RCFS Ch. 97: I’m the Boss 3

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After the people came up, they looked at each other, but no one moved.

Ye Wanting hooked the corner of her mouth, and the smile in her eyes deepened.

She and her father had lived here for seven or eight years. These minions were not something she could order!

Ye Junlai couldn’t help but raise the corners of his mouth. Yesterday they were defeated and returned, but today you are not the ones who can show off their power.

Even if the position of the heir was robbed by Ye Yunxi, this family was not something she could just move!

“Brother, look, everyone doesn’t want us to go, otherwise, how about we live together?”

Ye Junlai smiled proudly, he just didn’t want to move, what could they do?

“Why are you doing this?”

Ye Yunji couldn’t help but complain, weren’t their actions shameless enough.

Why didn’t they go away with their shameless faces?

There were also some groups of people who obviously didn’t care about their family!

“My sister is the heir, okay, and second uncle, if you call my dad big brother, don’t you have to be polite?”

Why was this father and daughter pair like this?

“Nephew Yunji, what you said is wrong. I’ve been discussing politely with you until now. Where was there a word that was rude?”

Ye Junlai was also shameless. The words had been said, Ye Yunji couldn’t be quiet, but these servants didn’t listen to them at all, it was really maddening!

Although if he could go back to his home, if this happened every day in the future, wouldn’t it be suffocating to death!

If it was to be like this, it would have been better not to come back, rather they could have lived outside and enjoyed themselves!

Ye Yunji lifted the box and wanted to leave, but was held down by Ye Yunxi.

Walk away?

Joke, now that he was going away, wasn’t that doing exactly what Ye Junlai and Ye Wanting wanted?

The two of them were just deliberately pissing them off!

Since they were back, there was no reason to leave. If someone wanted to get out, it was also the shameless pair of father and daughter who would have to get out!

Ye Yunxi smiled and turned to look at Butler Wen.

Butler Wen didn’t say a word from beginning to end, and his expression was always that same icy expression that never changed!

In addition, the old man was not at home, Ye Yunxi hooked the corner of her mouth, subconsciously pulled the housekeeper Wen, and asked with a smile: “Butler Wen, I remember that my grandfather said yesterday that I am the heir of the Ye family, right?”

“Yes, Miss Yunxi.”

“The head of the family is not here, so the heir has the final say about the family’s affairs, right?”

Butler Wen glanced at Ye Yunxi, and still said in an old-fashioned manner, “You have to ask the head of the family for major matters.”

“That’s it!”

Ye Yunxi nodded with a smile.

In the room, Ye Wanting and Ye Junlai both subconsciously looked over, what was this waste going to do?

Did she want to blast them away in her capacity as heir?

If she dared to do it herself, don’t even think about them going out today!

Ye Wanting’s eyes were filled with hatred.

Her every curse had been accurate, she just won’t go, what the hell!

Both father and daughter were ready to fight, but Ye Yunxi didn’t even look at them, and turned to stand in front of these servants.

“All of you, there is no salary this month.”

Hearing this, everyone’s expressions changed.

“Why, why?”

“Yes, we are all working hard, why won’t we get wages?”

“Miss Yunxi, what’s wrong with you!”

The servants shouted, why not pay wages?

Ye Yunxi’s pink fingertips ran through her long hair, and she smiled arrogantly: “It seems that all of you are working for the Ye family? How can there be working people who don’t listen to the boss and still want to get paid?”

The people below were stunned for a moment, and all looked at Ye Wanting.

Miss, you have to say something too!!!

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