TBVSR Ch. 40: Mission

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On the fourth day of the new year, Esmera sent a training invitation letter to every incoming student, and used the last half month of the winter vacation to organize this year’s freshman training camp to help them adapt to life in Esmera in the future.

Jiang Manyi packed Jiang Yu’s luggage and took her to the gate of Esmera Art Center.

The Art Center was located in the Science City in the eastern suburbs of Beicheng. The park was very large, and its environment was very good. There were green belts, parks, artificial landscaped rivers and fountain sculptures surrounding the center.

There were very few houses in this area, but the price was extremely expensive and the quality was also very high. It could be said to be the wealthiest area of the North City.

The area of the art center was almost comparable to that of a middle school campus. The square in front of the main entrance contained a sculpture of black and white swans, paying tribute to “Swan Lake”.

Jiang Manyi handed the suitcase to Jiang Yu, neatly arranged her collar and scarf, and told her worriedly: “If you have anything, you should call mother, and even if you are bullied, just call mom, I’m here to help you! Also, if you are short of money, you only have to say what you want to buy. If others have it, our family must also have it.”

Although the family’s financial situation was not well-off, Jiang Manyi never let her be short of anything.

Jiang Yu was not her own daughter, and it was because of this that Jiang Manyi felt even guiltier, and tried her best to let her, like other classmates around, not be aggrieved.

Jiang Yu pushed Jiang Manyi: “Okay mom, I’m only going to the training camp for half a month, and it is only two weeks. If I go to college in the future, you can’t worry about me so much, will you come over to study with me? “

Jiang Manyi was not worried about this problem at all: “You have already entered Esmera, can you leave Beicheng for university?”

“That’s not necessary, Beicheng has a good university, I may not be able to pass the entrance examination, you don’t know, it’s too early to be happy.”

“I’ve asked your head teacher, that kid you are dating…his grades are generally good, he’s the seeded candidate for the provincial champion, and Beicheng University will most probably scout him in the future, you can then go to the same school with him.”

Jiang Yu was extremely speechless: “How can you be such a mother! How can you ask the head teacher about these things!”

“Of course I have to ask.” Jiang Manyi tugged at Jiang Yu’s ear: “I agreed to you learning to dance, but studies must not be left behind, you know.”

“I know, let go, let go.” Jiang Yu pushed Jiang Manyi away.

“That’s right, and mother still has something to tell you.” Jiang Manyi approached her and said, “After entering the art center, dance well and learn the skills, but don’t trust other people too much, including Bai Shuyi and Xue Jiayi, both of them are your mother… They are both Bu Tanyan’s classmates, but…their relationship was not very good. In short, don’t trust them.”

Jiang Yu felt that Jiang Manyi was thinking too much, she was only a student, it had nothing to do with Bu Tanyan. Even if these two teachers had a past with Bu Tanyan, could they find fault with such a poor student as her.

However, in order to make Jiang Manyi no longer worried, she still nodded heavily: “Mom, I will be careful.”

During this period, she also saw many luxury cars driving into the gate of Esmera Art Center. Jiang Manyi looked back to where she lived, and told her not to be frugal, her mother was rich.

Jiang Yu was very moved. She always felt that her mother was a superhero since she had raised her by herself.

With such a mother, she could raise her head proudly and never feel inferior.

Before Jiang Yu could step into Esmera’s door, there was a “ding” sound, and the [Knowledge] app sent a message –

“Triggering the ‘Nearby People’ function, the system will automatically match the client and delegate the task. [Saving Cinderella] The reward is 80,000, do you accept it?”

Jiang Yu looked at the message in surprise, she had never encountered such a text before, she quickly sent a message to the service account: “What is triggering ‘people nearby’ what?”

[Knowledge] app, the service number replied: “The system senses that the client is in your near environment, maybe your classmate or friend, so it automatically screened the tasks for you.”

Jiang Yu reacted, it was like a taxi system, where the system platform would automatically screen the driver closest to the passenger, so that the driver could come over in the shortest time.

It seemed that the [Knowledge] app also had such a function.

Thinking of it this way, the client should be in the Esmera Art Center.

Since she was going to stay here for more than half a month, Jiang Yu simply accepted the task.

Soon, a girl named [Lin Miao] added Jiang Yu as a friend, went straight to the topic, and said to her, “I hope you can help me out of this predicament.”

Jiang Yu: “You have to be more specific.

[Lin Miao]: “The specific situation will be clear when you see the “me” at that time.”

Jiang Yu: “?”

So, what kind of specific situation was this?

Without saying anything, how could she help her?

[Lin Miao] had gone offline.

Although Jiang Yu didn’t understand it, she didn’t worry too much about it. As [Lin Miao] said, maybe when she saw her, she would naturally understand.

She stepped into the Esmera Art Center and found the registration hall for freshmen in the campus.

The hall where the freshmen had to report had a seven- or eight-meter-high ceiling. The marble floor was spotless, which reflected the shadow of people. There was a giant statue in the middle, which looked magnificent and extraordinarily grand.

There were several reporting areas, marked with ABCDEF classes, and different classes had to report in different areas.

When freshmen were selected, they had already been evaluated and given different classes.

The number of students in the two classes A and B was the smallest, and the total number was not more than ten. By analogy, the number of students gradually increased with each class. There were hundreds of students in the E and F class.

