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After that incident, Fu Yuanzhou didn’t go to school that week. The high fever that had just subsided made his physical condition very poor. Although it was more convenient to recuperate at home, he still insisted on returning to the apartment, saying that his aunt would take care of him.

He didn’t go to school, so Yuan Ye and Ran Shutang both asked him what happened. Fu Yuanzhou didn’t tell the truth, but just said that he was sick. Yuan Ye immediately skipped class and came to see him, but Fu Yuanzhou refused to meet him and told him that he would see him at school later.

Yu Fei also had to go to the hospital to visit his mother. He always ran to both sides and couldn’t sleep well, but he always tried to keep a smile every time he saw Fu Yuanzhou.

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t want to see him sad, so he comforted Yu Fei by saying that this was just a temporary mark. He had taken a lot of inhibitors and sprayed pheromone-dispelling spray in the past few days. He didn’t see Shen Xigou, and he didn’t feel anything anymore. It won’t be long when the marking won’t work on him anymore.

In the past few days, the person who accompanied Fu Yuanzhou the most was Xie Lin. Xie Lin did not go to school and asked for leave to accompany Fu Yuanzhou. Except for sleeping time, Fu Yuanzhou was slowly becoming re-familiar with Xie Lin’s pheromone.

He looked at Xie Lin and was also thinking about why he would kiss him actively. There were too many complicated emotions in it, but it seemed that one thing had become clear. He needed Xie Lin, and not only as a friend.

But now his physical condition did not allow him to analyze his emotions more deeply. His words of comforting Yu Fei were deceptive. How could the temporary marking not work? Keeping away from Shen Xigou, this kind of bone-eroding temptation had become even stronger. It was urging him to return to Shen Xigou’s side and to get more pheromones from his Alpha.

This kind of addictive restlessness undoubtedly made Fu Yuanzhou feel resistant. Only when he was sleeping could he completely isolate himself from an Omega’s instinctive reactions.

However, the pheromones were quite cunning. They could also paralyze his brain when he slept. They were toxins of pleasure, making him dream of Shen Xigou over and over again. No detail was left behind, and there was no pain at all. It just seemed to show him his happiest memories.

He got acquainted with Shen Xigou on ins. That day, he was flipping through his page boredly, and inadvertently saw a group of very popular landscape photos. He thought it was very beautiful, so he left a message below, but he didn’t expect to get a reply.

Later, they gradually got to know each other. Fu Yuanzhou wondered why Shen Xigou had replied to him among so many messages. Shen Xigou said that he didn’t know either. Maybe it was his luck that he saw Fu Yuanzhou’s message. For a moment, he had an inexplicable feeling that he should reply, and this was their beginning.

At that time, Shen Xigou’s online name was Lorenzo. Fu Yuanzhou thought he was a foreigner, so he always communicated in English. But after learning he was Chinese, he changed to use Chinese to communicate, and they started chatting more smoothly.

Fu Yuanzhou likes this netizen very much. They didn’t know each other’s real names and real looks, but they didn’t care. They didn’t exchange photos and names until they met for the first time.

In the photo, Shen Xigou had brown hair and blue eyes, handsome features and a gentle and elegant temperament. Generally speaking, people with outstanding looks were more confident in their appearance, and they were not shy about posting their photos on social networking sites, but Shen Xigou had never posted any pictures, so Fu Yuanzhou ridiculed him: “Are you deceiving me with someone else’s photo?”

“Aren’t you the same?” Shen Xigou replied, “You’ve never posted a photo of yourself, so you shouldn’t be very pretty.”

Fu Yuanzhou felt embarrassed. To be honest, he didn’t use Instagram often before, so he didn’t post any pictures. Later, it was to maintain a sense of mystery. As for domestic social platforms, he had posted a lot of photos. He liked to share his life with others.

“I like your looks.” Shen Xigou said, “It’s more perfect than I imagined.”

This made Fu Yuanzhou feel ashamed, but he was also happy. He was praised by his friend of the same sex for his appearance, regardless of whether it was exaggerated or not, but no one would hate compliments.

“You’re not bad, handsome guy.” Fu Yuanzhou praised him in a mocking tone, and asked by the way, “What does your name mean? The name ‘Xigou’ is not common.

“Xigou’.” Shen Xigou said: “It’s from the Song Dynasty, and my mother chose it for me.”

It was a very romantic name, so Fu Yuanzhou thought. Shen Xigou was very romantic, his mother must also have been a romantic woman, and his personality should be more like his mother.

It was precisely because of Shen Xigou’s name that Fu Yuanzhou was also a little curious about his mother, but during the first time he went abroad to meet Shen Xigou, he didn’t see his family until several times later, when Shen Xigou introduced him to his mother, and it was the only time.

He couldn’t speak to Shen Xigou’s mother, he just glanced at her from a distance and was amazed by her appearance.

Shen Xigou’s mother looked very young and was a big beauty. She was also mixed race, with beautiful blue eyes, exactly the same as her child, and her facial features also had many similarities with Shen Xigou’s. Shen Xigou’s appearance, to a large extent was inherited from her.

From childhood to adulthood, Fu Yuanzhou, such a beauty, he had only seen one person who could match her, that was Yu Fei, but their beauties were different, Yu Fei was a coquettish beauty, while Shen Xigou’s mother was a gentle and demure beauty.

She was sitting in the shade of the garden reading a book, but she was in a wheelchair. There was a handsome man beside her, who was Shen Xigou’s father.

“You’ve seen them.” Shen Xigou smiled, “I’ll show you somewhere else.”

“Can’t we go there? Wouldn’t it be bad not to say hello to them?” Fu Yuanzhou asked.

“It doesn’t matter.” Shen Xigou said softly, “It’s better not to talk to her.”

Shen Xigou’s mother was beautiful, but fragile. She had a serious mental illness and was paralyzed from the lower body, so she could only sit in a wheelchair. It was because she was not taken care of and tried to commit suicide by jumping off a building.

She was tired of this world and had no will to survive. Only Shen Xigou’s father could give her the idea of living. When she woke up, if her husband was not around, she would feel abandoned and entertain thoughts of committing suicide again.

Her attempt to suicide was when she was taken to the company by her husband. When she fell asleep, her husband had an important meeting and went out for half an hour. When she woke up, she couldn’t see her husband by her side. She immediately pushed aside the nursing care and ran to another floor and jumped down.

Since then, Shen Xigou’s father never left her even for half a step, nor took her to the company anymore, and all affairs were handled from the villa.

“Even I can’t make her feel nostalgic for this world.”

Shen Xigou smiled and said, “In her whole life, she has only my father in her heart, and she lives for him.”

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