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I have a 180 favorability for the little curly hair? Xuan Ming was stunned for a moment, but he did not forget to tell the secretary: “Sun Jingshu, turn on the fresh air system, the smell of cigarettes in the office is too heavy.”

He still remembered that the little curly hair was very disgusted with second-hand smoke.

Sun Jingshu turned on the ventilation fan, then dragged a chair and sat aside, looking at Zhuang Li with curious eyes.

It was said that the other party came to receive a reward. That’s right, it was the incentive measure worth up to 400 million that the president had just announced yesterday. At the beginning, it was praised on the Internet, saying that Haiming Group was very far-sighted and knew how to invest the most money in the most meaningful scientific research, which was different from domestic companies that only knew how to plagiarize or buy other people’s intellectual property.

But such a good situation became a joke when the United States announced that they had entered the simulation stage of 5G technology.

This reward was regarded by the citizens as the dying struggle of the Haiming Group and was even denounced as the country’s sorrow and shame. How desperate and powerless must it be that a big international company would issue such a call to the whole world?

After Dr. Zhao’s death, was there no one who could prop up the big ship of Haiming Group? So sad!

The doubts from the outside world exacerbated the plummet of Haiming Group’s stock price. Sun Jingshu was taken aback by the diving data line just after the market opened today. He hurried into the office to persuade Mr. Xuan to delete the reward order, but unexpectedly, after only one night, someone actually came to claim the reward.

“Zhuang Li? I remember you,” Sun Jingshu looked at the resume in his hand with a strange expression, “It is said that you graduated from Preston University and majored in software engineering?”

“Yes.” Zhuang Li nodded and admitted naturally, as if he had graduated from Princeton, an internationally renowned university, rather than Preston. Although the difference between the two schools was only one word, they were still worlds apart.

The corner of Sun Jingshu’s mouth twitched slightly, and he said dryly: “Ah, it’s good, it’s good.” He really couldn’t say what was good about it, and he could only praise his courage.

Zhuang Li looked at Xuan Ming curiously, his focused eyes fell from his masculine and handsome face to his strong and muscular chest, and then slid along the crisp and expensive suit pants to his two feet covered with plaster.

Was this the task target chosen by 7480? The momentum was really different, and he was still so tall when sitting in a wheelchair.

Zhuang Li raised his eyebrows unexpectedly.

Xuan Ming, who was looking at him, also raised his eyebrows, but it was not because of an accident, but because of the sudden pain. When the exclamation of 7480 faded away, bursts of sharp and piercing noises tore his head apart, the scratching of fingernails on blackboards, the howling of microphones, the hissing of brakes, the crying of babies… the whole world was filled with these noises, turning his thoughts upside down.

In just a few seconds, goose bumps appeared on Xuan Ming’s body, and a dull pain rumbled in his temple.

No need to ask, these terrifying voices all came in following Zhuang Li. What the hell happened to him?

Xuan Ming clenched his fists, trying hard to maintain a calm expression.

As a direct victim, Zhuang Li’s expression was calmer than his. No one knew what kind of demons were gathering in his brain.

7480 shouted amidst the noise: “Master, Xuan Ming has a high initial liking for you, as long as you are a little more enthusiastic about him, he should be captured by you soon. How about it, do you want to consider taking on this task?? As long as you promise, I will turn off these noises.”

Zhuang Li said indifferently: “No.”

“Host, you didn’t sleep last night, don’t you feel a headache? According to my analysis, if you continue to be in this environment you are living in, you will die within ten days. Is your life or your backbone important?”

“My wishes are the most important.” Zhuang Li’s voice showed no hesitation.

“Host, take a good look. Xuan Ming is so handsome, his figure is sexier than a male model, and he has more money than he can spend in his lifetime. You won’t suffer if you take him down.” 7480 persuaded patiently.

Zhuang Li glanced at Xuan Ming, lowered his thick eyelashes, and expressed his rejection with silence.

Even though he was seriously affected by the noise, Xuan Ming still unknowingly adjusted the tie on his chest under the gaze of the little curly hair. It was a pity that Little Curly’s attitude towards him was still so cold, he didn’t even look at him more than once.

