CFCS Ch. 209.1: Apocalypse World (13)

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After Jing Yang lay down next to Shang Yue, he held his hand, and Shang Yue, who was in a coma, actually gripped his hand back.

The instrument was activated again. Although Jing Yang was confident that Shang Yue would not reject his powers, he still followed Professor Cui’s instructions to test first with a little energy.

Jing Yang’s healing energy was transmitted to Shang Yue’s body little by little and received by him. The value of Shang Yue’s physical condition on the screen began to rise slowly, but Shang Yue did not have a rejection reaction.

Qi Yun pressed his increasingly painful chest, and propped his palmless hand on the glass, staring at Jing Yang and Shang Yue who were lying side by side with a painful expression. He had been waiting for Shang Yue to have the same reaction as before, but it had never appeared, he had been comforting himself, thinking it would appear soon, it would appear soon.

The more energy Jing Yang transmitted, the faster the physical quotient recovered on the screen. This recovery speed and degree of recovery surprised all professors and doctors. They still didn’t know whether only Jing Yang could do this, or as long as there was no rejection, other people with healing abilities could also do it.

Shang Yue suddenly moved, and everyone was staring at his reaction. The doctors and professors were worried that he would start rejecting again. Qi Yun was looking forward to Shang Yue’s rejection reaction, so when he finally saw Shang Yue moving, his mood immediately revived, and he stared at Shang Yue and waited for Shang Yue to show a more intense reaction.

Shang Yue turned over and pinned Jing Yang under him, but his eyes were still closed. In other words, he wasn’t awake, but just because he felt Jing Yang by his side, there was an instinctive reaction.

Jing Yang didn’t know what Shang Yue was going to do at first, until Shang Yue began to kiss his face and put his hand inside his clothes to touch, Jing Yang felt that this guy was in a semi-conscious state, and he didn’t know that many people were looking at them, and he just wanted to do that kind of thing to him completely instinctively.

Jing Yang had to stretch out his arms and hug him tightly, so that he couldn’t move around. Fortunately, Shang Yue’s physical strength had not recovered yet, otherwise Jing Yang would not be able to control him at all. Shang Yue was not sober now, but Jing Yang was very sober. If it was just the two of them, Jing Yang would have let him do whatever he wanted, but now there were a lot of people around watching them, how could he let Shang Yue do these rude things in front of so many people.

Shang Yue pressed on Jing Yang’s body but couldn’t move, so he buried his face in Jing Yang’s neck and started kissing his neck.

The gestures of the two showed that they were very close, and now everyone could see that they were lovers.

Because Qi Yun was so angry and in pain, it became extremely difficult for him to even breathe. He slumped on the ground and passed out. It took several minutes before someone found his unconscious body. The nurse and the doctor’s assistant went to help him up, but seeing that his face was too wrong, they quickly pushed him away on a gurney for examination.

Shang Yue was originally in a coma because of his body’s self-protection awareness and so as not to dissipate his supernatural powers too much. Now that the physical injury was healed by Jing Yang’s healing energy, and the damage to the supernatural power was also restored by Jing Yang’s healing energy, the pain and discomfort gradually disappeared, and because he felt that Jing Yang was by his side, his body’s defense consciousness had also decreased, so he quickly woke up.

Shang Yue breathed hard, smelled the familiar smell, and slowly opened his eyes. He raised his head, looked at Jing Yang, and the feeling of escaping from death gave him a sense of happiness that seemed like something he had felt a lifetime away. This feeling made him feel both unfamiliar and familiar, as if they had experienced this reunion across life and death many times.

Jing Yang looked at him for a while, raised his hand to touch his face, the atmosphere of love between the two was strong, but ewhen Shang Yue lowered his head to kiss him, Jing Yang stretched out his hand to block his lips. Because Shang Yue might not have figured out where they were now, but he still remembered that there were a lot of people watching.

Jing Yang hinted at him with his eyes, motioning him to look to the side, Shang Yue turned his head to look, only to see that there were so many people beside him. Although they were pretending not to pay attention to them, but because they were too deliberate, it was obvious that they had been looking at them from time to time.

Jing Yang pushed Shang Yue away and wanted to sit up. He knew that if he didn’t take the initiative to get up, no one would warn them that it was almost over.

Shang Yue also wanted to sit up but was pressed back by Jing Yang again. Although he had already helped him heal everything that should be healed, he still had to continue to be observed for a while, and he could not get out of bed immediately. Although Jing Yang had never studied medicine, he still knew these basic contents.

The doctors came to remove the instrument wires from Jing Yang’s body, and while they were getting ready to push Shang Yue to the observation room, Shang Yue kept his eyes on him.

Jing Yang couldn’t stand the look in his eyes, so he could only follow along.

After Professor Cui finished examining Shang Yue and left with the other doctors, Jing Yang sat down beside the bed, held Shang Yue’s hand, and asked him how he was injured.

Shang Yue and the others went to pick up a batch of very important experimental equipment, but when they arrived at the destination, they found that the location was wrong, so they searched nearby for a while. When they finally found the batch of equipment and were about to leave, they encountered a siege of a large number of zombies.

In the process of fighting those zombies, their abilities were activated, and because they were not very skilled in using abilities for the first time, and the energy of the abilities was also in an unstable state, so in the battle in which they originally had the upper hand, they slowed down and slowly it became a bit strenuous to continue fighting.

And to make matters worse, at the same time when their abilities were activated, one of those zombies evolved into a zombie king. The fighting ability of the zombie king was so powerful that it was abnormal, and once the zombie king evolved, it was quite powerful, and it did not need a transitional stage like they did to get used to the new power.

Shang Yue originally wanted to escape without entanglement with the zombie king, but the zombie king had higher wisdom than normal people and pressed them back step by step, so Shang Yue could only fight with him recklessly.

The result of Shang Yue’s reckless fight with the Zombie King was that although he succeeded in killing the Zombie King, he was seriously injured and almost died. Fortunately, the powers in his body were strong enough to allow him to persist until he returned to the military region.

Jing Yang did not expect Shang Yue to meet the Zombie King, otherwise he would have gone on the mission with him no matter what. If the two of them worked together, Shang Yue would definitely not have been injured. It was also because his lover was too powerful in every life that he didn’t expect him to have an accident. It seemed that what should be done in the future still needed to be done, and he couldn’t just think about being lazy.

As far as Jing Yang knew, after the human abilities were activated, there were a total of five zombies that evolved into zombie kings, and now Shang Yue had killed one, which meant there were still four left.

To be honest, even though Jing Yang knew that the Zombie King would appear from the beginning, he didn’t take the Zombie King seriously. Although Shang Yue suffered a loss from the Zombie King this time, it was because his abilities were not stable at the time. As long as he found the Zombie King’s position in the future, he would go with him.

After all the zombie kings were eliminated, the other zombies would not need to be feared, and the world would get better and better.

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