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Shen Lou’s hand holding the wine trembled, and the wine flowed down the tiger’s mouth. Lin Xin grabbed him and drank it all.

Lin Xin, who had cheated him into letting him drink, winked at Shen Lou proudly. While he was angry, he poured another glass and waited for Shen Lou to take care of it. When the expected big hand actually grasped his wrist, Lin Xin was shocked to realize that he had taken it for granted that Shen Lou would treat him well.

At the end of the song, the Persian dancer’s dance came to an abrupt end. Emperor Yuanshuo happily accepted the gift and said, “I will give Khan Wuluolun two carts of royal wine as a gift in return.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.” The barbarian envoy stood up and thanked him. “The Khan is looking forward to marrying the Princess. I wonder which princess the emperor is planning to marry to our Northern Desert?”

As soon as he finished speaking, the little eunuch who was serving the food suddenly slipped on his feet, and a bowl of thick soup flew straight towards Lin Xin.

Lin Xin raised his hand and caught it steadily, but for some reason his hand shook and sprinkled a few drops on Shen Lou’s black clothes. “Yeah, it got dirty. Come on, I’ll wash it off for you.”

“Don’t make trouble.” Shen Lou was helpless. He couldn’t tell if Lin Xin was doing it on purpose. He didn’t know what kind of crooked idea he had.

“This young one deserves to die, Your Majesty, please forgive me.” The young eunuch’s face turned pale, and he immediately knelt down and kowtowed, his cold sweat sticking to the ground, leaving a wet mark.

The emperor waved his hand to indicate that it was okay, since the eunuch had confessed his crime to the emperor, he went to the side hall to deal with it.

Lin Xin pouted. He was not interested in this boring palace banquet at all. He just wanted to personally verify whether Shen Lou had reacted, but Shen Lou saw through the trick.

Shen Lou followed the palace maid out of the Chunhe Palace and walked to a remote palace. Pushing the door open, the lights in the room were dim and a spare set of dresses hung on the screen.

The palace maid took off his clothes but had no intention of changing them for Shen Lou. Instead, she bowed lightly, turned and left, closing the door behind her.

Shen Lou’s eyes were dim, and he did not touch the clothes on the table. Instead, he held the hilt of Yu Yuan sword at his waist, “The palace maid has left, and you haven’t shown up yet?” There was a rustling sound from behind the screen, which seemed to come from behind.

There was the sound of rising from the seat. Shen Lou flicked the candlelight with a flick of his finger, reflecting the beauty walking out.

The hairpin rings jingled on her steps, and her light gold skirt shone brightly. Princess Yunxi, who was wearing makeup, looked a little more gorgeous than usual. “I hope you will forgive me for disturbing the crown prince.”

Even after seeing it was Yunxi, Shen Lou didn’t lower his guard at all, “I didn’t know that the princess was here, and I was rude.”

Seeing Shen Lou reacting like this, Princess Yunxi held her skirt and smiled bitterly, “The prince must have guessed that I asked someone to bring you here, Yunxi wants to make a deal with the Crown Prince.”

She had already accepted her fate, but the scene she saw in the teahouse today made her unwilling to accept it. Compared with the barbarians far away, the royal family wanted to win over the Northern Territory with its strong soldiers and horses more. As long as Shen Lou opened his mouth, he could pull her out of the quagmire of marriage.

“If the princess is talking about marriage, forgive this Shen for being incompetent.” Shen Lou said coldly, turned around and was about to leave, but his sleeve was suddenly grabbed by Princess Yunxi.

The Yu Yuan sword was instantly unsheathed and cut off the sleeve.

The princess grabbed the piece of fabric blankly, her eyes gradually filled with tears, and suddenly she knelt on the ground with a pop, “Your Majesty, please save Yunxi. As long as you agree to marry me, my father will definitely agree. My mother’s mother is a concubine in the Zhong family. I know a big secret of the Zhong family. As long as you…”

“I have a sweetheart,” Shen Lou interrupted lightly, using the scabbard to help the princess, “This Shen Lou will never marry anyone else.”

Seeing Shen Lou so determined, her hope failed, so Princess Yunxi covered her face and burst into tears, “I don’t know which beauty is so lucky.”

Shen Lou shook his head, “It’s my good luck to be treated like this by him.”

While Shen Lou was away, Lin Xin drank happily, planning to take Shen Shizi to sleep in the Marquis Mansion at night, and use the power of wine to do some evil things.

After waiting and waiting, Shen Lou did not come back. Lin Xin had already drunk a lot of wine and was a little anxious to urinate. Without even saying hello to the emperor, he staggered up and went to pee.

Emperor Yuanshuo smiled helplessly and ignored him.

