TBLF Extra 17 (Ch. 117.1): Little Wife X Cold Killer

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Qi Ying was an ordinary girl in Taohua Village.

It could also be said that the only extraordinary thing about her was that she was beautiful and was a famous little beauty around the world. Many foreign landlords coveted her beauty and wanted to accept her as a concubine, but Qi Ying’s parents disagreed and drove out all those matchmakers who talked about her being accepted as a concubine.

They just had this one daughter; they had been holding her in the palm of their hands for fear of breaking her, since childhood. How could they let her be a concubine for others? In the future, they must marry her in a good family. They did not seek the family to be too prosperous and wealthy, but at least the eight-carriage sedan chair[1] to marry her was required and also that the person should have a decent past.

When Qi Ying reached marriageable age, more and more matchmakers came to propose marriage. Qi Ying’s parents loved her very much, so they asked her if she had any requirements for choosing her husband, and she could select the person she was satisfied with according to her requirements.

Qi Ying hugged the big peach she was gnawing on and said, “I’m looking for a husband who loves farming as much as I do.”

By the way, I forgot to say that Qi Ying’s biggest hobby was farming.

Seedlings must be cultivated in spring, and the fields must be fertilized. In summer, seedlings must be planted to prevent insect pests. In autumn, harvesting was required. In winter, she would gather firewood.

For Qi Ying, farming was the most important thing in her life. Harvesting food after planting was the greatest satisfaction in her world.

Thus, when looking for a husband, of course, look for a person with the same hobbies, otherwise how would they get along in the future?

Qi Ying’s parents: “…”

According to their daughter’s request, wouldn’t it only be possible to find a tenant farmer?

Qi Ying’s parents, who had been responsive to their daughter since childhood, rejected her daughter’s request for the first time, and chose a very promising husband for her—the young scholar who lived next door.

The young scholar’s father was once an official involved in the DPRK Treaty[2]. He was demoted for making mistakes. Later he resigned and moved to Taohua Village. His family was innocent, and the tutor was a good person, who treated people very kindly and politely.

If Qi Ying got married to such a person, she would be an official’s wife in the future.

Mother Qi hinted to the little scholar several times, and the little scholar also had some thoughts about Qi Ying. He patted his chest and promised Mother Qi that he would be admitted as a scholar this year, then he would immediately come to propose marriage after his return.

Qi Ying disagreed after learning about it.

The young scholar only loved reading, not farming, she would never marry him!

She argued with her parents at home all day.

At the end of the spring, the young scholar was admitted as a scholar and returned gracefully. It was just that something happened on the way back. He encountered a mountain bandit who blocked his way and wanted to rob and kill him.

Fortunately, a blessing among misfortune arrived and a passing hero helped him and drove away the mountain bandit. The little scholar was frightened, so he took out the little money he had and wanted to hire the hero to escort him back to the village. The hero looked cold, but he was rather enthusiastic. He didn’t ask for the little scholar’s money, but still agreed to escort the scholar back to the village.

The scholar’s family especially thanked the hero, and strongly invited him to live in Taohua Village for a period of time to experience country life.

The hero agreed.

The hero was called Ji Rang. He was proficient in sword play and had superb martial arts. He didn’t like to laugh or talk coldly all day long. After coming to Taohua Village, he didn’t go out much, instead he just sat beside the stone mill of the scholar’s house, hugging his sword while looking at a distance in a daze.

The young scholar passed the exam and was finally able to fulfill the promise he made before the exam. He was excited to go to Qi family to propose a marriage with the betrothal gifts but was driven out by Qi Ying with a stick.

The little girl’s soft and angry voice floated into the scholar’s house through the courtyard wall: “You love reading, I love farming, we are not suitable! Don’t come here again! If you come again, I will let the dog bite you!”

The rhubarb that Qi Ying raised was very fierce and the young scholar was afraid of dogs. Hearing this, he ran back to his yard with the betrothal gift, and never wanted to visit again.

The husband-in-law was gone. The Qi family’s parents were so angry that they shut Qi Ying in her room to reflect and punished her not to eat for one day. Then they went out to work.

Towards the afternoon, Ji Rang, who was sitting in a daze on the stone mill as usual, heard the continuous voice of crying for help from the yard next door.

——”Help! Is there anyone, let me out!”

——”I’m so hungry, ooh, I’m going to starve to death.”

——”My mouth is so dry without food; oh my throat is burning.”

Although the voice was soft, sweet, and pleasant to the ear, it was annoying as she kept shouting like that. Ji Rang couldn’t bear it anymore. With a little pressure on his toe, he jumped over the courtyard wall and walked to the locked door.

He said coldly: “Don’t shout!”

Finally, someone arrived, so Qi Ying immediately grabbed the crack of the door and looked out: “Who is it? Has anyone come? Quickly let me out.”

Ji Rang said, “Don’t shout, it’s so noisy.”

He heard the little girl inside say: “You help me break the lock and I won’t shout, otherwise I will keep shouting.”

There was no sound outside for a while, only a vague figure could be seen. After a while, the dagger came out of its sheath, and with a clatter, it opened the door lock.

Qi Ying opened the door at once.

Then she saw a tall figure outside the door, blocking half an inch of daylight.

He looked better than anyone she had ever seen, his brows were sharp and stern, and when he looked down at her, his dark eyes were as deep as the deep well in the village.

The little girl blushed inexplicably at the tempting sight.

She hurriedly said thank you and hurried to the kitchen to look for food. When she came out with a full stomach, the man was gone.

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[1] In Ancient China, sedans were seen by most common people only during weddings. The honor of sitting in a sedan was a great source of pride for women. However, this honor was reserved only for the main wife and not concubines. Even today, the saying “I was carried here in a colorful sedan chair by eight people” is still used to suggest the speaker is genuine (like original wife who rode the colorful sedan).

[2] A Treaty governing China–North Korea relations.

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