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If this was the case, then it would naturally be best and everyone would be happy. But if this was not the case, Yan Qingchi thought about it, and it didn’t matter. Life was inherently full of unknowns, which is why it was exciting. He chose to marry Jiang Mochen, to break the direction of this book, it was not to prevent himself from living in other people’s settings, but to live in this world as the real world.

Therefore, neither Yuan Mingxu nor Zhou Yixing would affect him. They were just passers-by in their lives. Even if they insisted on not getting off at this stop, they would have to get off at the next stop.

He just needed to live a good life with Jiang Mochen.

On the second day, Yan Qingchi, Wei Lan and other residents said goodbye and prepared to return to their normal lives.

Yang Xiaoxiao breathed and exhaled for a long time, and finally prepared herself mentally. She walked up to Wei Lan, who was bowing his head to reply to a WeChat message, and asked shyly in a low voice: “Can you sign your name for me?”

Wei Lan was a little surprised. Then he raised his head and looked at her, puzzled.

Yang Xiaoxiao smiled sheepishly and said with a gentle and shy tone, “Come on, brother, there are thousands of stars in the sky, and the Milky Way is shining brightly because of you. I am your fan.”

Wei Lan was almost stunned by Yang Xiaoxiao’s words “There are thousands of stars in the sky, and the Milky Way is shining brightly because of you.” Hearing this official slogan of the Galaxy Guardians made him so scared that his phone dropped to the ground. He had felt that Yang Xiaoxiao always paid attention to and took care of him intentionally or unintentionally in this variety show. She responded positively and immediately to whatever he said. He thought that Yang Xiaoxiao liked him and wanted to have a scandal with him, which made him think this girl was quite courageous. Unexpectedly, Yang Xiaoxiao did like him, but it was not the kind of love he thought, but the fans’ love for their idol.

Wei Lan immediately felt embarrassed, put his phone in his pocket, took her pen and paper, and signed his name in her notebook.

“Thank you,” he whispered.

Yang Xiaoxiao was flattered and waved her hands repeatedly, “No, no, I want to say thank you. Come on, brother.”

Wei Lan nodded.

Yang Xiaoxiao felt that he seemed a little shy. Ever since she became a fan of Wei Lan, she always thought that Wei Lan was following the path of a young tyrant who never knew what it was like to be sad and dared to make the sun and moon change the sky on his whim. She never expected that Wei Lan would act so young in reality. Feeling a bit astringent, for a moment, she felt her maternal love overflowing. So, she he bit her lip and said, “Brother, I’ll leave first. You can come back to play when you have time next time.”

Wei Lan looked at her reluctant look, thought for a while, and asked, “Want to take pictures?”

Yang Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, because she didn’t expect such a benefit.

Wei Lan had already walked to her side, took out his mobile phone and took a photo of the two of them.

Before Yang Xiaoxiao had time to remind him to turn on the beauty function, she saw that Wei Lan had already finished taking the photo.

He put the phone back and said softly: “You two should have added each other on WeChat, so I will send it to Yan Qingchi and ask him to send it to you.”

Yang Xiaoxiao was puzzled, “Brother, you can send it directly to me, right?”

Wei Lan looked at her in surprise, “I can’t do what you said. Idols can’t have contact with fans. They can only interact one-way, otherwise it will be unfair to other fans who can have no contact.”

Yang Xiaoxiao was stunned for a moment, and then couldn’t help but laugh. She thought Wei Lan was really unexpectedly cute, and she even wanted to touch his head.

“You’re right, then I’ll wait for Yan Qingchi to send it to me.”

“Well, you should also work hard.” Wei Lan encouraged.

“I will and try to work together with you again next time.”


Yang Xiaoxiao finished speaking, smiled, and left. She looked at Wei Lan’s signature on her notebook and felt that Wei Lan was really still a younger brother who had not grown up, so he still had his own set of logic and did not care about politeness in interpersonal interactions at all. Of course, with his status and background, he had no need to care.

