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In fact, he had indeed begun to take off. In just one week, out of curiosity about him, netizens edited the video of him grabbing wooden cards in various ways, and some people even spliced together the scenes of him robbing three people together with a picture: Doesn’t your conscience hurt?

Everyone in the comment section said: No, it’s still alive and kicking. No, it’s quite satisfying.

Some people also made emoticons out of screenshots of him grabbing wooden cards. Different words were added: you are so fast that you are blurred, you are caught by the teacher, you are rushing for the bus, you are fleeing from the crime scene, and the man is like the wind.

Someone even added the words: Yanpai takeout, order and get it.

Wei Lan sent these emoticons to Yan Qingchi and laughed.

Yan Qingchi was a little helpless but felt that it was a good thing that netizens were so enthusiastic.

And amidst this enthusiastic behavior of netizens, the second episode of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” Yan Qingchi recorded aired on the first Saturday in November. This time, Yan Qingchi was hotly searched by netizens before it was even broadcast. As Sun Xun said, his performance in the first episode was very eye-catching. Netizens unconsciously had expectations for him and wanted to see him in the second episode. Was he still so powerful? And after Yan Qingchi won the MVP with four kills, netizens couldn’t help but double-click 666, and one by one they sighed, what kind of god was this, kneeling down to the boss, singing conquest to the boss, boss, you are so showy, why did you just debut?

Weibo and forums were buzzing again, and Yan Qingchi had once again topped the trending search list. Everyone was lamenting whether this kind of sexy operation was real? He was so handsome. The point was, he was also good-looking! Where did the program team find such a treasure?

Yan Qingchi’s singing performance when he finally won the award made him much more down-to-earth. Everyone laughed at the cute contrast between his skill and handsomeness and his inability to sing.

“I don’t feel inferior anymore. At least my sense of rhythm in singing is pretty good.”

“My sense of rhythm can’t be that bad. He can sing “Three Auspicious Treasures” off-key. Mr. Yan is also a talent.”

“Facts have proved that no one is perfect. Man, there is no pure gold.”

“Brother Yan is so handsome, and you still want to laugh at his singing. Really, take me too, hahahaha.”

“Speaking of which, don’t you think the three of them standing together look like a family of three? Face, I’m guilty.”

“Stop talking upstairs, the song is about a family of three.”

“The captain and the eldest are getting married and raising children?”

“Shut up! Yesterday we were having a passionate fight, today you just changed them to mother and son? Me:???”

“Can’t dad have a name? Xunyan is also very sweet~”

“You’ve already talked about mom and dad, why can’t the captain and the eldest have a name!”

“Speaking of not having a name, Guan Jingshen is the worst, right? Fans were originally planning to go to major platforms to show off their misfortune after the last episode aired, and posting #missGuan Jingshen#, but as a result, the last episode of Yan Qingchi was a big hit, and all the attention was focused on him. Regarding Yan Qingchi, even though it was mentioned that he was Guan Jingshen’s replacement, he was quickly overshadowed. This time Yan Qingchi became even more popular. Who still remembers that his position was originally Guan Jingshen’s?”

Yan Qingchi looked at this article, his heart sank, and when he pulled it down, he saw what netizens were saying.

“Yes, at that time, everyone was not optimistic about his replacement, thinking that he would be annoying, but it turned out that Yan Qingchi is your brother Yan in society. He is handsome and doesn’t talk much, and he has a personality that is easy to kill. It’s just deliberately picking on others. It’s not easy to choose.”

“Some people are already nitpicking, saying that he has too strong a sense of competition and too much desire to win or lose.”

“Are you kidding me upstairs? Grabbing wooden cards is a game in itself, and there will be winners and losers in the game. Otherwise, what is the use of having winners and losers. Hello, how are you, everyone?”

“Hey, if you don’t like to act like a star, why not just be a passerby like me?”

“Anyway, Guan Jingshen was miserable this time. He didn’t have much sense of existence in the first place, but now as soon as Yan Qingchi pressed him, there is no presence at all.”

“His fans didn’t say anything at the time, and they said they would criticize whoever succeeded Guan Jingshen. Are they black now?”

“Maybe they are the picky passers-by mentioned in the building.”

“I remember that someone said at the time that when the show was broadcast, it was the day Yan Qingchi would come to power. I thought this was a big shame at the time, but I didn’t expect it to be a slap in the face. It was so powerful. No wonder that person was swearing by it at the time.”

Yan Qingchi looked at everyone’s discussion and sighed. He was actually a little worried. He was brought out of the blue, and he was the replacement of Guan Jingshen. Would Guan Jingshen feel uncomfortable? But things had already happened, and it was useless for him to think about it, so he could only let himself not care.

Yan Qingchi tried to divert his attention and saw someone in the building talking about the so-called Langyan and Xunyan. He pressed his temples and felt a slight headache. Yan Qingchi quietly logged into the Weibo account and saw that the ranking of Chengchi in CP Super Chat had dropped, and the top ones were Langyan, Xunyan and even Lanyan. Yan Qingchi was simply shocked. How could he have so many CPs, so he pulled up and saw the CPs of the big and small captains that someone mentioned before, which were ranked very high.

Yan Qingchi guessed that the pair should be Sun Xun and Chen Xuanlang, and when he clicked on it, it turned out to be the two of them. The name of CP came from Sun Xun teasingly calling Chen Xuanlang “Small Captain” at the beginning, and Chen Xuanlang called him “Captain”, but now Chen Xuanlang no longer called him Captain Sun Xun, but fans were still used to using this CP name.