Of course, the two classes A and B were the classes from which the protagonists for shows were chosen, including the main actors such as the swan queen in “Swan Lake”, the prince, the devil, etc., they were usually all from the A and B class.

The C and D class would produce dancers like the Four Little Swans who occupied a certain proportion of the scene.

As for the E and F classes, of course, they were the group performers in the whole dance. Although their scenes were not necessarily small, but they were definitely background boards that would not be noticed.

Of course, it was also stated on the training notice letter of the Esmera Art Center that after the training was over, the classes would be divided again.

That was to say, students who were assigned to class A may fall to class F, while students who were assigned to class F also had room to rise.

Therefore, this freshman training was particularly critical.

The training card Jiang Yu received did not clearly indicate which class she was assigned to, and the staff in charge of guiding only asked her to wait at the scene.

Jiang Yu sat on the rest chair next to her, watching the boys and girls walk into the hall one by one, thinking about whether there might be [Lin Miao] among them.

Among the freshmen, there were many familiar faces who were young and famous, and there were even superstar ballet dancers who had participated in various tours, such as Shen Aoqing. As soon as she came in, she caused quite a stir.

All girls who had studied ballet knew Shen Aoqing. She was too famous. She had collaborated with many world famous dancers and was a well-known star ballet dancer.

Many girls gathered around for an autograph, and she unsurprisingly… went to the counter of class A to sign up.

Soon, a tall, short-haired girl with black-framed eyes came to Jiang Yu and sat down.

Her short hair, which could almost be called boyish, immediately attracted Jiang Yu’s attention.

Few girls who danced ballet cut their hair so short.

This girl had a very delicate appearance and was quite beautiful. If it weren’t for her short hair, she would be very eye-catching.

The girl smiled at her and said, “Hello, my name is Lin Miao.”

“Ah! You are…”

Jiang Yu almost blurted out.

“Huh? What am I?”

“No, your name reminded me of a friend.”

“Oh, there are many people with the same name. My name is not unique, right?” Lin Miao didn’t think much about it.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Yu, nice to meet you.” Jiang Yu saw that she was also sitting by the lounge chair, and simply started a chat with her: “Don’t you know which class you are assigned to?”

“No, I’m in class F.” Lin Miao said without hesitation: “But there is a queue over there, so I’ll go over later.”

Jiang Yu turned around, sure enough, there was already a long queue in class F, which had the largest number of people, and the front of class A and B only had very few students.

Jiang Yu urgently needed more information about the client, so she started chatting with her: “Are you still in high school?”

“I’m a freshman.” Lin Miao adjusted her glasses and said with a smile, “I’m studying at Beicheng University.”

“It’s amazing.”

Lin Miao smiled embarrassedly: “What about you?”

“I’m in the third year of high school this year.”

“That’s a lot of pressure.” Lin Miao said with emotion: “You have to dance and prepare for the college entrance examination.”

“My studies are very normal, and my focus is on dancing.”

“After entering the Esmera Art Center, the college entrance examination or something is not important.” Lin Miao echoed: “Your future is bright.”

“That’s right, but my mother still wants me to pay attention to the college entrance examination.”

Lin Miao waved her hand: “Parents are like this, don’t worry about them.”

During their conversation, a girl with long hair and sunglasses came over with her luggage and shouted at Lin Miao angrily, “Lin Miao, what are you still chatting with people there? Come over and carry the luggage for me!”

Lin Miao responded, hurriedly trotted over, and took the girl’s luggage to her side to take care of, while the girl took the training letter to report.

Jiang Yu asked her curiously, “Is that your friend?”

“No, it’s my sister.”


Hearing her arrogant tone to Lin Miao, she couldn’t tell it was her sister at all.

“My parents are divorced, and her mother is my stepmother. When she got married, she brought her daughter from her ex-husband, my sister Lin Xuan’er.”

Lin Miao said helplessly, “My father also listens to her mother’s words. As for me… he just let me be my sister’s nanny.”

“Then you can’t listen to your sister in everything.”

“No way, I want to learn to dance, if it weren’t for her, I might not be able to get into Esmera. .” Lin Miao shrugged: “The family won’t pay tuition, unless I take care of her more after I come in.”

Jiang Yu finally understood the mission of [Saving Cinderella] and what was going on.

Lin Miao’s life experience was a typical modern version of “Cinderella”.

The parents were divorced, and the father remarried. The stepmother was also a very powerful character. The father was relatively weak and could not protect Lin Miao. Therefore, Lin Miao had to “serve” her sister everywhere, even when she entered Esmera, she must become her sister’s “Companion Reader” and “Nanny”.

It must be too miserable.

Jiang Yu sympathized with her and asked, “Then what class did your sister enter?”

“Class C.” Lin Miao sighed: “Originally, Teacher Xue Jiayi wanted me to enter Class B, but Lin Xuan’er couldn’t tolerate me entering a better class, so she threatened that the family would not pay my tuition fees, so I could only Choose class F.”

Jiang Yu observed Lin Miao’s expression, and found that when she told all this, she looked reluctant to accept, but did not seem resistant or angry.

It seemed that this client was a textbook-level “bun”.

If such a person wanted to save her from the “Cinderella” situation, she must learn to say no to her younger sister Lin Xuan’er, who had always been oppressing her.

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