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Yan Qingchi looked at him, “Because he really doesn’t want to be involved with you anymore, so even if he wants to warn you and advise you, he is not willing to see you or contact you himself, but chose to communicate through me, his legal partner and I will convey it on his behalf.”

Yuan Mingxu was stunned and said nothing.

“Similarly, this is what I want to say to you. The reason why I am willing to stand here and talk to you now is not because I want to see you, but because I know that because of the relationship between you and Jiang Mochen, there must be a certain emotional connection between you. There is a meeting between us, so I want to resolve the matter once and for all. I am different from you. I accept his past and the fact that he liked you, but I don’t care about his past. Everyone has a past, but the past is just the past, it’s past, it’s really past. So, I won’t dwell on or care about it. I like to look forward. I know that he likes me now, and I also know that he has never done anything to feel sorry to me. That’s enough.”

“Yuan Mingxu,” Yan Qingchi said seriously: “This is the first time I have said so much to you, and it will also be the last time. Next time, I won’t say so much to you, or I will directly look down on you. Either I will mock you a few words, or if I am in a bad mood, I may beat you up. However, I will not waste time with you anymore. Although I don’t really like you always pretending to look aggrieved and playing tricks behind others’ back, but if this is your way of survival, I won’t advise you to change it. Your teacher must have taught you when you were in school that paper can’t contain fire[1]. The day you wake up will be the moment your reputation is ruined. Even if you spread rumors about me, who in the entertainment industry isn’t riddled with rumors.”

“As for now,” Yan Qingchi looked at him, “you can go out, I’m going to sleep.”

Yuan Mingxu didn’t know how he walked out of Yan Qingchi’s room. He stood outside the door, a little confused, and felt that everything was under the control of Yan Qingchi. He just went in and was teased by him. After he laughed enough, he kicked him out. He returned to his room with a blank mind and sat on the bed numbly. He didn’t know what to do next.

In a daze, he heard the WeChat notification sound coming from his phone. He opened it blankly and saw that the person who sent the message turned out to be Zhou Yixing.

“I’m ready to come back, Xiao Xu.” He could still see these words even if he didn’t click into the dialog box.

Yuan Mingxu stared blankly, and then he heard WeChat ring again, and the line changed to: Are you coming to pick me up?

Yuan Mingxu suddenly laughed. He felt that what Yan Qingchi said was right. The reason why white moonlight was white moonlight was because it could be seen but cannot be touched. Chasing in a hurry would never have good results, so at that time, he dismissed Jiang Mochen, who had been staying by his side, and chased Zhou Yixing who treated him with an indifferent attitude. But it was different now. He thought that he would not chase Jiang Mochen anymore. He wanted Jiang Mochen to feel his disdain for him again and make him realize that he no longer cared about him because of Zhou Yixing coming back.

He wanted to use Zhou Yixing to rekindle the memory of that Jiang Mochen who liked him and let him know that the reason why he had been rushing to see him so many times was just because Zhou Yixing was not around and he suddenly got married, so there was a psychological gap. These things that were not in line with his previous behavior should make him regret not cherishing his pursuit during this period.

As for Zhou Yixing, Yuan Mingxu looked at Zhou Yixing who was asking him, “Are you coming to pick me up” on his mobile phone? He would no longer follow Zhou Yixing like before, dedicating everything to him no matter what. He wanted to use Jiang Mochen to hang Zhou Yixing and tell Zhou Yixing that he didn’t realize that he really liked Jiang Mochen until Jiang Mochen got married, and then pretend to love Jiang Mochen deeply, letting Zhou Yixing know that he was not indispensable to him, and also let him have a taste of how it felt like when someone who you were used to standing behind you, suddenly left.

Yuan Mingxu suddenly became happy and felt that the fun had just begun. Just like Zhou Yixing suddenly returning to China after changing his plans for him, Jiang Mochen would eventually return to him again. At that time, he would pay back all the humiliation he suffered from Yan Qingchi today. He sneered and said, “Wait, Yan Qingchi!”

Yan Qingchi sent Yuan Mingxu away before he was in the mood to send a voice call to Jiang Mochen.

“Are you done?” Jiang Mochen asked him.

“I’m done.”

“So, did Yuan Mingxu go find you and tell you something?”

“To be honest, he just left from here.” Yan Qingchi said calmly.

Jiang Mochen was stunned for a moment and asked him, “What did he say to you?”

“It’s nothing. He asked me to help him aggrievedly, said he couldn’t lose you as a friend, and asked me not to worry about you. I said it has nothing to do with me and let him find you.”

“Is there anything else?”

“Others are not important. I advised him to stay away from you, so that he can feel that you are ignoring him today, and I will let you know everything tomorrow. If he can’t reach a high level, he may learn from the pain and regret it. It’s better than jumping up and down in front of your eyes to let you see him, making it easier for you to regain your feelings for him.”

Jiang Mochen: “…You still think I can regain my feelings for him?”

“Don’t ask me, it mainly depends on you. I just think he is an eyesore and don’t want him to jump around in front of us all the time, so that’s why I said this. You can never wake up a person who is living in his own dream. He is a person, so you can only hope that his dreams will stay away from you.”

Jiang Mochen smiled helplessly, “You are really good at teaching students in accordance with their aptitude and local conditions.”