Xuan Ming’s heart felt empty, but because of those sharp noises, he couldn’t get to the bottom of this strange feeling.

He couldn’t imagine how the little curly was staying alive under the intrusion of this noise. He himself had a headache and wanted to hit his head against the wall after only being in the noise for a few tens of seconds, not to mention that the little curly had endured it all night.

After a sharp scream, Xuan Ming almost shouted: You just agree, I will cooperate with you in whatever task you want to do!

He had never seen anyone with a more stubborn temper than Little Curly. Other people’s bones were broken, and what would flow out was bone marrow; but when Little Curly’s bones were broken, steel bars might be embedded in them. If he didn’t want to, no one should want to make him compromise.

Xuan Ming pinched the center of his eyebrows, not knowing how to help the other party.

7480 suddenly became happy: “Host, the mission target’s favorability for you has increased again, 188, 189, 190! It has increased by ten points just after meeting, and the speed is too fast! Host, I have never seen such a high favorability, you have a lot of potential, the mission target must like your face very much.”

Zhuang Li frowned subconsciously.

Xuan Ming, who was misunderstood as a hungry ghost, couldn’t sit still, and immediately opened his mouth: “It is said that you are here to receive a reward?”

“That’s right.”

7480 urged: “Host, attack him!”

But looking at Xuan Ming, Zhuang Li declared earnestly instead: “I want to be the head of the R&D department, I want to take charge of your laboratory, I want you to provide unlimited financial support, I want to carry out technical reforms, and lead Haiming Group into a new era. This is the purpose of my coming.”

How crazy! Sun Jingshu frowned, feeling unhappy.

Xuan Ming heard this and felt his blood boil, and immediately waved his hand and ordered: “Call all the people from the R&D department.”

“Mr. Xuan, do you really believe him?” Sun Jingshu hesitated to speak.

“I believe.” Xuan Ming nodded firmly.

Sun Jingshu went out, but Zhuang Li looked at the tall man in front of him with a new look. In any case, Xuan Ming’s courage was enough to make Haiming Group into a leading company in the communication field.

It was just this inexplicable favorability…

Zhuang Li’s thinking was interrupted by a sharper noise, and 7480 threatened: “Host, will you accept the task? If you don’t accept the task, I will kill you today!”

Xuan Ming shook his head, almost bewildered by the sudden increase in decibels, and hurriedly raised his head to look at Little Curly, only to find that he was still sitting so peacefully and calmly, as if everything was calm and breezy, not worth mentioning.

“Are you okay? I think you have dark circles under your eyes.” Xuan Ming gritted his teeth before speaking in a calm tone.

“Last night I had a little insomnia.” Zhuang Li stroked the corners of his eyes with his slender fingertips. When he opened and closed his mouth, two streams of blood flowed out of his nostrils.

“You’re bleeding! I’ll take you to the hospital!” Xuan Ming immediately took out his mobile phone to call the bodyguard. He realized in a panic that the little curly hair would really die if it went on like this.

“It’s okay, I’m just tired.” Zhuang Li held his nose in his hands, raised his jaw slightly, and asked politely, “Where is the bathroom? I want to clean it up.”

“I’ll take you to the hospital.” Xuan Ming said forcefully.

“I’m not going.” Zhuang Li stepped forward and took a tissue from Xuan Ming’s table.

“You can’t do this!” Xuan Ming gritted his teeth and warned.

“Take me to the bathroom to wash up.” Zhuang Li wiped his face carefully, although his tone was light, his attitude was much tougher than Xuan Ming’s.

That’s right, there were steel bars embedded in this person’s bones, and no one could hold him down. The system tortured him so much, and he refused to do the task. Could he go to the hospital obediently just because he said it? What’s more, the hospital couldn’t cure his disease at all.

Xuan Ming’s tough attitude gradually softened, he clenched his fists with both hands, and said coldly, “I’ll take you to the bathroom.” He rolled the wheelchair and came out from behind the desk, his face darkening.