The moon was bright and the stars were sparse, the cold wind was blowing, the cicadas seemed to have died, and only the sound of swaying grass and trees was left.

The toilet was located in the side hall of Chunhe Hall for use by people at banquets, so there were a few extra buckets separated by wooden boards placed there. Lin Xin was filling water in the bucket, but when he heard a noise next door, he took a curious look.

Seeing this, he almost had to hold back his urine.

Standing next door was the dancer wearing a gauze skirt, bloomers and a veil. At this moment, she was standing in the same position as him, standing and letting go.

“…” Suddenly he regretted the action of touching his hand just now.

“The prince’s eyes are deep and blue, like the sea soul stone in the depths of the sea.” The dancer said, and it was a man’s voice. It was not unpleasant, but it was not pleasant either. Low and slow, like a wizard chanting a spell.

Lin Xin frowned, feeling that the dancer’s words had a profound meaning, “The Persian dancer is a man, I wonder if the emperor knows that.”

The man smiled strangely, suddenly came up to Lin Xin, and stared at him with his blue eyes, “Hasn’t the Marquis ever been curious about why his eyes are blue?”

Most people in the Central Plains had black pupils, but Lin Xin’s eyes were dark blue. He once asked Zhu Xingli curiously, and the answer he got was, “You were frozen when you were a kid.” He did almost freeze to death when he was five years old, so he believed what Master said was quite reasonable.

“Why?” Lin Xin asked subconsciously, then he suddenly drew his sword and retreated quickly. Years of experience in fighting blood with the tip of a knife made him instinctively feel danger.

There was no one outside the toilet. The little eunuch who had just followed Lin Xin and the guards in the corridor were all gone. Several red threads came towards him and tightly wrapped the hook-swallowing scimitar.

The red silk was as tough as black iron, but the knife kept cutting. Lin Xin gritted his teeth and was about to abandon the knife and draw his sword. Unexpectedly, the silk thread seemed to be alive, and suddenly climbed up Lin Xin’s wrist, instantly piercing his palm.

“Ah…” The severe pain from his palm made Lin Xin cry out in pain. He ignored the doctor’s instructions and was about to use his spiritual power, but found that he couldn’t use the strength, as if something had penetrated into his spiritual veins!

What kind of magic was this?

The blood quickly gathered along the silk thread into the dancer’s hand, gathering into a small blood sac. Along with the loss of blood, the body’s spiritual power and vitality also started to weaken. Lin Xin gritted his teeth and had no choice but to use his trump card, so he took a deep breath and shouted: “Shen Lou, help!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a sword light as bright as the sun came through the sky.

“Boom–” The glazed tile and the beauty leaned in half, exploded, and the red thread suddenly broke. The man turned around to escape, but was blocked by Shen Lou’s sword energy, so he had to draw his sword and fight with him.

“Get out of the way!” Shen Lou’s Spiritual Sword was released, and the hilt of the sword pushed Lin Xin’s newly unsheathed Yanggu back, preventing him from using his spiritual power. Then Yu Yuan instantly struck back and cut off the dancing girl’s veil with a sword strike.

The veil decorated with beads fell to the floor, revealing a man’s face that was not very handsome. This man looked very ordinary, but he had a pair of captivating eyes, which were deep blue and seemed to have tiny silver gleams flashing in the moonlight.

“Great witch!” Shen Lou was startled. No wonder he felt familiar when he saw him dancing before. This man was the barbarian witch standing next to Uluolun Heruo Khan, who had had his eyes covered with black cloth.

The surrounding guards heard the sound and rushed over, but the man was not afraid at all. He glanced at Lin Xin, who was leaning against the pillar and panting, and showed a sly smile.

Shen Lou drew his sword and blocked Lin Xin behind him. Suddenly there was a bright light over there, and an old piece of parchment instantly burned in the palm of the witch’s hand. The wind around him twisted for a moment, and Shen Lou immediately turned around and hugged Lin Xin firmly into his arms.

Sure enough, a suction force appeared on Lin Xin’s side, but it was only for a very short moment. Looking back, the man in the colorful skirt had disappeared, leaving only a pinch of burnt ash.

“What is that?” Lin Xin said in horror, holding his right hand that had been pierced through as if a sieve. Transfiguration for thousands of miles was a legend that only existed in ancient books. If the barbarians had this magic, wouldn’t it mean that they could take anyone’s life whenever they wanted?

“It should be a talisman scroll left from ancient times.” Shen Lou hugged him tightly, quite scared. This kind of ancient talisman was extremely rare. If any family had one or two, they were the treasures of the house. They would never be used until the family’s survival was at stake. He didn’t expect that the barbarian witches would lay down such a large amount of blood to capture Lin Xin. What on earth did they want to do?

