FPH Ch. 19

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Mu Lanshu grinned down when she saw it: “He is really ugly.”

Apart from being dissatisfied with Gu Nian’s work, there was really nothing wrong with Gu Nian in other aspects, especially her looks were very good. Her skin was fair and moist, no blemishes at all, and no acne scars had grown on it since childhood. The pores on the face with thin skin were hard to see if she even wore light makeup, but Gu Nian did not wear bottom makeup because she was lazy.

If the man was really good, stable and reliable, then she didn’t need to care about his appearance. But listening to Gu Nian’s explanation, that man wasn’t that good just because he made a little money. He was really not prudent, and he was ugly, so why should she wrong her daughter? She was anxious to find a partner for Gu Nian because she hoped that Gu Nian could have someone to rely on, but not because she wanted Gu Nian to be wronged.

Just thinking about it, Mu Lanshu suddenly paused and asked, “Why is he lying on the ground? You really had someone beat him?”

“Where did I!” Gu Nian made an excuse, “It’s just that the people around couldn’t stand it anymore. When he disliked me, I could bear it, and I won’t care about him. But do you know what he said to me? He directly said that since my father was dead, I had to take you as an oil bottle with me when I get married.”

Gu Nian sipped her lips and face were a little pale. She had thought about it on the road, but she didn’t want to tell Mu Lanshu this.

But now she was afraid that Mu Lanshu would not give up and would drag her to apologize, or she had expectations for the other party, so she simply told the truth. Although it hurt, it could make the matter come to an end anyway.

Sure enough, Mu Lanshu’s eyes turned red.

“That’s why I couldn’t help throwing water on his face. It’s not a question of how good he looks, it’s a question of character. What kind of person would say that about other people’s parents in front of so many people? He was splashed with water. He was so angry that he wanted to hit me.”

When Mu Lanshu heard this, she said in a loud voice, “A person who hits a woman must have been asking for it!”

“Yeah, so the surrounding guests couldn’t bear him, so they stopped him in time and threw him to the ground. As a result, he even wanted to beat others, and it was fortunate that the guest was actually the owner of the hotel. He didn’t dare to speak up in front of him, he is a typical bully and afraid of hardship. In fact, the owner really didn’t care much about him.” Gu Nian said sorry silently to Chu Zhaoyang, and put his credit on Yan Beicheng. Mainly because it was inappropriate to let Mu Lanshu know about him.

Sure enough, Mu Lanshu’s eyes lit up, and she asked expectantly, “How old is the boss? Is he young? You can’t be wrong about his character. It’s rare to have such a fate, so you can grasp it.”

It was Yan Beicheng, so she quickly waved his hand: “Mom, don’t talk nonsense, isn’t Shengyue’s boss the one from Yan Hui? He is already married, and the husband and wife are in love.”

Mu Lanshu was disappointed and said “hey” aloud: “See how do I say it, the good men are all booked first, and if you continue dragging things along, it will become more and more difficult to find a good man. Forget it, I’ll call Aunt Su first. What kind of man did she introduce you to, I’m too embarrassed to see how she didn’t look at the man’s virtue. But she has blown the shit out for him.”

Gu Nian smiled bitterly, it seemed that Mu Lanshu was really pissed off.

There was a saying that, from the quality of the blind date people introduced to you, you could see what level you held in the other party’s heart. Maybe that Aunt Su felt that she was worthy of the man she met today.

Mu Lanshu took the phone and went back to her bedroom, and Gu Nian also went to her bedroom.

When she passed Mu Lanshu’s bedroom, she heard Mu Lanshu’s voice calling: “Lao Su, who did you introduce to Gu Nian? He is such a person with such bad character, and you still had the nerve to blame my daughter?”

Gu Nian’s nose was a little sore, and her eyes were filled with slight warm pain.

Although Mu Lanshu always disliked her, she actually defended her more than anyone else.

From childhood to adulthood, both mother and daughter depended on each other for life.

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