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Zhuang Li turned around and wrote a line on the blackboard in his flamboyant handwriting—an overview of 5G key technologies.

The so-called overview meant to list everything for you, without missing anything, in detail, and in every aspect.

In contrast, the blackboard behind Qiao Yanan read – 5G technical framework.

The so-called framework was a supporting thing, a general idea, a rough template, in which there were many details, omissions or even mistakes, which needed to be explored, corrected, and supplemented later.

The graduate of the Pheasant University hadn’t started his speech yet, but he just wrote a few words and slapped Qiao Yanan in the face.

The software engineers sitting on both sides of the long table looked back and forth between the titles of the two, their eyes filled with contempt and ridicule. An unknown person who didn’t know came out from where, dared to challenge the authority in the communication field. Was this going crazy with wanting to be famous?

Xuan Ming manipulated the wheelchair to slide to the side of Xiao Curly and sat opposite Qiao Yanan.

One line of words, tens of seconds, but Qiao Yanan’s inner activities were very frequent. She sneered: “System, where did this headache come from?”

“He is the man who caught Xuan Ming’s attention in the last meeting.” 248 was deeply impressed by Zhuang Li.

“Oh, it’s him!” Obviously, Qiao Yanan forgot about Zhuang Li again. The reason why she knew that the other party graduated from Preston was because Sun Jingshu complained to her just now.

Ever since she became one of the most outstanding young scientists in Huaguo, she always liked to raise her head and show her nostrils when looking at people, so how could she remember a little person who she only met once.

“Has he really derived the 5G algorithm?” Qiao Yanan expressed doubts.

“Impossible.” 248 denied: “I hacked his computer and personal account just now, but I didn’t find that he was researching 5G. The websites he usually browses are novels, movies, forums, games, beauty anchors, etc. He’s a liar.”

“I knew it!” Qiao Yanan laughed even more sarcastically.

“In short, let him finish the performance first, we don’t have to worry.” 248 sat firmly on the fishing side.

“No, I have to give a speech before him. System, although you have high intelligence, you don’t understand human emotions. These engineers don’t have much expectations for this liar, so no matter how badly he speaks later, it would be just a joke. If I speak behind him, and I speak well, that would be treated as a matter of course.”

Qiao Yanan analyzed: “But if I speak in front of him and get everyone’s approval, he who will follow closely behind me would receive great attention, because with the previous comparison, the good ones will be better, and the bad ones will be worse. If you want to be the finale, you must have the ability to be the finale.”

“So, I want to be in front of him. Give a speech first, and he will go up after I have finished speaking, then I can guarantee that the audience will boo as soon as he speaks. If you want to use me as a stepping stone, you have to see if I am happy.” Qiao Yanan asked proudly: “System, what do you say about me? Is the analysis correct?”

System 248 said: “Host, you have grown. It seems that I have been wrong about the direction of training you. Your grasp of the human heart is very accurate. I should have let you study psychology.”

“This is my innate skill. After the farce is over, I will advise Xuan Ming to block this person from the industry.” Qiao Yanan lowered her head and began to sort out the manuscript.

When the two finished discussing, Zhuang Li’s title had just been written. Xuan Ming sat not far from him, but only heard the sharp noise made by 7480, and there was no other movement at all.

Little curly’s heart was completely closed, like a universe far away from the atmosphere, where you know that there are bright galaxies flowing in darkness and vacuum, but you can’t see anything.

Xuan Ming didn’t even know what little curly hair was going to say later, nor how he could escape from the deadlock set by 7480.

Based on the current level of human science and technology, it would take three hundred years to develop the technology to dismantle 7480. Even if Little Curly was a super genius who could greatly promote the development of technology, it would be years or even decades away. And he could only survive for ten days at most in the endless noise.

Xuan Ming pressed his forehead, his face looking terribly gloomy. After only staying for a short while, he got a splitting headache from the noise. One could imagine how uncomfortable the little curly hair would be.

