to be more serious. You are in the second grade, so don’t compare yourself with your sister.”

Gu An remembered his mess. His eyes flashed with a guilty conscience, but he must not lose face in front of his sister, so he raised his chest and said firmly.


How could he be compared by his younger sister.

Mother Gu didn’t say much, now it was too late, and it was time for Nuan Nuan to go to bed.

Dad Gu came up with a glass of warm milk, “Drink a glass of milk Nuan Nuan and prepare to go to bed.”

The fresh milk was mellow and hot, with a sweet smell of grapes and fruits in it.

“Thank you Dad~”

Nuan Nuan took the milk, the temperature was just right and she drank it delicately with small mouthfuls while holding the quilt, the smooth and sweet taste of the milk made her whole person squint her beautiful big eyes with happiness.

After drinking, Nuan Nuan burped a milky burp, leaving a little milky white moustache above her lips, which made her look even more cute just like a little hamster.

“Nuan Nuan has a milky scent on her body.”

Mother Gu picked up the little girl and kissed her little face. Nuan Nuan was so shy that her face turned red, but she still mustered up her courage, and she was also beautiful in her mother’s eyes, thinking like this she kissed her on the face.

Mother Gu was pleasantly surprised, “My baby girl is amazing haha…”

Her uncontrollable laughter came, and Dad Gu looked sad beside them.

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