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Hu Yueer no longer embarrassed him. She propped her chin and thought about it: “Well, girls, they all like that kind of cute animals, cats and puppies.”

“Cats and puppies?” He frowned, thinking: What’s so cute about this kind of thing.

“If you give her a kitten, and then give her a name, for example, ‘A Yi’, ‘Xiao Xiang’! She will think of you whenever she sees the cat in the future, and you should also send flowers and other things. Girls like flowers!”

Zhang Xiangyi’s eyes brightened: “Great, I understand!” He pulled Hu Yueer over to give her a hard hug, and then ran away over the wall.

Hu Yueer’s face blushed, staring at his figure, doubting how much he understood what she said. She sighed and turned to the room and shouted: “Mom! I have a request.”

“What’s wrong?” Hu Yueer’s mother walked out of the house and looked at her cute daughter with a smile.

“I want to plant cactus on the wall.” She said coldly.

“Eh? Why?”

“Thief prevention.” After she finished speaking, she put down the watering can and went into the house.


On this day, Yin Xiaomei had just walked into the company, and Zhang Xiangyi appeared in front of her with a huge cardboard box: “Xiaomei!”

“Brother Xiangyi,” she just said hello and couldn’t help but ask, “What’s the matter with your face?” It’s strange, but his face looked so pitiful as if it was scratched by someone.

“Hey, it’s okay, it’s all trivial things, I mainly want to give you a present!” He smiled and patted the box, and there was an uneasy scratching sound from the animal inside.

Yin Xiaomei started, uh, it felt so ominous, could she refuse it!

“Come on, take a look, it’s cute!” He emphasized, putting the box in her arms without any explanation.

“Uh, okay…” Yin Xiaomei hesitated to take the carton, and opened–

——Inside was an old wild cat with rolling eyes, full of domineering spi

rit! She saw that its serious expression was a bit wretched, its graceful figure was a bit obese, its hair was tangled, and it was staring at Yin Xiaomei sternly.

“Ah…” She let out a dazed shout.

“How about it, I named it Jinjian, do you think it is cute?” He was full of expectation, and at the same time excited about his great idea. As He Yueer said, Xiaomei will think of him whenever she sees it.

He could not wait for Yin Xiaomei to answer. The small group of employees in the Yin company had long known that the atmosphere between the two was especially pink, so everyone gathered all around them and said, “Boss! What are you doing ah!”

“Wow, you gifted it to Fiona?”

“Let me see. Let me see, what is it!”

The old cat was suddenly watched by such a large group of people, so it immediately started yowling and screaming. It jumped out of the box and onto the side table.

“Wow! What an ugly cat! Get it!”

“Oh! It jumped over there! Ahhhhhhh! My computer!”

“I just got the material! This dead cat!”

“Damn it!” When Zhang Xiangyi saw Yin Xiaomei’s expression of fright and not surprise, he cursed, rolled up his sleeves and went to battle. He thought that the woman Hu Yueer lied to him, how could anyone like this nasty creature! When he caught it back, he was scratched into a mess. This was good, and he even took the office with him!

A group of people in the advertising department were all involved in the cat-catching battle. It was very lively. Yin Xiaomei smiled dryly and slowly backed away, planning to flee the battlefield first. There was also the “Jinjian” that looked like the gangster in the cat world. She had better not accept it. However, as soon as she turned around, she bumped into someone.

Yin Zhefei pushed her away and said coldly: “Watch it!” Then he walked away like she was air.

Yin Xiaomei bit her lip blankly, this guy seemed to be angry! Really, how could his mind become narrower after so many years! And he also learned the trick of cold war. She thought about his reaction these days and couldn’t help but feel a little frustrated. Did she overdo it that day? She didn’t know that his intestines and stomach were so fragile, such that he was about to collapse after only a little bit of diarrhea! She followed a little hesitantly, trying to say something soft, but –

“Bang!” Yin Zhefei pushed the door strongly, and it almost smashed Yin Xiaomei’s nose!

Your mother! She was so angry that she almost jumped up, although he might not have seen her follow, but that attitude was too much! She became angry, rolled her eyes and turned away.

She cursed in a low voice, and at the same time, Sean over there was also screaming: “Quickly catch this dead cat, if it scratches Fiona’s face, you must die with it!”

The first gift failed, but Zhang Xiangyi was not easily discouraged, he originally thought that sending animals was unreliable, and it was better to send flowers or something else to be more realistic. He walked into the flower shop, feeling a little nervous, after all, it was the first time he did this kind of thing, not to mention his temperament could be said to be incompatible with this flower shop.

“Sir, what do you need?” The clerk walked up politely, while silently looking at the customer in front of him.

“I want to buy flowers for…” He scratched his beard, not knowing what to say.


“No, that’s not it.”