But the little curly hair was always calm, without the slightest fluctuation in his heart. On the contrary, Qiao Yanan kept planning over there, and her attitude was so arrogant and shameless that it made people laugh.

While thinking, Zhuang Li put down the oil-based marker, turned around, and was about to speak.

Qiao Yanan raised her hand and said, “Let me start first, I’m short on time, and I have another experiment to do later, Mr. Zhuang, do you mind?”

Zhuang Li just glanced at her and agreed: “Go ahead.” He pulled the chair and sat down, pressing the table with one hand, while flexibly turning the oil-based marker with the other.

From the appearance alone, he looked relaxed and at ease.

Only Xuan Ming noticed that the hand he was pressing on the table was bursting with light blue blood vessels because of too much force being applied. He was forbearing.

Those noises were like microwaves in a microwave oven, vibrating the blood in his body, making it boil, and then roasting every cell in him. The tearing pain was not enough to describe his current feelings, he was on the verge of exploding every moment.

Qiao Yanan spoke first, which undoubtedly prolonged his pain.

Xuan Ming glanced at Little Curly Hair, then rubbed the center of his brows in distress. He once again had the urge to persuade the other party to accept the task. It was just a little bit of luck, if you give it, you will give it, and he really won’t be reluctant.

Amidst such entanglement, Qiao Yanan began to describe the key technologies and general framework of 5G in an orderly manner. Her manuscript was stolen from Dr. Zhao, an expert in this field, and after 248 sorted it out, it was naturally very concise.

After a wonderful speech and logical writing on the blackboard, she laughed amidst the warm applause of the crowd: “A little opinion, just for your reference.”

The engineers lined up on both sides shouted excitedly: “Ms. Qiao, you are too humble, this is not a humble opinion, this is simply the cornerstone of building 5G technology!”

“When the news spreads, our company’s stock price will definitely rise to the limit!”

“Stable and steady, our company has taken another big step forward in the communication field!”

“At the critical moment, we really have to rely on Minister Qiao to carry the lead!”

Everyone’s affirmation did not let Qiao Yanan was overjoyed. She leaned over slightly, and said with a smile: “Mr. Zhuang, if you have a different opinion, you can bring it up here, and we can discuss it together.”

Someone mocked: “Yes, Zhuang Li, you can also talk about your algorithm.”

“A high-achieving student who graduated from Preston University must have top-notch skills.”

“Zhuang Li, come and share your insights with us. I’m too tired from work recently, and I want to relax.”

A burst of laughter immediately erupted from the audience. The people who said these words were all young and talented engineers with high achievements. Naturally, they were more arrogant and had weird tempers. Among their peers, they always only admired Qiao Yanan, who frequently produced major scientific research achievements, and no one else was recognized by them.

A few old scientists did not open their mouths to mock, but they also kept a straight face, looking majestically at Xuan Ming who was sitting aside, with a line of words written on their faces – let this kid stop making trouble, and let’s hurry up and discuss what Minister Qiao said.

The endless noise already made Xuan Ming feel irritable, but these malicious words and disapproving gazes made him unable to suppress his anger even more.

He didn’t bother to reason with these old stubborn people, so he directly gave them a reason that they couldn’t refuse: “He is already here, just let him finish.”

Several old scientists were only slightly taken aback, their rigid faces relaxed, then they waved their hands to signal everyone to be quiet. Yes, he is here, so let him talk.

It wasn’t until this moment that Zhuang Li tapped the oil-based marker on the table and let out a very ironic chuckle.

“Ma’am, I don’t have any insights to share with you. What I’m going to do next is,” he paused slightly, and then said slowly, “to completely negate your structure.”

Xuan Ming, who hadn’t expected him to say that at all, looked over suddenly, with complete astonishment on his face. The little curly was really talking nonsense, it was the research result of Dr. Zhao!

Qiao Yanan: “…”

This kid must be crazy!

