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“Madam, young lady, please forgive Qingli!” Tang Yanhua knelt on the ground and kowtowed, crying and begging.

Xu Qingli knelt beside her and had lowered her head, her eyes full of humiliation.

She was too young. The reason why she didn’t notice the little things she did before was because everyone didn’t think about her in this regard. But once someone wanted to investigate, what she did would not stand up to scrutiny, and she was exposed everywhere.

Feng Weiming’s actions were timely and effective. He took the initiative to call Mu Jiuqing, which had already flattered the father who cared about his son. Feng Weiming said that there was something wrong with Xu Qingli. Even if Mu Jiuqing didn’t have a deep impression of Xu Qingli, he knew that the Xu family had a lot of weight in the Mu family, so Mu Jiuqing would certainly check on her.

Besides, the car accident really made Mu Jiuqing very annoyed. Like other parents of the primary school attached to Ya’an, he couldn’t help but put pressure on all parties, urging them to find out what happened. When Feng Weiming mentioned Xu Qingli, Mu Jiuqing naturally would not let her go.

Mu Jiuqing didn’t bother too much. He called Mu Jiurong directly. He didn’t say it was Feng Weiming who contacted him. He only talked about the accident that happened near Ya’an: “Brother, Xu Qingli may have a problem.”

After hearing these words, with Mu Jiurong’s character, he would definitely find out everything and give him an explanation.

Mu Jiurong was indeed a little surprised. Because it was found that the cause of the car accident had nothing to do with Xu Qingli, their family was at most a little dissatisfied with Xu Qingli’s behavior of leaving Mu Yixi and Mu Yixuan to escape at a critical moment. But it didn’t make sense to blame her too much. After all, Xu Qingli also needed to protect her own life.

But Mu Jiuqing was never a person who was aimless. He said there was a problem, then there must be something he knew. He was just not sure yet, so he was leaving it to him to check.

The driver of the car who caused the accident was imprisoned within the hospital bed and interrogated every day until he was ready to talk even about the eighteenth generation of his ancestors.

The motorcycle driver was a hero. After several rescues, he finally got out of the dangerous period and was taken care of by the hospital with the highest standards. He also accepted cross-examination after waking up but received great preferential treatment. The police only asked some routine questions very politely and did not dig deeply.

Mu Jiurong clicked on the file statement he obtained and took someone to see the motorcycle driver in person the next day.

The motorcycle driver was Mo Xinghai, 23 years old this year, from a well-off family. After finishing secondary school, he came out and did a lot of jobs with low technical content. Each job didn’t last long. The money he earned was either used to support himself or spent on his precious car. His most expensive hobby was racing. Racers needed regular maintenance and modification of their motorcycles. The motorcycle he used to hit the car was a heavy motorcycle. If his motorcycle didn’t have that tonnage, he couldn’t have swerved the car at once.

When Mo Xinghai saw Mu Jiurong come in, he thought he was another parent who came to thank him. He had already received a lot of gratitude since his recovery from his serious injury, including some big names who he had only ever seen on TV. His ward was also filled with gifts of thanks from all parties. This made him feel proud and uneasy about his actions.

When Mu Jiurong said coldly and politely, “Hello, Mr. Mo, I am the father of the two children who were the most injured in this car accident. My surname is Mu.”

The smile on Mo Xinghai’s face froze immediately. After he woke up, he had already learned about the situation. At that time, he knocked the car away and saved a lot of people, but after the car turned around, the person opposite the school gate, who had been fine earlier, suffered disaster. A car was knocked over by the car, and the driver was seriously injured, the two children were pinned under the car, but fortunately the injuries were not too serious.

Mu Jiurong was the father of those two children and the cause of the bitterness of Mo Xinghai.

“I, I’m sorry…” Mo Xinghai stammered, “I really didn’t have time to think. I saw the car was rushing towards the school. I didn’t want to…”

Mu Jiurong took out the picture of Qingli and pushed it in front of him, and he asked in a clear tone, “Do you know this person?”

Mo Xinghai glanced at it and his expression suddenly changed.

