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Huo Yunshen’s body temperature was stained on the coat, and it had a dry and heavy texture, which was inexplicably reassuring.

Yan Qing was very cold all the way, but being so wrapped by him, she felt like a small rice dumpling stuffing properly wrapped in the leaves, not only the cold was gone, but she was also steamed with heat all the way.

The more intimate they were, the more she could feel that there was an indescribable fit between their bodies.

Yan Qing couldn’t tell the difference between herself and him, her ears became red, and she explained to him: “I didn’t mean to not reply to the messages. I had been rehearsing at night and it just finished.”

Huo Yunshen replied in a low voice, “I know, you must be tired.”

She shook her head, remembering his last sentence, and patted him on the back to retort: “What’s going on with sleeping in the car, don’t mess around, now I have hugged you, hurry back, go home and sleep again.”

After speaking, she made to move away. Half of her body went out of the protection range of the overcoat, and the night wind swept over her immediately, and she shivered with the cold.

Damn, it was okay if he hadn’t held her. It was like going directly from the incubator to the freezer, it was killing her.

Yan Qing froze stubbornly, a little reluctant to part from the large heater Huo.

The corners of Huo Yunshen’s lips curled up, and he drew her back into his arms knowingly. With the convenience of the obvious height difference, he lifted her off the ground and walked in the direction of the car: “Don’t go back in a hurry, I have something for you. “

Yan Qing’s chin rested on Mr. Huo’s shoulders, and she was wondering if this posture was a bit shameful. The car door was already open, and a soft yellow light was shining inside, warming her face, and her eyes were caught by a big square box on the car seat. Attracted, she leaned over and hugged him: “Is this for me?”

Huo Yunshen sat in the back row with her, nodded slightly: “See if you can use it.”

He didn’t ask if she liked it, but if she could use it. It was obviously something she needed, Yan Qing couldn’t find a reason for rejection, and slowly opened the lid, her pair of slightly drooping apricot eyes suddenly widened, and she subconsciously whispered, “A creamy white feather skirt” was neatly placed inside.

She stretched out her hand carefully and lifted the skirt as if cherishing it, and the pieces of soft feathers fell softly with her movements, staggering each other into a beautiful arc, matched with the misty tulle of the same color to outline the ultimate tailoring.

Huo Yunshen stared at her profile.

The little girl was the same as when she was young, and whenever she got a surprise, her pupils would flash and her eyes would be full of stars.

He rushed to say: “Tomorrow’s song is called “Flying Birds”. You are responsible for the main song. Is this skirt suitable?”

Yan Qing’s heart was surging, she wanted to hold the feather skirt and kiss him fiercely but was afraid of getting it dirty. Putting it back into the box in a hurry, she nodded happily at Huo Yunshen: “It is too suitable!”

Compared with the ones that were snatched away, no matter the texture or the style, she didn’t know how many times better this one was.

Although she told her teammates that she didn’t care, but in fact she was silently worrying and regretting in her heart. The set that she finally chose was totally unsatisfactory. She had been pitying herself, thinking maybe because of the clothes, the stage effect would be compromised.

Unexpectedly, Huo Yunshen waited until late at night to give her charcoal in the snow.


Huo Yunshen slowly tousled her hair, and asked: “Are you worried about not matching up with the rest of the team?”

He glanced back: “The other sets are in the trunk. There are a lot of them. I picked this one for you, and the other ones were chosen by a professional stylist. You can’t go wrong.”

Yan Qing was overjoyed and felt wronged for Mr. Huo. She obediently climbed over and looped her arms around his neck: “I owe you a hug for four days, I’ll make up for you one more day…”

She muttered again: “Thank you.”

Huo Yunshen naturally hugged her waist, staggering his eyelashes to block his turbulent eyes: “Yan Qing, you still didn’t recognize one thing.”

He restrainedly touched her temple with his lips: “You are my wife. I can solve anything for you. If you need it in the future, remember to find me.”

Yan Qing’s heart was shocked.

Huo Yunshen glanced at the hour and put on the coat he had already prepared in the car: “You should go upstairs and rest. Don’t worry about leaving the clothes behind. I will find someone to send it there at a suitable time.”

He stopped for a few seconds. His voice had turned hoarse: “See you tomorrow.”

Yan Qing originally wanted to say something to him about her nervousness about the performance, but listening to him say that, it was indeed too late, so she said to him: “See you at home tomorrow.”

Huo Yunshen sent her off. When she reached the door of the building, she waved goodbye and left with a sentence: “I can’t wait to be able to go home to see you.”

Yan Qing thought very simply. Mr. Huo estimated that he would come to pick her up in advance. The operation was normal, as expected.

She didn’t think too much and put her mind on the next day’s performance and fell asleep holding the thought of her skirt. She was awakened by a knock on the door and just after that Little Curly dragging Ouyang, followed by the few other teammates, pounced on her and yelled: “My heavens, everybody is saying you are a fairy!”

Yan Qing was stunned.

Little Curly was so excited that she cried: “Someone gave us new clothes, saying that it was the stage costume you bought out of your pocket. It looks super good with “Flying Birds”. It can’t be compared to other groups. We will absolutely dominate the audience today.!”

Yan Qing didn’t have to explain.

Mr. Huo bought it. Huo Yunshen was her husband. He was her family before the divorce, so that would be considered as… her having bought it.

Yan Qing took the girls’ bear hugs and then brought everyone to the practice room to do makeup rehearsals. When the rehearsal was over, she had to go to the scene to communicate details of the accompaniment, sound and lighting, etc. with the team of staff, and that is when she collided with the captain who snatched the costumes, midway.

She asked without a smile: “Yan Qing, I heard that you have bought a new set of clothes again? Is the mud at the end really unable to support the wall, forcing you to have no choice, so you have to fight with your face.”

Yan Qing drew her hair together with a sweet expression: “Who is the mud? The members of my team are both handsome and capable.”

“Are they capable?” She snorted, “Not only us, basically all the teams, but also today’s 1,000 public viewers, plus those online viewers who know the grouping situation, all guessed that your scene would be overturned. I just don’t know how much your ranking will drop. Don’t be thrown out at once. After all, there is no high-energy jury to support you in this event.”

Yan Qing’s red lips bent slightly: “The jury is set, and it’s not high-powered. As for my ranking, it’s not a matter of guessing. When you get to the performance site, you can watch it by yourself.”

An hour later, the recording venue was opened to the public on time. In the field, the program team prepared a unified “Rise it! Girl” boards, which were being distributed in order.

The two girls in charge of the distribution were performing their task mechanically, and everything was going smoothly, but suddenly they got stuck on a slender hand.

“Hello, this one belongs to you.” The man’s voice was cold and stern: “No, I have it myself.” The two couldn’t help looking up, along the brilliant hand, in shock.

The figure in front of them was tall, with wide shoulders and narrow waist, long and straight legs, wearing a navy-blue sweater, showing an undulating Adam’s apple, a large mask on his face, a low baseball cap pulled low over his forehead, such that only a little glimpse could be seen of his cold eyes.

Such a comrade who could kill people back and forth with his aura alone…

There were at least four or five different styles of boards on his arm, and he carried a giant light card in the other hand. The most excessive thing was that he still wore his hat with pretty eye-catching words flashing on it.

The pink light on the upper part flashed, and the words swaggered as they read: “Yan Qing.”

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