The noisy conference room suddenly became extraordinarily quiet.

When everyone’s expressions changed from surprise to ridicule again, Zhuang Li began to ask questions one by one: “I have a few doubts that I need this lady to answer for me. First, there are a lot of heterogeneous networks in the existing wireless network. How do you solve them? These networks are difficult to interoperate, resources are difficult to optimize, and resources are seriously wasted? Second, in the 5G era, there will be up to 50 billion connected Internet of Things (IoT)[1] services in the world. How do you solve the problems of high energy consumption and insufficient storage resources of 5G devices? Can you answer my questions?”

He didn’t need to look at the notepad or the tablet computer, he just closed his eyes and counted one by one, as if he had already mastered these technical difficulties by heart.

“Third, in order to make the 5G network speed 100 times that of the 4G network speed, how do you solve the problem of excessive core network load and reduce data transmission delay? Fourth, your framework is based on the selection of millimeter waves. Then how do you solve the physical defects of millimeter waves in information transmission? Fifth, how do you solve the problem that certain frequency bands of millimeter waves interfere with equipment such as radio astronomy and weather forecasting? Sixth, in your opinion, how can the cost of 5G network built with tens of billions or even hundreds of billions of dollars quickly enter the commercial stage and make profits in the shortest time?”

Zhuang Li opened his eyes and looked directly at Qiao Yanan who was opposite: “Please give me the answer, lady.”

The conference room turned extremely quiet. People who didn’t know anything, such as Sun Jingshu, just thought that these questions sounded like this, he really had some acting skills.

But those who were knowledgeable knew that the six points mentioned by Zhuang Li were precisely the key points that Qiao Yanan failed to perfect, solve, or even consider in her speech. How could someone who could grasp these key principles be a layman who didn’t understand any professional skills?

The few old scientists who had closed their eyes and prepared to relax for a while now all put on reading glasses and looked intently at the stage. This kid had something in his stomach!

Qiao Yanan was stopped by the question, and frantically summoned foreign aid in her heart: “System, how to solve these problems? Tell me the answer!”

248 said anxiously: “There is an iron law in the program set by the Lord God, that is, the technology beyond this era can never be leaked out. So far, no one has come up with the answers to these six questions. The United States says it is entering the simulation stage, but in fact it has just begun research and development. They are also seeking solutions to these problems. In the real world I can’t tell you before the scientific research results are released on the Internet! My previous analysis may have been biased, and this Zhuang Li seems to understand communication technology very well.”

“How can it be! These people are all looking at me, do you want me to make a fool of myself?” Qiao Yanan began to panic.

“I said earlier, you have to rely on yourself!” 248 complained bitterly.

“You tell me the solution secretly, and the Lord God won’t know!”

“No, this program is attached to the spiritual power of the Lord God. Even I just have a thought, the Lord God can perceive it, and then destroy me remotely. Don’t hurt me!” 248 sternly refused.

The two immediately quarreled.

Hearing the conversation between them, Xuan Ming fell into deep thought. He originally thought that Qiao Yanan’s system was a good thing. If he could find a way to get it, it might greatly promote the current technological development.

But this loophole, the main god had already made up for it. It could be seen that the Lord God was absolutely unwilling to see this world develop towards a higher technological civilization. His purpose from beginning to end was only to plunder and contain.

The Lord God was not kind!

Xuan Ming, who came to such a conclusion, didn’t feel anxious or fearful, but instead it aroused his blood. The more someone obstructed him, the more he would move towards the established goal.

Qiao Yanan’s confrontation with the system seemed very long, but in fact it only lasted a few seconds. She didn’t get an answer, so instead of panicking, she said in a proud tone: “So can I ask Mr. Zhuang to solve these problems?”

Isn’t it? Who wouldn’t?

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[1] The Internet of Things (IoT) describes the network of physical objects—“things”—that are embedded with sensors, software, and other technologies for the purpose of connecting and exchanging data with other devices and systems over the internet.

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