——For Wei Lan, when she stood in front of him and said she was his fan, Wei Lan only regarded her as a fan, so he would give her the treatment that a fan deserved, sign autographs, take photos, and become gentle, but will not add her contact information. Even if they were actually artists in the same circle, what Wei Lan could see was only her fan attribute and had nothing to do with anything else.

He was a very mature and a very heart-warming idol.

After saying goodbye to everyone, Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan took a plane back to the “Marshmallow” crew together. Wei Lan, as the male lead, threw himself into intense filming as soon as he returned to the crew. Yan Qingchi was a little better than him and had time to rest for a day.

On Saturday, the first issue of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” when Yan Qingchi filled in for Guan Jingshen was officially broadcast. Wei Lan specially bought potato chips and Coke and came to his room to see it with him.

“Are you nervous?” he asked.

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “It’s okay.” Then he reached out and took a handful of potato chips from the bag that Wei Lan had torn open, “The main thing is that it’s going to be broadcast now, and it’s useless even if I’m nervous, as I can’t go back and tamper with history.”

Wei Lan bit the potato chips and said, “It’s okay. If it fails, you still have a TV series and a movie coming out. Don’t worry.”

Yan Qingchi nodded, “I understand, the entertainment industry relies on support, support relies on life, and explosions are all based on metaphysics.”

“Yes.” Wei Lan agreed with his statement very much.

The two of them comforted each other like this, and they were both prepared for Yan Qingchi to not make a splash in this variety show, but they never expected that this kind of metaphysics would be really unpredictable. Yan Qingchi almost became a hot search when the show showed him grabbing Li Yuanqing’s wooden sign, and then all the way up, and after the “Let’s Fight! Friend!” episode was finished broadcasting, it directly reached the top and became the first hot search.

This was his first solo hot search without anyone else. Yan Qingchi sent a WeChat message asking Guan Mei: Did you buy it for me?

Guan Mei herself was also surprised: No, you were already hot before I had time to buy it. I clicked in and took a look, and found that everyone was really discussing you, so I didn’t move for a while, wanting to wait and see the situation. Then, it just climbed all the way up.

Yan Qingchi was stunned. He handed the phone to Wei Lan to look at it. With a tone of disbelief, he asked the professionals around him, “So, is my popularity real?”

Wei Lan heard this and directly clicked on the Weibo hot search, Yan Qingchi also immediately opened the forum, and saw that the forum was filled with posts related to him.

“F*ck!! How on earth did he do it!! Did you see it clearly?!”

“What the hell is this speed? I’ve played it slow so many times, but it still feels fast to me!!”

“Ahhhhhhh! Yan Qingchi is so handsome!!!! So handsome!!!”

“Li Tao, is Yan Qingchi’s speed real? Isn’t it true that the program team has adjusted the speed?”

“Newcomers are all monsters! What kind of super newcomer is this?”

Yan Qingchi flipped it up and down, okay, it was all related to him.

He randomly selected one, went in and saw a passionate discussion going on inside.

“This is the first time I’ve seen someone grabbing wooden cards like this. It’s so scary. He’s so quick that he doesn’t steal the bell but grabs the wooden cards!”

“Dai Hongzhuo was stunned.”

“Dai Hongzhuo was lucky, but Li Yuanqing was miserable.”

“Well, I kept praying that he would not meet Sun Xun. Although I felt embarrassed when I saw Yan Qingchi, he had no choice but to be killed directly. Hahahaha, Li Yuanqing is really confused.”

“The person upstairs is not kind. Li Yuanqing is so miserable, and you still hahahaha.”

“Sorry, but it’s really funny. I thought it was a bronze, but I didn’t expect it to be a king. It’s so funny.”

“But he is really too fast, the program team slowed it down twice, I can’t believe it.”

“This is the first person in the history of “Let’s fight! Friends!”, I have never seen such a cool operation before.”

“So he won the MVP in the first period. Speaking of which, Yan Qingchi sang “Gong Xi Fa Cai”, hahahahahaha.”

“Don’t laugh, it was very sonorous and powerful! It’s very sincere! Brother Qingchi is so awesome, why shouldn’t people be allowed to sing with a stronger rhythm?”

