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For a time, the whole network was boiling.

What made netizens even more devastated was that soon after the mysterious man posted his blog, Prince, Miao and SNOW quickly forwarded it one after another.

It was as if they were competing.

Prince Kang: [The first one!! Buy it!! I support you in whatever you do! PS: The rice balls are really delicious. @The Stars Never Fall…]

SNOW: [Order in seconds, no one can beat my hand speed in this BGM. Good conscience shop, worth recommending. @The Stars Never Fall…]

Kang Miao: [You have the strength to control your body when you are full, so I’ll share the delicious food with you. @The Stars Never Fall…]

Netizens gave their knees to the battle of the three cats.



[Please tell me, this is not true!!! Did you open this store in partnership, so you just came out to promote it!! If that’s the case, you don’t have to go around the corners!!! Give me a QR code and I will give you money on the spot!! Stop torturing me!!!]

[Large Tom Soo’s Gong Gong scene.[1]]

[So Brother Prince, supermodel Miao and SNOW are promoting the mysterious man together, that is to say, the mysterious man is not with anyone, and the three of them are still competing????]

[Competition… I rub, my three idols are competing for a man, why is this so heartbreaking!!]

[The latest way of confession in 2019, advertise for him if you love him.]

With the retweets of the three big guys, there was no doubt that the hot search list would undergo a new round of refreshes. Prince, Miao and SNOW were left behind, while the mysterious man was alone at the top of the list.


Touching the buttocks of the superstar Prince, getting his cheek kissed by the supermodel Miao, and going on a late-night date with SNOW, the god of national glory, with his all kinds of deeds put together, how could he not be the first on the hot search!

Mysterious man, a veritable cowhide character.

The matter was not over yet. After a while, dozens of celebrities in the entertainment circle and big traffic stars in the e-sports circle all forwarded the Weibo of the stars.

Someone attached a copy and said: [Old-fashioned stars are rubbing off the heat].

Someone attached a copy and said: [Turn around and go.]

Dozens of big traffic users contributed a new round of fuel, even if someone didn’t pay attention to the hot search, they were still aware about the mysterious man opening the store. Netizens had gone crazy and were wailing everywhere.

[???? ah??? what’s the situation???]

[Mobilized the whole network???]

[Day!!! What’s going on here??? why all???]

Under the questioning of many netizens, the big traffic users confessed their reasons for retweeting in a joking way.

[Director XXX: Come and save me, I was kidnapped by your brother. (Picture: Chat record with the Prince.)]

[Actor Dudu: Don’t make random guesses, I am willing. (Picture: Chat record with Miao.)]

[Game anchor PXT: Buying a sister-in-law for Xiaoxue through crowdfunding, Weibo must be forwarded! (Picture: Chat record with SNOW.)]

The attached chat record was exactly the record of messages sent by Prince, Miao and SNOW. These people and the three cats were close friends, so they were not reluctant to make their jokes.

The ‘evidence’ was exposed so easily, how could netizens still not know, the daring Prince, Miao and SNOW not only came out in person, but also called for help for the mysterious man’s shop all over the world!!

Netizens sent out their final shouts:

[Brother Prince, stay awake!!! Mysterious man has men and women all over the world!!]

[Miao!! My Miao!! What a terrible day to compete with two men!!]

[Wake up my SNOW with a slap, you’ve only known him for two days!! The poisoning should not be so deep!!!]

The three cats were so ‘attentive’, that the attention that had been talked about by netizens had changed.

Before that, the mysterious man’s Weibo only followed SNOW alone. Shortly after the whole network forwarded it, he suddenly followed the Weibo of Prince and Miao as well.

Netizens: !!!!!!

[Is it so realistic!!! Follow immediately after helping!!???]

[Wipe, wipe, wipe!!! Why do I feel like I want to cry!! Prince brother whose butt was touched finally has a name!!!]

[Although I don’t want the mysterious man to be with my sister, but after watching this, I feel a little comfortable in my heart.]

[All three are concerned… So after helping with the promotion, are you all standing on the same starting line???]

[The future is the competition of the three cats???]

[I love Xiaoxue, I really don’t want Xiaoxue to fall in love, I hope he can continue to play for a few more years while he is young, but but…why change your attention!! Isn’t it good for SNOW to be the only one!!]

Netizens hadn’t finished the discussion yet, but the followers of the Weibo of The Stars Never Fall continued to increase. After paying attention to Prince and Miao, this person had just followed all the traffic trumpets who had forwarded his post about opening a store on Weibo.

Netizens: “…”

Netizens went crazy.

[What!!!!!!! Why am I suddenly so angry!! Paying attention to everybody!! You can just follow my brother, Prince, by himself!!!]

[I just want to say it!! Just follow Miao!!]

[All attention!! Why are you all paying attention!! I killed this mysterious man with a shovel!! You cancel for me! Cancel!!]

They didn’t know what was going on, but the netizens who were originally fans of Prince, Miao and SNOW and didn’t want their idols to fall in love someone inexplicably started comparing their choices.

As if taking the mysterious man as a target for strategy, all fans lined up for their idols.