He looked at Mu Jiurong nervously, and Mu Jiurong looked at him indifferently and solemnly, his eyes full of pressure.

He knew everything!

Mo Xinghai had this thought in his mind, his face instantly turned gray, and his whole portrait collapsed all at once.

“If you explain honestly, I may consider taking it lightly.” Mu Jiurong said. There was a convincing poise in his voice.

“I’ll explain…” Mo Xinghai said painfully and explained it honestly.

It sounded simple enough. A friend of Mo Xinghai received a “job”.

“…Pretend to bump into this little girl, and then this woman will rush to save her. When she is rescued, I will bump into her and cause minor injuries?” Mo Xinghai took two photos to identify the person and listened. When he saw the “job content” introduced by his friend, he said, “Is this a rich man’s show?”

The friend said casually: “The little girl looks like a young lady who is raised in the palm of someone’s hand. You bump into her and collect 10,000, maybe someone will even give you 100,000 yuan! They said that they need someone with good skills, will you accept it?”

Mo Xinghai had never done such a thing, but he had been in need of a lot of money recently, and his motorcycle needed to be upgraded. In the end, he thought that he wouldn’t really hurt the little girl. The one who would be really hurt was probably malicious.

That day, he received a notice to “work”, and waited for the two targets to appear near the entrance of the primary school attached to Ya’an.

The target person appeared, but Mo Xinghai’s attention was caught by a sneaky sedan. Based on his years of experience in drag racing, he judged that something was wrong with the sedan there!

When he saw the car rushing towards the school, and that most of the school gate was filled with innocent children, his mind became hot, and he didn’t even realize stepping on the accelerator to the maximum and rushed over…

“…that little girl is your daughter?” Mo Xinghai asked with a face full of guilt: “I received the deposit, but the job didn’t work out… I really didn’t mean to hurt your daughter… I swear I will never do bad things again in the future, can you forgive me?”

Mu Jiurong’s face sank following Mo Xinghai’s explanation.

Who was he? After hearing Mo Xinghai’s description, he was sure that the person who hired him was Xu Qingli.

He never thought that Xu Qingli would have the courage to do such a thing!

What was she planning?

“Saving” Mu Yixuan, how grateful would the Mu family be to her?

It just didn’t make sense!

In an instant, Mu Jiurong’s anger made the entire ward go silent.

Although Mu Jiurong’s emotions were quickly suppressed and he returned to calmness, it had still made Mo Xinghai feel uneasy.

Mu Jiurong didn’t plan to let him go easily, so he didn’t say anything, just got up and left.

It wasn’t until Mu Jiurong’s figure completely disappeared that Mo Xinghai let out a sigh of relief. There was a reason why he was so frightened by Mu Jiurong, but another reason was a letter he read after waking up. The letter began with the sentence “I know about your being hired to bump into people”, which immediately made Mo Xinghai’s guilty heart tremble. He was already deeply aware of how big the trouble was. Thinking of the limousine driver who was still in prison while lying on the hospital bed, if his bad motives were revealed in the first place, he would have absolutely no good fruit to eat.

However, the letter then gave him an analysis of the current situation and suggested that he be frank to the right person at the right time, so as to reduce the possibility of being held accountable or get some leniency for his merits.

Mo Xinghai was still skeptical. But as soon as Mu Jiurong appeared and mentioned his two injured children, Mo Xinghai decided to follow the advice in the letter and confessed to Mu Jiurong.

This was what he owed people.

Mo Xinghai deeply realized that he was not made to do bad things.

He just hoped that this angry father could vent his anger on the culprit as much as possible, and ignore him, a little guy who had not done anything other than collecting money for doing things.

Mu Jiurong got Mo Xinghai’s words, and immediately checked Xu Qingli after returning, then he took all the evidence back to Mu’s house.

Everyone was shocked and outraged!

Tang Yanhua stared at Xu Qingli in disbelief, so much hatred from her daughter made her speechless, she beat her hard a few times, then she threw Xu Qingli down on her knees before Mu Jingwei and Grandma Mu.

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