“Is that stronger upstairs? The rhythm is really, bad, it reminds me of the radio gymnastics in our school.”

“Hahahaha, brother Qingchi, miserable!”

While Yan Qingchi was watching this discussion, Wei Lan bumped his arm, “Look at this.”

Yan Qingchi leaned over and saw Wei Lan opening a video on Weibo. The video was a clip from “Let’s fight! Friend!” where Yan Qingchi snatched Dai Hongzhuo’s wooden card.

Yan Qingchi didn’t have any feelings when he grabbed it by himself. When he saw it in the video, he realized that it was indeed quite fast. The program team added a frightened expression later, saying that they didn’t see it clearly. Let’s do it again, and then added the words: Still if you don’t see it clearly, let’s play it slowly. After slowing it down once, they continued to add the subtitles: Still couldn’t see clearly, then let’s slow it down again, this time even slower, and then added the subtitles: Let’s look at his original speed again. Yan Qingchi only felt that the speed was not that fast in the first place, but with the slow playback of the previous two times, it seemed to be as fast as lightning. In the later stage, a comical and frightened face was added to the blank space of the screen, and next to it was written: Are you the devil!

Yan Qingchi couldn’t help but laugh when he saw that this Weibo post had tens of thousands of comments and retweets.

Wei Lan turned to look at him, “Although I don’t want to admit it, you seem to be popular.”

Yan Qingchi patted his shoulder, “Don’t worry, I won’t forget you.”

Wei Lan looked like he wanted to pull him down. Then he said, “Wake up, don’t go to the moon and try to make trouble. Your redness and my redness are not on the same level.”

“But I am a newcomer. I will grow. Maybe one day, I will be side by side with you.”

“Oh? Then I’ll wait and see~”

Yan Qingchi smiled, “Just wait, sooner or later there will be such a day.”

The popularity “Let’s fight! Friend!” brought to Yan Qingchi was obviously more lasting than he thought. After marveling at Yan Qingchi’s speed in grabbing wooden cards on the first day, Yan Qingchi was on the hot search again the next day, not because of that, but it was because of the scene where he watched Chen Xuanlang before jumping from the window, and then looked up from under the window and smiled while waving to Chen Xuanlang.

That section was cut out by a big V on Weibo. He said with emotion: “What kind of scene from a classic idol drama is this? The male protagonist who is the school bully jumps out of the window, and the school tyrant class monitor looks surprised but powerless. The vitality of the heroine is in a dilemma, not knowing what to choose. Oh my God, can you make an idol drama for me based on this appearance and setting?”

Soon this Weibo was retweeted, “What kind of fairy face is this? It’s worth it, it’s a blast!”

“It’s so handsome! This jump is really cool!”

“Yes, when I watched it, on the one hand, I felt so good, but on the other hand, I thought it was so handsome! It’s really cool.!”

“1551, I also want to call Brother Qingchi Brother today.”

“What kind of heroine does Yuan Bo want? I don’t need a heroine. I think the combination of a gentle scum student x a romantic playboy is enough. I don’t want a heroine getting involved in the socialist brotherhood.”

“Why not school bully… Also, Wolf Yan of the animal group!”

“Hahahahahaha, god d**n animal group!”

Yan Chi watched how the repost went wrong and saw his fans who had heard the news starting to sell Amway enthusiastically, “There is an idol drama, “Sweet Marshmallow”, with Wei Lan as the male lead, Brother Qingchi as the second male lead, and Han Tian as the female lead. She is super sweet and has a fairy face. Eat my Amway.”

Soon, this Weibo was followed by other marketing accounts, and new passers-by kept seeing it and exclaiming “Ahhhhh, so handsome”. The hot searches continued to rise, and the discussion became more and more intense. Yan Qingchi secretly opened his Weibo account and looked at it. He was so frightened that he almost dropped his phone. Why did he gain so many fans in one night?

He was about to read the comments from fans when he saw Guan Mei send him a WeChat message saying: You will be shooting a magazine cover in a few days. Please prepare.

Yan Qingchi replied “Yes” to her, feeling that he was slowly starting to get into orbit.

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