They were uncomfortable when mysterious man paid attention to their idols, and they were also uncomfortable when he didn’t pay attention. As a star-chasing crowd, their mood was extremely complicated.

Kang Xing Luo, who was at the center of the discussion, was different from what the outside world was guessing. He didn’t pay attention before because he didn’t have time to pay attention. This time, when he had time, he naturally paid attention to their comments.

The comments on the Internet were surging, and in addition to the topic of the three cats, there were also a lot of random comments.

[By the way, not long ago, I wanted to know the taste of rice balls that could attract the Prince and Miao?? Isn’t there a chance now???]

[This is true! So curious!]

[Thanks for your calm discussion, isn’t this just taking the opportunity to make money!]

[It sounds nice, where do you want cats to fill their stomachs, this is to fill your own pockets! nausea.]

[I’m sorry, I’ll turn a blind eye to these three bosses from now on. (Goodbye)]

[Come on, no matter how delicious cat food is, where is the need for delicious cat food, don’t cats like the cat food they get now very much! Don’t say anything about recommending a good store with conscience, this is just about making money!]

In fact, no matter what the timing, as long as Kang Xing Luo opened a store and advertised it on Weibo, there would have been such scolding that he only wanted to make money.

Kang Xing Luo had some expectations in his heart, but it was the first time that he felt so uncomfortable.

He didn’t care how he was commented on, but when it came to his cats, Kang Xing Luo could not pretend he didn’t know.

To deal with such online scolding, it was meaningless to fight back with words. Only by actually opening the store, making the rice balls, and using the customer’s response to prove that he was serious about making cat food, could he eliminate those unintelligible scolding.

Kang Xing Luo held his breath in his heart. Not long after posting on Weibo, he and Li Hongming got busy while running back and forth.

No matter what the online comments said, the number of orders received by the ‘Cat World’ online store was terrifying. Every second, the online store had new orders coming in.

Kang Xing Luo was determined to do a good job in the business and took the time to make a large batch of cat cakes. Customers who purchased cat rice balls upto a certain number would receive a handmade cat cake.

All finished rice balls were packaged to be shipped immediately after they were made in the factory, then they were sent via the fastest express delivery in the country, so as to maintain the quality as much as possible.

Kang Xing Luo treated this matter with great care, every detail was excellent, and he was not stingy with the ingredients at all, but the retail price was still very low. Buyers who often bought canned cat food could feel Kang Xing Luo’s sincerity.

The several cats in the family saw Kang Xing Luo working all over the place and achieved a rare great family harmony.

Finally, two days after the large-scale orders were processed and shipped, the buyers who ordered began to receive rice balls one after another, and the online comments finally changed…!

[Wow ah ah, I don’t know if I am the first! I was a little nervous when writing a review! I received the express delivery from the mysterious man. There are six Q cats on the box, which are very cute. The box is shockproof and was surrounded by ice packs. When I received it, the rice balls were very fresh. I smelled it and it smelled delicious hahaha.

I didn’t buy it for fun. I have two little ancestors at home, so I bought it for them to try it out. I bought more than 50 rice balls, a large box, which is cheaper than canned cat food. Here comes the point! My cats have going crazy! It’s a joy for them to eat! I can’t even pull them away! I’m afraid some people might say I’m a paid supporter, so I recorded a video to prove it. (Attached video)

No, this video is really getting more and more funny. If you don’t say it’s a cat, you’d think it’s two huskies just by looking at their posture! Eating too much! Although I don’t know what cat rice balls taste like, it should be delicious just by seeing their reaction.]

[I have a Garfield at home, and I looked at the cat rice balls bought by the hot search. I hate this kind of online store promotion, but it was recommended by the Prince, so I took a look. Cat food is not very expensive, so I bought it to test the water, and I didn’t have much hope. Thinking about it now, it seems a bit of a slap in the face…because my family’s cat really likes to eat these glutinous rice balls, and I can’t stop it at all. I have never seen him eat so much of his favorite cat food before.

After feeding two, I was afraid so I did not dare to give it more. I didn’t expect that he would go to the cabinet to steal it by himself…

Very good, I can see how much he wants to eat…

The mysterious man’s craftsmanship is a bit tempting.]

[EMMMMMM, to be honest, I just took the rice ball to the food bureau to ask someone to check it. My cat eats it like it’s been hungry for years, it’s a little scary so I thought there might be some additives in the rice balls.

The inspection result said that it was purely natural, and even the seasoning was very little, which was really surprising.

Damn it, it’s no wonder that Prince, Miao and SNOW like the mysterious man. It must have something to do with this cat rice ball!!! (Picture of my cat eating the ball.)]


[A cat half-species online confession, I just ate a yellow croaker-flavored one, and I almost fainted in happiness! Today I finally understand what the human phrase means that to keep a person’s heart, you must first grab his stomach.

I really want to sign a breeding agreement with the mysterious man!!!]

[Really delicious chicken!! QAQ!! Delicious, delicious, delicious!!!]

[Without saying anything, this cat placed another order on the spot. (manual goodbye)]

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[1] I couldn’t understand what this means, if any of you do please reply in comments… Thank you…

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