FPH Ch. 20

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At night, when the lanterns lit up, under the dark night sky, the city was filled with a brilliant light.

Chu Zhaoyang came out of the bathroom, wearing a bathrobe, showing his two long legs below the knees, straight and strong. The belt around his waist was tied loosely, revealing a small part of his chest above, such that the outline of his muscles could still be faintly seen.

He went directly to the lounge chair in front of the floor-to-ceiling window in the bedroom and sat down, with whiskey and crystal glasses placed on the small round table next to him.

He poured half a glass of whisky, took a sip, and unconsciously thought of the feeling of hugging Gu Nian during the day, it was so soft that it made him lose his temper uncontrollably.

At this time, because of the spirits, his body seemed to be even hotter.

Chu Zhaoyang turned on his mobile phone and wanted to ask questions on Zhuihu, but found that he needed to register an account. So he could only quickly register one. When writing his nickname, he paused and typed in: Gu Nian Chaoyang.

After registering, he entered the question: There is a girl who likes me very much, but she is too shy, she doesn’t dare to look at me every time we meet, she just walks away shyly when she sees me. How can I encourage her to bravely confess to me?

At this time, the door slowly opened, but there was no one outside.

Chu Zhaoyang lowered his head and saw a Labrador’s head poking in from outside the door. It stared at him innocently for a while, and when it saw Chu Zhaoyang lower his head again, it thought that Chu Zhaoyang could not see it, so he walked in quietly with his tongue out, squatted at the end of the bed, wagged his tail while looking at the bed, and stuck out his tongue to carefully peek at Chu Zhaoyang.

Seeing that he didn’t seem to be looking, he stood up, kicked his hind legs, jumped on the bed, and rolled on Chu Zhaoyang’s bed with his tongue out.

Chu Zhaoyang was busy refreshing the reply page, and he couldn’t care about the dog right now. After a while, he saw someone reply: She doesn’t look at you, maybe she is shy or maybe she hates you. Are you sure that the person likes you and doesn’t hate you?

With a dark face, Chu Zhaoyang threw the phone on the table with a bang, the Labrador named Curry was startled, and suddenly stopped rolling and turned over. Seeing that Chu Zhaoyang didn’t respond, he shook his dog’s head, then he opened the quilt, arched in it, and hid himself so tightly that only the quilt that bulged out into a small hill was left.

“What IQ!” Chu Zhaoyang was angry, Gu Nian didn’t even know how much she liked him.

As he tapped the table with his fingertips, his phone rang again. It was Han Zhuoli calling.

Chu Zhaoyang picked it up with a paralyzed face, but did not speak.

Han Zhuoli waited for a long time without hearing a sound, and then confirmed, “Hello? Hello? Did you answer the phone, Lao Chu?”

Chu Zhaoyang had no choice but to say, “Yes.”

“Ah!” Han Zhuoli complained with jumping feet.

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

Han Zhuoli: “…”

So he didn’t speak, and Chu Zhaoyang didn’t plan to speak, right?

The corner of Han Zhuoli’s mouth twitched, and he asked, “Did you just ask a question on Zhuihu, Gu Nian Chaoyang.”

“…” Chu Zhaoyang asked with a dark face, “How do you know?”

“Who told you to make it so obvious? The ID of the person, and the question asked, it must be you!” Han Zhuoli crossed his legs proudly, the most important thing was that his tone was exactly the same as when he was at Shengyue, “Okay, for the sake of the girl, it is rare for you to be willing to say so many words.”

Chu Zhaoyang: “…”

Not in the mood to chat with Han Zhuoli, Chu Zhaoyang hung up the phone without saying a word.

Han Zhuoli: “…”

However, after only a second, Han Zhuoli’s call came again.

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