TBLF Extra 16 (116.2): Demon Princess × God of War

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When Ji Rang came back in the evening, the fairy reported to him that the immortal in the palace had gone on a hunger strike again.

She hadn’t eaten two meals.

Ji Rang let the fairy bring a meal over, took the food tray and opened the door and walked into the bedroom.

The little girl lay on the bed with her eyes closed, playing dead.

Ji Rang walked over with a food tray, sat down by the bed, and said quietly: “You are still growing, if you don’t eat or drink, you will not only grow taller, but also grow smaller.”

The little girl opened her eyes at once, hurriedly pulled the quilt to cover her chest, and scolded him angrily: “Shameless!”

Ji Rang: “…I’m talking about your height.”

Her cheeks flushed suddenly, she turned her head away from him, and after a long pause, she turned around and said angrily: “You liar! I still can’t get out with the jade medallion. Your enchantment is clearly aimed at me!”

Ji Rang stared at her for a long time, “Just want to go out?”

She snorted.

He brought the food tray over: “I will take you out after the meal.”

The little girl turned over and sat up: “Really?!”

He nodded, Qi Ying took the food tray and ate frantically. The food was quickly finished by her. She wiped her mouth with her sleeve and said with a little excitement on her face: “It’s finished!”

Ji Rang looked down at her for a while, stretched out his fingers to wipe the corners of her uncleaned mouth, and walked out of the Temple of War while holding her wrist.

Qi Ying found everything fresh.

It was Ji Rang who kept looking at her expression all the way.

The demon world was dark and gloomy, and the colors were dull. The demons were also free to roam about, so the whole environment was very chaotic. But the heavens were completely the opposite, the immortal qi was misty and well organized, and there were strange flowers and trees everywhere, it was also very quiet.

The little girl walked around for a long time and commented pertinently: “It’s really the Heavenly realm.”

He raised his eyebrows in surprise: “Do you like it?”

The little girl nodded: “Of course, so beautiful.”

Ji Rang was silent for a while. After a long time, he shook his head with a low smile: “Weird, every demon who comes to the place hates this place. Even the fragrance of flowers is unpleasant and pungent, but you like it.”

Qi Ying looked at him and didn’t know what she thought of, she suddenly realized: “So you thought I would hate this place before letting me out?”

The God of War raised his head slightly and restored his condescending look: “Not at all, the deity wants to keep you. Your father’s sword pierced the deity’s clothes, so naturally you will have to pay the price. The price is you.”

Qi Ying: “???” She looked at him incredulously: “What does piercing clothes account for? You still suppressed my father in the Tower of Demon Sealing, what did I do to you?!”

Ji Rang glanced at her faintly: “That also requires you to have the ability to do something to the deity.”

Qi Ying: “Ah, ah, ah, ah, I’m fighting with you!”

In the end, the little girl jumped at him with her teeth and claws bared which was resisted by the God of War easily and then he brought her back to the Temple of War.

But after that day, she could come and go freely.

The enchantment of the Temple of War was not aimed at her, but at demons. She had demonish energy in her body, so she couldn’t get out naturally. Ji Rang used his own spiritual blood to create a jade bracelet. After she put on the jade bracelet, she could pass through the barrier.

Since then, her tour of the heavenly attractions had started.

Wow, this is Zhu Xiantai who had killed many immortals?

Wow, this is Yuelao Palace, who is in charge of marriages in the world?

Wow, this is the Yaochi that can increase spiritual power for a hundred years with a sweet drink of Qingquan?

Ji Rang accompanied her wherever she went.

In the past, when he was idle, he always liked to find fights in all corners of the world, which seriously affected the good-neighborly friendship of the gods in the heavens. The Emperor of Heaven was frightened all day long. Now he stopped fighting. Everyone who travelled in the mountains and water of the realms every day was relieved.

Thanks to that little immortal!

So, Qi Ying received gifts from many gods.

Magical artifacts, fairy dresses, spiritual pets, and medicines, she was simply more popular here than in the demon realm.

The little girl found it particularly incredible. She ran to Ji Rang and said, “I didn’t expect you gods to be so friendly to our people in the Demon Realm. When Lord Father comes out, I must tell him to live in peace with the Heavenly Realm, and respect and love each other!”

One day while she was watching the stars in Xinghechi, the Demon Commander brought his carefully selected 30,000 demon soldiers to enter the Nantian Gate to rescue their little princess.

When the Heavenly Emperor, who was watching the fairies dancing, came to know, he spat out the wine he was drinking.

What? Was the little immortal that the God of War brought with him the princess of the Demon Realm?!

After receiving the news, Ji Rang first led Qi Ying to Nantian Gate to appease the demon soldiers. The Demon Commander saw that the clothes worn by his princess looked more suited for a princess than what she wore in the demon world.

After calming the demon soldiers, he led Qi Ying to meet the Heavenly Emperor.

The Emperor looked at the God of War and snorted while sipping from another drink: “What? Are you going to marry the princess of the Demon Realm?!”

Ji Rang didn’t change his face: “The two worlds of immortals and demons will be together forever, and there will be no more wars, and the world will rise to peace, okay?”

Heavenly Emperor: “!!! Good! Very good! Marry! Marry now!”

Qi Ying looked at the hand holding hers, and then at the God of War who was always buzzing around her. She felt that things were going a bit wrong: “When did I agree to marry you?”

Ji Rang turned his head and looked at her: “If you marry me, you can always live in the heavens, and you can see the flowers you like every day. Those flowers are very delicate and can only grow in the heavens. You can also raise cranes. They won’t be able to live if you leave this realm. There are the rest of the scenic spots that you have not checked out yet. Only gods with status are eligible to visit…”

Qi Ying: “It’s alright, alright, I’ll marry, I’ll marry, I’ll marry.”

The first marriage between the immortal and demon worlds kicked off like this.

The two worlds were exultant and friendly, opening up the first immortal-demon diplomatic relationship since the beginning of the world.

Thirty thousand years later, the Demon Lord broke out of the tower.

The first thing he did after coming out was to rush to the Heavenly realm to find the God of War for another battle.

Then he heard the God of War calling him Lord Father.

The Demon Lord looked at him with a horrified face: “??? Who are you calling? Who is your father? You go away!”

T/N: This extra should have been titled “God of War hoodwinking the Demon Princess and the Heavenly Emperor to get his way”…. Poor Demon Lord (losing the fight as well as his daughter…hahahha)….

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