“Thank you.” Zhuang Li followed behind him.

The bathroom was in the office, but it was hidden by an invisible door. The gray and white marble countertop was covered with bright red blood spots, and the clear water swirled in the pool, staining it with a dazzling crimson color.

Xuan Ming watched this scene with a frown.

But Zhuang Li took care of himself quietly and calmly, “Is there a clean suit for me?” After the blood stopped, he gently brushed his stained coat.

“What size do you wear?”

Zhuang Li reported the size, and Xuan Ming slid a wheelchair to prepare it himself. Half an hour later, Sun Jingshu called with an uplifting tone: “Minister Qiao said that she also deduced the 5G algorithm, and she is discussing it with the engineers in the R&D department right now. That Mr. Zhuang should be sent away.”

A genius should be sent away, leaving Qiao Yanan, who was a waste who couldn’t pass tenth grade? Do you think my brain is flooded? Xuan Ming couldn’t help sneering, and ordered: “You tell Qiao Yanan to wait, and I’ll bring Xiao…Mr. Zhuang up.”

“Mr. Xuan, why do you bother Mr. Zhuang, Minister Qiao algorithm is very advanced—”

Xuan Ming hung up Sun Jingshu’s call directly, and hooked Xiao Curly’s arm: “Let’s go, I’ll take you to the R&D department.”

Zhuang Li followed without a word.

When passing by the corridor, a beautiful woman shouted under the interception of a group of bodyguards: “Mr. Xuan, the HR department dismissed me. Do you know about this?”

Xuan Ming steered the wheelchair and passed by without looking over.

The woman seemed to realize something, and said unwillingly: “Mr. Xuan, why did you treat me like this? I was almost killed by a bomb to save you!”

Xuan Ming pressed the down button of the elevator but did not go in after the door opened. Instead, he stepped aside, blocked the door with one hand, and said softly, “Mr. Zhuang, please go first.”

The woman shouted, pleading, the sound of crying seeming to him to be just a meaningless background sound.

“Thank you.” Zhuang Li stepped into the elevator, his eyes naturally swept to the mirror-smooth metal wall, trying to find out the shortcomings in his appearance. The woman’s cry was also ignored by him.

The door was slowly closed, and Zhuang Li looked at the mirror and straightened his half-wet little curly hair repeatedly, shoving to the left for a while, and shoving to the right for a while, but he still felt dissatisfied when it was over, so he swiped it all on the back of his head with the palm of his hand.

The fluffy curly hair suddenly turned into a puff of big back hair, and he smiled with the corners of his mouth pulled, and carefully smoothed the folds of the hem of his clothes.

Xuan Ming observed his every move silently and had to express his admiration for his perseverance. His brain was about to explode and he could still care so much about his appearance. This was not just beauty, but smug beauty.

Although he didn’t want to spoil the little curly hair’s interest, Xuan Ming still made a point with concern: “Mr. Zhuang, I suggest that you go to the hospital for a checkup later. If you are sick, you will be treated, and if you are not sick, you will be able to maintain your health. The company can pay for everything for you.”

Zhuang Li lowered his eyelids, glanced at him lightly, opened and closed his pale lips, and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

If you don’t accept the task, you will be killed by the noise, why are you fine?? Xuan Ming really wanted to ask such a question, but in the end he didn’t ask. He thought that the little curly hair must be very unhappy by him prying into those secrets.

Surrounded by five or six bodyguards, the two walked into the meeting room of the R&D department. Qiao Yanan put his hands on the table and smiled contemptuously: “This is Mr. Zhuang, who graduated from Preston University, right? We have known his name for a long time.”

The engineers sitting on both sides of the round table burst into laughter.

While adjusting his tie, Zhuang Li walked to the other end of the long table, pulled down a retractable blackboard, took out an oil-based pen, tapped Qiao Yanan casually with his fingertips, and said, “I want the position of the head of the R&D department, you sit down. Alright. Now let me explain to you the series of algorithms for 5G.”


The engineers fell silent for a moment, then burst into louder laughter.

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