TBVSR Ch. 41.1

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Soon, the reports of several classes were almost over, and the students gathered in front of their respective classes, waiting for the dormitory assignment.

Lin Miao saw that Jiang Yu hadn’t found the class she should report to, so she enthusiastically pulled her around and asked, “Hello, please take a look at this training letter, where should she register?”

The staff at the information desk saw that Jiang Yu’s training letter was different from that of other students. Except for the notification of the registration time, there was no class assigned.

“Is this… Esmera’s training letter?” The staff member was a very young lady, she frowned and said, “I have never seen such a training letter. Generally speaking, the reporting class among ABCDEF would always be written.”

Jiang Yu replied, “The training letter I received did not have it written.”

“You must be in the wrong place.”

Lin Miao’s sister, Lin Xuan’er, was paying attention to the situation here, seeing that Jiang Yu was actually talking to her step sister Lin Miao, she was a little nervous towards Jiang Yu. So, she walked over and said, “This invitation letter of yours is not fake, right?”

Lin Miao hurriedly said, “Xuan’er, don’t talk nonsense, it’s all here, how could it be fake.”

“Shut up, what qualifications do you have to call me by my name, be careful if I tell my dad, he would make you quit Esmera immediately.”

Lin Miao suddenly lost her words.

Seeing that Lin Miao behaved so cowardly, Jiang Yu wondered how she was bullied by Lin Xuan’er on weekdays.

Lin Xuan’er looked at Jiang Yu contemptuously, seeing that she was wearing very ordinary clothes and trousers, and the schoolbag on her body was not branded, she almost knew what must have happened: “Your invitation letter must be fake, how can a person like you get into Esmera, you can’t even pay the tuition!”

Her voice was sharp, and it immediately attracted the attention of other students around, including Shen Aoqing and the other rich ladies.

Suddenly, several pair of eyes slashed on Jiang Yu’s body like knives.

Jiang Yu knew that even cheap art classes like Lingque Art Class had so many snobbish people who stepped down on poor people and held rich people high, let alone places like Esmera.

The classmates who could enter Esmera were definitely above the middle-class family in Beicheng.

A low-level person like her was indeed unlikely to enter Esmera, and even if she did, tuition fees would become a big problem for her.

Therefore, it was inevitable for these students to judge people by their appearance.

When Lin Xuan’er saw all the classmates gather around her, she immediately became excited, and called the security guard in a huff, “Security, there is someone impersonating others here, take her away!”

Jiang Yu remained calm and did not interact with Lin Xuan’er nor did she care about her, but instead she looked at Lin Miao.

Now that she had taken over the task of [Saving Cinderella], she must hand over the stage to Lin Miao to help her get rid of her cowardly “bun” character.

She was an older sister, and she was qualified to take care of her immature and rude younger sister.

Lin Miao was also very embarrassed. Jiang Yu was the first person she met when she entered Esmera. Now her sister had made it clear that she was bullying her. If she sat back and ignored it, it would be too unrighteous.

But… she didn’t dare to speak harshly to Lin Xuan’er, after all, she was the most favoured one in the family, and she was able to get into Esmera because of her.

Lin Miao whispered to Lin Xuan’er, “Don’t be like this, we’re all here, how can she be an impostor, there must be a misunderstanding.”

Lin Xuan’er looked at Lin Miao and scolded angrily, “You just talked back to me. How old are you!”

“I didn’t talk back to you, I just… just talked about things.” Lin Miao’s voice gradually weakened.

Jiang Yu could see that if she was going to be tough with Lin Xuan’er, it would really be embarrassing for her.

It was not so easy for a person to change the character that had been cultivated by their environment for a long time.

Jiang Yu no longer embarrassed Lin Miao, and explained: “I am not an impostor, but when I entered the school, Teacher Bai Shuyi personally took me in, as she hasn’t arranged the class for me yet.”

When everyone heard the name “Bai Shuyi”, Shen Aoqing, who was about to leave, stopped and looked at Jiang Yu in surprise.

What kind of teacher Bai Shuyi was, even a star ballerina like her, Shen Aoqing, didn’t have the chance to say a word to Bai Shuyi.

How could she be recruited by Bai Shuyi? !

Not to mention other classmates, they discussed in an incredible low voice——

“She was recruited by Teacher Bai Shuyi?”

“How is it possible that Teacher Bai Shuyi, who is Esmera’s chief instructor, how could it be possible that she recruited her personally!”

“I was also recruited by Teacher Bai Shuyi. She still hasn’t seen my face before!”

“I heard that Teacher Bai Shuyi has taken in two students this year, one is Wen Lun, who has already become famous, and the other… would it be her?”

“I don’t know wow!”

Soon, two security guards rushed over and asked, “What’s going on?”

Lin Xuan’er pointed at Jiang Yu and said, “Someone here is trying to use a fake training letter to fish in troubled waters and sneak into Esmera, hurry up and take her away!”

The security guard took the training invitation letter in Jiang Yu’s hand, looked at it, and compared the training letters of other students, and found that it was indeed different.

They had never encountered such a thing, so they decided to take Jiang Yu away first and bring her to the office to confirm the situation.

However, at this moment, a cold female voice sounded, “What are you making so much noise for?”

Everyone turned around and saw Xue Jiayi walking over.

She was wearing a neat grey shirt with a suit on the outside, her hair was in a neat bun, and she had the temperament of a professional woman.

“You should be waiting to be assigned a dormitory, what is going on here! Esmera’s first rule is to be disciplined. If you don’t want to obey, you can leave now.”

She spoke loudly and powerfully, which was extremely deterrent.

Seeing Xue Jiayi, the classmates’ restlessness immediately died.

You must know that Xue Jiayi was notoriously strict with Esmera. If Teacher Bai Shuyi was an “angel”, then she was definitely a terrible “demon head”, and she was extremely fierce.

Provoking her would definitely not end well.

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