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She took two steps forward in ignorance, turned around to see that the man was still standing still, while staring at her with a dark, rough gaze.

It was too early to believe that he was not drunk and won’t trouble people. Si Huang sighed inwardly, was silent for two seconds, then turned around, “I’ll lend you my shoulders, but if you dare to move, huh.”

Qin Fan raised the corner of his mouth and whispered, “Don’t move.”

Si Huang turned her ears, then glancing at him, she let him put one arm on her shoulder, and walked out while supporting his body which was half a head taller than him.

As soon as they got out of the box and walked to the garage, Si Huang, who had just stepped out of the elevator, stopped, and her pupils shrank when she saw the few people walking towards her.

No one noticed this momentary change except Qin Fan who had his hand on her shoulder.

Qin Fan looked down at the young man beside him and his heart skipped a beat – the fair and delicate face was still expressionless, but something had obviously changed. In the past, he was indifferent and elegant with a calmness that belied his age. Now his eyes were clear, there was no haze, his lips were red and his teeth were as white as a greenhouse flower that had been grown with meticulous care.

This kind of greenhouse flower looked very unattractive on others. But Si Huang’s appearance made Qin Fan feel soft both in body and mind and made him think of a pure creature like an angel.

He heard footsteps, barely being able to look away from Si Huang, he saw the man who had approached in front of him.

The man in front was slim and slender, wearing a black sports suit. At first glance, he was nearly 1.8 meters tall, which was just right. His black hair was a little long, and it was not messy but it did not seem that it any special care had been taken to style them, and his eyes were half-covered by the hair. While the straight bridge of his nose, his pale lips, and thin chin were enough to show that he looked good.

He also saw the two of them, then his eyes swept across Si Huang, like a cold wind blowing through the sky and snow, and the cold wind did not stop even for half a second. When he saw Qin Fan’s face, he stopped, “Master Qin?” His voice was the same as his temperament, as cold as a robot without emotion.

Qin Fan also recognized Dou Wenqing, and immediately thought of the transformation of the child around him, which must be because of this one. Thinking this, his eyes sank, “Go away.”

The few people behind Dou Wenqing listened to his rude words, and their expressions changed. Some people took a step forward, but they were shocked by Dou Wenqing’s eyes. As if he didn’t care about Qin Fan’s ruthlessness, he turned his body sideways to make way, “Master Qin, please.”

Qin Fan squeezed Si Huang’s shoulder with his big hand, and Si Huang blinked his eyes as if he had suddenly realized that he was still standing there, then he continued to support Qin Fan.

When passing by Dou Wenqing, Si Huang felt that Dou Wenqing’s eyes glanced at her for a moment, like scanning him with an X-ray, it was as if he wanted to see through people.


Si Huang helped Qin Fan to sit in the passenger seat and got into the driving position by herself.

Seeing his return to normal, Qin Fan asked, “How do you know Dou Wenqing?”

Si Huang reached out to him, “Hand over the car keys.”

Qin Fan straightened up, revealing his trouser pockets, “Get it yourself.”

Si Huang: “…”

Qin Fan frowned when he saw his silence, and said impatiently, “What are you doing?”

Si Huang pulled the corner of her mouth, and calmly reached out into Qin Fan’s trousers pocket.

She naturally grabbed the car key, but this time Qin Fan didn’t speak for a while, and his body had become obviously stiffer. Obviously, she didn’t touch anything, and he couldn’t even feel the temperature through a layer of fabric, but he had watched the white fingers stick into his pockets, so close to the crotch…


Si Huang who was driving looked at the man in the passenger seat with surprise, “What’s wrong with you?”

Qin Fan’s forehead was slapped red by him, and without looking at Si Huang, he said, “It’s nothing.” Then he found that Si Huang was driving towards Weiming Mountain, and then said, “Go to your hotel first, then I will drive myself back.”

“Are you sure you can still drive?”


Si Huang did not persuade him much and turned at the next intersection.

About ten minutes later, she entered the underground garage of the hotel where she lived, and when she was about to get off, she was suddenly pulled by Qin Fan.

Si Huang frowned slightly, thinking that if she struggled, the other party would let go, but who knew that he would still hold on tight. Displeased, she looked up at Qin Fan, who was also staring at her.

Two seconds later, Si Huang couldn’t tell whether she felt unhappy or helpless, “What are you going to say?”

Qin Fan pursed his lips and instructed coldly: “Don’t get too close to men casually in the future, it’s easy for it to cause trouble and danger since you look like this.”

Si Huang’s eyes showed a hint of surprise, and she carefully checked Qin Fan’s expression to make sure that he had not discovered her true identity, but if he regarded him as a real man, and still said these words to her, it was extraordinarily special and interesting.

“And don’t look at some messy things, men should look like men.”

“Okay.” Si Huang said gently, smiling: “Now you can let go.”

Qin Fan stared at her, then decisively let go of her hand.

Si Huang turned around and left, only two steps later came the man’s voice, “Remember to call, don’t be bullied.”

“…” Si Huang sighed, turned her head and looked up. Looking at the man in the car not far away, “Can you sleep well recently?”

Qin Fan didn’t expect that she would mention this and was stunned on the spot for a while.

Si Huang guessed the answer, and when she thought about how much danger this person would face if he was still suffering from insomnia and was prone to violence for a long time on a mission, she still couldn’t let it go, no matter the reason.

The long-lost voice of Five Treasure suddenly appeared in her mind, [Humph! If His Majesty really wants to help him, go give him a kiss! Guaranteed to keep him physically and mentally healthy for ten days to half a month!]

What happened to this little guy recently, he had been disconnected for a long time, and he was very angry when he was online. Si Huang thought it was funny, and directly ignored Five Treasure’s proposal. She continued to ask Qin Fan, “My song was effective last time?”

Qin Fan: “Well.”

Si Huang: “Is it saved?”

Qin Fan’s expression explained everything, and Si Huang said lightly: “Go back. I’ll make a recording and pass the file to you.”

Qin Fan suddenly felt his whole body warm, and the corners of his mouth raised slightly, “Okay.”

This time, Si Huang didn’t stop, and walked all the way back to her hotel room, with Five treasures still jumping in her head: [The recording is so troublesome, and it wastes time to listen to it every time. You can solve everything by one kiss, hello, hello, anyone! 】

Si Huang asked: “What idea that you have come out recently with has been good?”

Five Treasure: “How can there be a bad idea, I’m obviously helping you, Your Majesty! In order not to disturb you to earn a lot of Faith Points, I will be obedient!]

Si Huang smiled, “You, who has always been arrogant, suddenly said ‘people’, do you think I will believe a ghost.”

Five Treasure: [Your friend Five Treasure has gone offline, please leave a message if you have anything.]

Si Huang smiled dumbly, no longer concerned about Five Treasures, she went to take a bath, opened the laptop, and began to operate her newly opened company.

Her company was called Fenghuang Entertainment.

First, when she saw her campus ID, she decided not to think too much about the company name. Second, Si Zhihan’s company was called ‘Fenghua Entertainment’, and this ‘Fenghuang Entertainment’ would be a bit annoying to him.

The document Qin Fan gave her today was the proof that Fenghuang Entertainment had been approved.

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