“I’m not married yet! I’m only 28!” He yelled while showing some signs of mental collapse.

“Ho ho, sorry, then… is it a girlfriend?” The clerk continued to guess with a good temper. 28? Liar!

“No,” he thought about it prematurely then he said, “Relatives, for relatives, it’s a girl.”

“Oh, to send to relatives, then send carnations. This is suitable. It is best for female relatives and friends.” She pointed to the blooming flowers on the side and enthusiastically recommended it. Zhang Xiangyi glanced at the colorful flowers, feeling pretty good: “Okay! Let’s do this! Pack them well.”

However, this time was even more tragic. Before he had time to show the flowers to Yin Xiaomei, he was caught by the people in his department first. The people in his department laughed thoroughly. Everyone knew that his flowers were to be given to Yin Xiaomei, and they all spared no effort to tease him.

“I couldn’t see that Daddy still lacks maternal love so much!” Everyone said in unison.

The big bunch of carnations was finally picked up by Aunt Zhao, the eldest in the department, as if she had picked up a huge bargain.

Zhang Xiangyi was so angry that he ran all the way to Hu’s house, and as usual, he had to climb the wall and enter. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! “

Zhang Xiangyi held his hands and kept breathing in cold air. When he turned his head, there was a row of green cacti like guards on the wall. While enduring the pain, he grinned and said, “Auntie, when was this cactus planted? It looks so lush.”

“Oh, it’s all Yue’er who wanted to plant it. Let Auntie take a look!”

“It’s okay…” How could he show weakness in front of the elders at this time? He smiled strongly: “Where is Hu Yue? I’m looking for her.”

Mother Hu took him in to where Hu Yue was lying while reading on the recliner. As soon as Mama Hu left, Zhang Xiangyi immediately yelled: “The method you said last time is completely useless!” Although the scratches on his face were reduced a lot at this time, they were still clear.

Hu Yue only showed a pair of clear eyes from the top of the book, and said indifferently: “Does she not like that you gave her a cat?”

“Also, I was about to be beaten to death by that old cat!” He took it out of his backpack. The old cat was full of temperament of a big brother of the underworld, “Look, I named it Jinjian, but Xiaomei didn’t like it at all!”

“Who?” Hu Yueer’s eyes widened suddenly, “Who did you say you gave this ugly cat to?”

“Don’t worry!” Zhang Xiangyi’s face was blushing suspiciously, “Anyway, people don’t like it, I ran outside for a long time for nothing!”

Hu Yueer put down her book and looked at the old cat with half-rolled eyes in front of her and sighed: “Normal people don’t like it! But the kitten is so pitiful, just stay here!” She reached out and caressed the knotted fur of the cat gently. And the old cat who had been going crazy suddenly seemed to start behaving. “It seems to be well-educated, but I don’t know if it has been dewormed.”

“Hey! I’m here to ask you for advice! What are you talking about with that cat!”

“Because you are so impatient, there are no women who will like you.” She hit the nail on the head.

Zhang Xiangyi was choked all of a sudden, and only after a long time he admitted his fate: “Okay! Whatever you say! As long as you can help me chase her, I will do everything you say in the future!”

“Maybe you should shave your beard, so that there are no aesthetic obstacles, she would not like this…’mature’ man.” She carefully considered the words, fearing that he would be more fragile inside.

Zhang Xiangyi was struck dumb. He always felt that he had a beard and looked a little older in order to convince the crowd. Otherwise, those underground group of people were so full of personality, how would he be able to hold them down?

Hu Yueer watched him not speak, and ignored him, still scratching the cat’s neck.


The advertisement shoot had come to an end, and now Xiaomei could take a vacation, as long as she was ready to participate in the new product launch. The relationship between her and Yin Zhefei was still not good, but she couldn’t put her pride down and beg him. The two people had been stuck like this.

Yin Ruoji went to Singapore to participate in an exhibition. Yin Zhefei often did not come home at night. A Chun recently took a leave of absence. Xiaomei felt that the house was simply deserted.

Yin Zhefei usually always contained his anger, and he himself didn’t know why he held such a grudge this time, perhaps he still regarded her as the naive little girl at the beginning.

He was busy in the laboratory again that day, and it was 9 o’clock when he looked at his watch. He sighed and forgot to eat dinner again.

After hesitating, he decided to go home, at least he could have some cold food.

However, as soon as he entered the house, he felt exhausted and did not have the energy to find any food. He sat on the sofa without turning on the light. Although the room was extremely hot and stuffy, he only felt drowsy.

Even in his sleep, he felt as if he would be scorched by that stinky kid… In the dark, time passed minute by second, in the room, he shrank in a dark corner and felt that he was falling continuously.

At this moment, the door on the second floor suddenly opened and the dazzling light flowed out as the door opened. He frowned and opened his eyes

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