While Yan Qingchi was watching all this, his WeChat message rang. He clicked it and looked at it and couldn’t help laughing.

Sun Xun probably watched the related videos of the two of them edited by netizens. He had a strong desire to survive, so he said in the small group of three people including himself, Jiang Mochen and himself: “I swear on my honor that there is absolute innocence between me and my brother-in-law. Innocent and untainted, the editing by netizens is really a blind editing. It can create a sea of love for you without any emotion. I definitely have no intention of taking love away from you.”

Jiang Mochen replied in seconds: Got it, stand down. Well, I’m sure you don’t have the guts either.

Sun Xun: …I don’t have this intention either.

Yan Qingchi chatted privately with Jiang Mochen, “Have you finished filming?”


“When will it be completed?”

“I guess it will be finished by early December.”

Yan Qingchi suddenly thought of something and immediately messaged Sun Xun, “Are you there?”

“I’m here? What’s wrong?” Sun Xun was confused.

“Is Jiang Mochen’s birthday in early December? I think it’s December 5th?”

“Yes, what’s wrong?”

“It’s okay, just to make sure.”

“Are you going to prepare a gift for him? What gift? Isn’t it too early now?”

“It’s a bit early, so I’ll ask you and confirm the date with you.”

“Okay, come back to me if you have anything to do.”


After Yan Qingchi and Sun Xun finished speaking, he went back to chatting with Jiang Mochen, “There’s still one month left, so work hard.”

“Okay, you’ve been doing well recently, and Guan Mei is very happy.”

Yan Qingchi asked him, “Are you happy then?”

“Wait until we meet. Then I’ll tell you.”

Yan Qingchi thought for a while, “Are we meeting soon?”

“Yes, November 14th, what, you missed me?”

“You missed me, right?”

Jiang Mochen denied, “You were the one who missed me. No.”

Then he sent a screenshot to Yan Qingchi. Yan Qingchi clicked on it, and it turned out to be the voice and text of “I miss you too” that he sent to Jiang Mochen last time. Yan Qingchi laughed instantly. Then he made a face-palming expression.

Jiang Mochen asked back: You still said you didn’t miss me?

Yan Qingchi was a little dumbfounded: Isn’t this something only I can do? How did you learn it?

Jiang Mochen was very proud: “When you are close to red, you also turn red. When you are close to ink, you also turn black. After being with you for so long, would I still not know how to take screenshots and leave evidence. If I had the habit of recording, I would also turn on a voice recorder 24 hours a day to record you saying these words.”

Yan Qingchi had no choice but to make another face-palming expression, vaguely feeling that he had led Jiang Mochen astray.

Jiang Mochen was proud: You didn’t expect that you would still have this day today?

Yan Qingchi was sad: he shot birds all day long, but unexpectedly he was pecked in the eye by a bird.

Jiang Mochen laughed loudly: Are you surprised, are you surprised, are you happy?

Yan Qingchi replied to him: You should be happier.

Jiang Mochen was very honest: Indeed, every time we fought, I lost, but I finally won once.

When Yan Qingchi heard this, he actually felt that he was a little pitiful, so he sent him an emoticon.

“Then I’ll wait for you to come. See you on the 14th~”


So, full of expectations for the 14th, Yan Qingchi ushered in the broadcast of the third issue of “Let’s Fight! Friend!” which he had participated in and the upcoming meeting with Jiang Mochen.

Because of Wei Lan’s participation in this issue, netizens’ expectations were obviously higher than those in the previous two issues. Because the recording lasted two days, the program team used dancing as a time point to divide this program into two episodes. The first episode was being broadcast now.

The pace of this episode was obviously slower than that of the previous two episodes. The highlights were also divided between Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan, especially the grocery shopping. An ignorant young man like Wei Lan going to the vegetable market to buy groceries. The confused look on his face shocked the star-chasing girls who were used to seeing him act cool every day. Did Wei Lan still have such a cute side? When the two teams later competed in cooking, the program team added a selling point for Wei Lan as a foodie, and even paired the scene of him eating vegetables with a “Food Song”, which made everyone laugh.

The scene of Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan shooting arrows became a hot spot for girls at that time. Countless star-chasing girls screamed, one by one shouting: Brother, brother, marry me!

Because Yuan Mingxu did not have an outstanding performance, he did not attract much attention. Yuan Mingxu’s fans felt that the shots were unevenly distributed. There were too many shots of Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan, and too few shots of Yuan Mingxu. They were a little dissatisfied, but because they didn’t dare to offend Yan Qingchi and Wei Lan, they didn’t speak and were as quiet as a chicken.

However, on the second day after the show was broadcast, Yuan Mingxu was interviewed while attending an event and was asked about his comments on the just aired “Let’s Fight! Friend!” episode. Yuan Mingxu was asked if there was anything impressive that happened during the recording. He thought for a while and replied, “They were all quite profound, but the one where I was struck was the most profound. After all, I didn’t expect that I would be hit directly in the face. I was a little confused at the time.”

“Then among the people we recorded together, which ones do you think have different personalities from what you usually see and think?”

“They’re all pretty much the same, most of them are normal people. What the camera shows is the same. Some people are different, but it’s hard to say.”

“If you could recommend a friend to participate in “Let’s Fight! Friend!”, who would you recommend?”

“Mochen, he should be quite suitable for this program, I think.”

Yuan Mingxu said with a slight smile.

The author has something to say:

Jiang Mochen: I actually won this confrontation! It’s not easy! I want to remember this day!

Yan Qingchi:……

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