“That is for sure, specific analysis of specific problems, high school philosophy textbooks teach us this.”

“Your philosophy teacher must be happy that you remember it so clearly. Okay, give me the recording and I will listen to it myself. Don’t tell me that you don’t have it. For someone like you who wants to record 24 hours a day to preserve evidence, this kind of thing, can you stop recording?”

Yan Qingchi frowned, “Am I just a tape recorder in your mind now?”

“You are much more versatile than a tape recorder. But at critical moments, you can still record.”

Yan Qingchi was speechless, “You give up. Well, I can’t possibly tell you.”

“Why? Is there anything I can’t hear?”

“Of course,” Yan Qingchi made no secret of it. “During our conversation, I said that you fell in love with me at first sight. You love me to death, and you refused to live unless you married me. You stalked me, and finally convinced me to marry you. Then in order to control me and prevent me from watching other people, I was forced to sign a contract with Nancheng, and you also forcefully stuffed me with resources. I was forced to follow the path you planned for me. If I came out to record a variety show, you would think of nothing but me, asking me every day when I will visit you, and not allowing me to talk to other people!”

Jiang Mochen was simply shocked, “…is this your ideal me?”

“No, this is the you I used to suppress Yuan Mingxu.”

“So Yuan Mingxu believed it?”

“He shouted heartbreakingly that it was impossible. I asked him to find you for verification. That means if he can’t find you, he would have to believe it even if he doesn’t believe it.”

Jiang Mochen rubbed his brow, “Are you really…”

“Narrow-minded, stone-hearted, and cruel?”

“You are the only one in the world who has gone to school, right?”

“This is Yuan Mingxu’s evaluation of me. I just added a few more options for you to choose.”

Jiang Mochen simply had no way to deal with him. Sometimes he himself would be very surprised. Shouldn’t people be animals with unified aesthetics? Why was he interested in two completely different personalities? Jiang Mochen thought about this question very seriously, and in the end, he could only tell him that this was probably because when he liked spicy food, he would still like it when one encountered other food that surprised his taste buds. It had nothing to do with taste, just the food itself.

Yan Qingchi probably was this kind of existence.

“I see that you are so lively and energetic, and you don’t seem to be affected by him at all?” Jiang Mochen asked.

Yan Qingchi took a sip of water and said with some disdain, “It’s just him? You still want him to influence me? It’s okay if I don’t influence him?”

“So have you influenced him?”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while and said honestly: “I guess. It’s more than just influence.”

“…Then you are really awesome.”

“I can’t help it. After all, everyone in the world has my surname. If he doesn’t understand, I’ll teach him.”

Jiang Mochen chuckled. Although he had guessed from the beginning that with Yuan Mingxu facing Yan Qingchi, Yan Qingchi was sure to not suffer any loss, but it was only now, when he was talking to Yan Qingchi and listening to the vitality in the other person’s words, that he finally felt relieved and breathed a sigh of relief.

“Okay, it’s getting late. You’ve been tired all day. Go to bed early.”

“Okay, then you should also go to bed early. Good night.”

“Good night.”

Yan Qingchi hung up Jiang Mochen’s voice call and went to the bathroom to take a shower. After a while, he came out again. As soon as he picked up his phone and lay on the bed, he saw the WeChat message Wei Lan sent to him.

“Breaking news!!!”

“Zhou Yixing is coming back!!!”

Seemingly seeing that he didn’t reply to his WeChat message, Wei Lan asked: Are you scared?

Then he added: “He just sent a WeChat Moments and I saw it!!! It will be next month! Have you seen it?!”

Yan Qingchi looked at his phone and saw that today was already the 26th, that was indeed fast.

“Are you there? Are you there? Are you there? Say something!”

“I was taking a shower just now,” Yan Qingchi replied to him, “I see it now.”

“Why are you so calm?”

“It’s a good thing, if Zhou Yixing is coming back, he will come back and go find Yuan Mingxu. Then Yuan Mingxu won’t be able to get in front of me and Jiang Mochen every day, which is a good thing.”

“I’m afraid it’s not that simple.” Wei Lan reminded him, “Zhou Yixing is even more stupid and scumbag than Jiang Mochen.”

“That has nothing to do with me,” Yan Qingchi said calmly, “The one who is scumbag is Yuan Mingxu.”

Wei Lan: …That seems to be the case.

Yan Qingchi: So, what do I have to worry about?

Wei Lan:……

Yan Qingchi: Be good, don’t think so much, go to sleep, I have to get up early to take a flight tomorrow.

After Yan Qingchi sent the WeChat message, he put his phone aside and recalled the plot. Zhou Yixing returned to China much earlier than in the original book, but it was normal. After all, Yuan Mingxu came back early. However, because he was a little butterfly that flapped its wings, Jiang Mochen did not start dating Yuan Mingxu after he returned to China. Then when Zhou Yixing returned to China and expressed his love to Yuan Mingxu, Yuan Mingxu would not have Jiang Mochen as an option to sway, plus with what he said to stimulate Yuan Mingxu today, he would most probably get together with Zhou Yixing.

The author has something to say:

Zhou Yixing: I’m back, my little baby~

Wei Lan: I’m afraid it’s not your little baby anymore~

Zhou Yixing: [Shocked][Shocked][Shocked]

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[1] Paper can’t contain fire means you cannot deny the truth.

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