IHSB Ch. 19

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It was too uncommon for a sweet, soft and warm little one, to sit neatly with a rabbit doll in her arms in the office.

Assistant Chen glanced at her, the little girl was obedient and didn’t make a fuss at all, no wonder President Gu liked her so much, and now he was also a little sure about the answer in his heart, Miss Gu, she must have been found…

The tablet had also been transferred to the small table, and there was a fruit plate placed on the left. The fruits were all cleaned, the grapes were round and lovely with a strong aroma, and the strawberries looked very attractive. Moreover, the apples, bananas and oranges were cut into the shape of a bunny.

In short, it was very rich. There was a cup of handmade milk tea next to the fruit plate. On the other side of the computer were all kinds of dried fruit snacks and beautiful candies. Nuan Nuan’s eyes couldn’t help but light up after seeing it.

She was holding the rabbit doll, her small chin resting on the rabbit’s head, and her big, bright eyes watched as Assistant Chen was busy placing down everything neatly and beautifully, and it was especially convenient for her.

This reminded her of the butler grandfather. When Nuan Nuan was eating, everything was placed neatly in front of her, and it looked good without being chaotic.

“Thank you, uncle.”

The little milk dumpling politely thanked him, and her voice sounded sweet.

A gentle smile appeared on Assistant Chen’s face.

“Miss Nuan Nuan can call me at any time if you need anything else.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently, and Assistant Chen looked at Old Man Gu and said, “If the chairman is okay, then I will retire first?”

“No problem.”

The old man looked at Nuan Nuan and expressed his satisfaction.

After hearing this, Assistant Chen left while being even more pleased with himself, he had a calm expression on his face, but in fact he almost jumped up with excitement when the door closed.

The little girl was soft and polite, her smile was very sweet, and her voice was soft and waxy, just like a cute little girl.

He was also praised by the old chairman!

“Grandpa, eat bananas.”

Nuan Nuan carefully put the bunny aside, then peeled a banana and handed it to Grandpa Gu.

“My granddaughter is so good, Nuan Nuan, don’t just focus on grandpa, eat yourself also.”

“Nuan Nuan knows.”

The little girl nodded obediently, and her soft fingers picked up a round grape and she tossed it in her mouth. One side of her cheeks bulged out into a round and cute little bag, and her eyes were also bent into small moist crescents, she looked very soft like this.

When Grandpa Gu saw it, he only thought that the grapes looked delicious.

He couldn’t help but touch a round grape and put it in his mouth, um, it was really sweet and the fragrance was very rich!

Nuan Nuan fed herself and her grandfather while watching the cartoon. After eating five big round grapes in succession, she ate another red strawberry, which was sweet and sour, while the aroma of strawberry and the sweetness was stronger, and the juice was richer. Each bite was full of fragrance. The aroma of eating grapes before was still lingering in her mouth, so Nuan Nuan feels that her whole body seemed to be fragrant.

“Grandpa, this strawberry is also delicious.”

The old man happily ate it, and then pointed to the snacks, “Nuan Nuan eat some of these snacks.”

The little girl replied softly, “Okay.”

The old man saw her eating snacks and watching cartoons, it was really enjoyable. When she was thirsty, she held the milk tea in both hands and took a sip. The soft boiled red bean and barley was mixed with milk tea and the flavor spread quickly in her mouth. She drank it with bulging cheeks.

The little girl was eating happily, and then her stomach was a little stretched.

Grandpa Gu stood up and stretched, “It may be a while before your dad’s meeting is over. Grandpa will take you out for a walk if you’re full?”

Nuan Nuan nodded, holding a light pink bunny doll in one arm, she jumped down from the chair, walked to the old man’s side with her short legs, held his hand and walked out slowly.

Assistant Chen was told that his task today was to care about the old man and Nuan Nuan, and he immediately greeted them when they came out.

“Chairman, do you need anything?”

Grandpa Gu said cheerfully and warmly, “Just taking my little granddaughter out for a walk, please let someone clean up the things in the office.”


He asked the assistant who stayed behind to clean up, and he himself kept up with the two so he could help when needed.

The company was very big, and the old man hadn’t been here for a long time. The newcomers who came in the company didn’t know him, as the old man basically only attended board meetings, but when they saw Assistant Chen following them, they could still guess who the two were.


While strolling around, Nuan Nuan suddenly heard a soft cat meow, and she was immediately attracted by the sound.

She had been holding Grandpa’s hand tightly as if she was afraid that she would get lost. Now that she saw the cat, she felt a lot more relaxed.


Nuan Nuan looked at Special Assistant Chen suspiciously.

Assistant Chen glanced at the kitten who came out of a certain studio and smiled, “This is the development department, which is basically made up of a group of programmers, everyone in this profession has a common problem, the pressure makes them go bald, so in order to relieve their stress, Mr. Gu specially prepared a pet room for them. They can bring their pets here. When they are busy at work, they can go to the room to play with them, and they can be fed and relaxed when they are resting.”

A room was specially prepared to prevent pets who were either naughty or grumpy from fighting or disturbing their work. If they were really docile and well-behaved, they could be brought to their side.

The kitten that came out now obviously belonged to the latter category.

Nuan Nuan pursed her light pink mouth and laughed when she heard Assistant Chen’s explanation, and her eyes turned gentle.

She crouched down and waved to the kitten over there.

“Kitty, come here.”

The soft and glutinous voice was a match for the soft cat’s voice.


The clean kitten over there squeaked softly with its fluffy head tilted.

Nuan Nuan also tilted her head, with a pair of beautiful eyes that were almost as round and translucent as a cat, and followed up with a soft meow, which was really cute.

Assistant Chen pinched his fingers and resisted the urge to touch Nuan Nuan’s head.

The fluffy cat stared at Nuan Nuan for a few seconds, and then walked towards her with light steps.

The kitten’s character was very docile and clingy. As soon as it walked to Nuan Nuan’s side, it rubbed its furry head on her hand, and its big fluffy tail hooked the little girl’s ankle. And it softly meowed while rubbing against her fingers.

Although the kitten was clingy, it was definitely not so enthusiastic towards strangers!

Assistant Chen thought to himself, could it be that this cat blindly regarded the young lady as his kind? After all, the soft and glutinous cat meowing of the young lady was quite similar to it.

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