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How to coax a little girl who was drunk and thought she was sober to sleep in her room was definitely a problem of the century.

Even if it was Luo Xiu who came to complete this process, it still took him nearly a quarter of an hour… before he finished walking up the stairs that added up to no more than 20 steps.

With a half-asleep and half-awake little girl hanging on his body like an octopus, Luo Xiu finally arrived at the door of the adjacent bedroom suite.

Luo Xiu let go of his hand and put the girl on the ground: “Gu Nian?”


The little girl who had been leaning on his shoulder in a daze slid down from him, and her cheek was also pressed against his collarbone and lay on his chest.

Through the thin shirt, her breath blew in, carrying a scorching temperature.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and looked at her for a few seconds: “You should go back to your room to rest.”

Gu Nian was obedient at the moment, as if she couldn’t open her eyes, and nodded in front of him: “Okay, rest, rest.”

“Which room do you want to go back to?”


After a longer hesitation this time, Gu Nian raised her face in confusion, and struggled to open her eyelids that had been stuck together.

She just looked at him completely undefended, blankly.

…That’s despicable.

Luo Xiu thought about this, and repeated in a low voice: “My room, or your room, which one do you want to go back to?”

“Your room, or mine?” Taking off half of his pajamas, she instinctively hugged the person in front of her even tighter.

“Hmm.” The low voice carried some kind of bewitchment, or seductiveness, “Mine or the other, which one?”

“I choose you…” The girl’s voice lowered sleepily, “It doesn’t matter who else is there, I just choose you.”


The corridor was quiet for a while, so Luo Xiu smiled and sighed softly: “Don’t give me such ample room to use your feelings.”

Gu Nian leaned into his arms and murmured: “Why.”

“Because I will be greedier.”

Like now.

Luo Xiu pushed open the door of his own room and carried the girl in front of him in as well.

Putting Gu Nian under the blanket, Luo Xiu went to the bathroom in the bedroom suite to shower.

The sound of water pattering lasted for twenty minutes, then Luo Xiu came out of the misty bathroom in black silk pajamas.

Just turning into the main room of the bedroom, facing the direction of the big bed, Luo Xiu first met a pair of black eyes.

Luo Xiu stopped wiping his hair with his fingers.

With the experience of being troubled all night last time, Luo Xiu didn’t have many surprises. He started walking over again and didn’t stop until he reached the bed.

“Why don’t you sleep?”

“I remembered a very, very serious question.” Gu Nian looked up at him with a sullen face, expressionless, and her tone was extremely serious.

“What is it?”



Luo Xiu was still thinking about the meaning of this word, when he saw Gu Nian conjuring a black signature pen out of nowhere.

She seriously raised the pen in front of Luo Xiu, as if she was giving a report: “Sign it for me.”

Luo Xiu put down his hand wiping his hair, and smiled helplessly: “What name should I sign?”

Even though he asked like this, he still didn’t let Gu Nian keep her arms up, he just took the signature pen from her hand.

Gu Nian looked up in distress, “You are going to be popular, no, you are already popular, and you will definitely become more and more popular in the future, and there will be more and more girlfriend fans and mother fans… you will definitely be popular soon. You will forget me then, then I will be stopped outside like other fans, and you will not recognize me when I go to the airport to pick you up, and your manager will tell me that I should keep a distance from you and not talk to anyone or tell people that I know you… woo woo woo woo…”

The more Gu Nian said, the sadder she got, and she rolled up her sleeves aggrieved: “No, before you don’t know me, you have to leave me an autograph first. Only then can I see things when I miss people, woo woo woo.”

The little girl spoke so eloquently by herself that Luo Xiu could hardly bear to interrupt her. He couldn’t help laughing at the end, but when he raised his eyes, he found that the little girl was too involved in the scene, and the circles of her eyes were slightly red.

Luo Xiu bent down, helpless and amused: “How can I say, you really are worthy of being a screenwriter.”

“?” Gu Nian looked up tearfully.

Luo Xiu’s knuckles on the side of the bed beside her moved slightly, but he still couldn’t hold it back. He raised his hand and gently rubbed the corners of the girl’s reddened eyes, laughing dumbly.

Seeing that he just bent down and didn’t speak, Gu Nian waited for a while, and felt even more aggrieved: “You don’t even want to give me your autograph now.”

“I will.”

Luo Xiu pinched the little girl’s cheek helplessly, “Don’t cry. Today is your birthday, I can’t make you cry twice.”

Gu Nian looked up: “Will you really sign?”

“Well, where should I sign.”


Gu Nian took another thing out from the bed beside her: a notebook.

Luo Xiu smiled: “While I was taking a shower, how many things did you stuff under the quilt?”

Gu Nian honestly raised the notebook: “This is the only one left.”

Luo Xiu took it and opened it.

“Meng Zi’s Goose Raising Diary 2.0”

Luo Xiu: “…”

Gu Nian didn’t notice Luo Xiu’s subtle emotional changes at all, and her alcohol-numbed brain obviously didn’t feel that this move made people have to sign their own contract of prostitution.

She poked the blank space on the notebook: “Sign here, sign here.”

Luo Xiu sat beside her, and after a moment of silence, he smiled faintly and slowly raised his eyes: “Are you sure?”


“After waking up tomorrow, will you regret it?”



Luo Xiu smiled and lowered his eyes, then signed in a few strokes.    

After closing the notebook and handing it to Gu Nian, she hugged it immediately, hesitated for a few seconds, and then peeked at Luo Xiu: “If it’s okay, can you sign another one?”

Half of a slender white arm was exposed. She pointed to her wrist, “Sign here!”

Luo Xiu’s eyes darkened slightly.

A few seconds later, Luo Xiu lowered his eyes and smiled: “You got me to sign many autographs for you because I’m afraid I won’t know you in the future?”

Gu Nian nodded.

Luo Xiu: “Then I’ll teach you a way, okay?”

Gu Nian’s eyes lit up, and she moved towards him: “What way?”


The signature pen that Luo Xiu didn’t return was picked up again by him. He uncapped the cap of the pen, and handed it to Gu Nian, letting her hold it well.    

Gu Nian stared blankly at the pen in her hand, then looked up at Luo Xiu, and asked blankly, “How??”

Luo Xiu turned sideways, leaned into Gu Nian’s ear, and asked softly: “Do you still remember the shooting game in the first issue of “Gold Medal Screenwriter”?”


“The prey marked with personal colored paint belongs to the individual.”

“So,” Gu Nian sniffed the familiar fragrance of the person close to her, leaned on his shoulder instinctively, raised her hand, looked at the signature pen, and murmured softly, “If I sign my name…”

He gave her every chance to choose, but the prey still stepped into the trap by itself.

Luo Xiu lowered his eyes, covering the deep and shallow smiles in his eyes. His voice was hoarse, like Faust’s bewitching whispers.

“If you sign it, it’s yours.”

“You can do anything to me.”


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