The dancer presented by the barbarians turned out to be a man, and he was also a barbarian witch who knew magic! Everyone in the palace was shocked, including the two barbarian nobles.

“The dancer was a great witch? This is impossible! I even talked to her when we entered the palace. She was obviously a woman!” the barbarian deputy envoy screamed.

The envoy looked upright and said, “Your Majesty, Emperor of the Central Plains, please believe us when we say that we had no knowledge of this. There must be some misunderstanding. Please allow me to send a message to ask the Khan.”

“That’s enough!” Emperor Yuanshuo slapped the table with his hand, shattering the sandalwood-carved table, “The peace talks are a lie, and the assassination is a real thing. If Marquis Lu hadn’t found out in time, wouldn’t this dancer have wanted to assassinate me? Take them down!”

The golden guards immediately stepped forward and pinned the two barbarians to the ground.

The two barbarian nobles who came to welcome the bride according to the instructions of the Khan were imprisoned, and there was no more discussion about the marriage.

Lin Xin, who was injured, was allowed to rest for a few days. He lay on the big kang near the window of the Marquis Mansion and asked Feng Zhong to peel chestnuts for him to eat.

“Xinxin, do you really think I can be a good emperor?” Feng Zhong finally asked the question he had been holding back for a long time. When the master told him Lin Xin’s decision, he was a little confused. From the moment he entered the capital, Lin Xin allowed him to be in the limelight, and later even took over the position of Marquis of Lu to pave the way for him. Everything was too sudden, unless his senior brother believed that he would be an unparalleled king.

“I don’t think so.” Lin Xin bit the chestnut, puffed up his mouth and started chewing.

“…” The blood in his heart was poured into the mud, and Feng Zhong put away the chestnuts and refused to let him eat.

Lin Xin glanced at him sideways, “You are still too young to be a good emperor. But if you don’t become emperor, both of us and the Zhu family will be ruined.”

When Feng Zhang ascended the throne in his last life, the first thing he did was to kill Zhu Yangai and seize the Luli vein. And the second thing was to kill this annoying brother.

“Master Marquis, the young lady of the Shen family is here to visit.” The servant announced from outside the door.

“Who?” Lin Xin thought he had misheard.

“Miss Shen Qiuting.” The servant repeated it again.

Now that Shen Qiuting had not yet been granted the title of princess, others could only refer to her as the young lady of the Shen family or the girl of the Shen family. In the absence of her brother, she was responsible for escorting the tribute except Luli. So, she had been living in Princess Yunxi’s palace for the past few days.

It was somewhat inappropriate for a woman who had not yet left the boudoir to come to the palace of a marquis who had not yet married a wife as a guest. However, the cultivators were not that particular, so they let her in.

Shen Yingying rushed in like a firecracker, “A Xin, my brother asked the emperor to ask you to come back to the Northern Territory with us!”

The Luli in the Northern Territory had not been tested yet, and Lin Xin had to go there before the Chinese New Year. Shen Lou happened to be going home for the New Year, so he wanted to take Lin Xin back with him.

It was not a good thing for Marquis Lu to go home to test the Luli. Why were the two siblings one more active than the other, as if they couldn’t wait for him to go to their house to blackmail.

“Oh, by the way, Princess Yunxi asked me to thank you on her behalf.” Shen Yingying sat on the kang and grabbed a chestnut from the paper bag in Feng Zhong’s hand to eat.

“She doesn’t need to thank me for what I did, I didn’t mean to help her.” Lin Xin had no intention of taking the credit and was quite depressed looking at the several bloody holes in his palms. It was obviously just a small hole, but it was painful. Shen Lou slept with him last night, but he didn’t get any advantage. He slept with his hands raised all night.

Shen Yingying choked and abruptly changed the subject, “The princess cried all night yesterday. I thought she was happy, but guess what? She actually said that my brother has a sweetheart, hahahahaha!” Then she reached for the chestnut again. The oil-paper bag suddenly moved away, leaving her empty-handed.

Feng Zhong pinched open a chestnut for himself and ate it, “What sweetheart?”

“It is said that my brother admitted it himself, and Zhong Youyu said so too!”

Lin Xin still didn’t come back to his senses until the two guys who were snatching chestnuts had left. Shen Qingque, do you have a sweetheart? Who is it?

Then he started screening everyone who had been in contact with Shen Lou over the years, guessing and worrying about gains and losses. For a moment, he felt that Shen Lou was not very close to anyone now, and if he wanted to like someone, he could only like him; but the next moment, he felt that he was delusional, and what happened in his previous life was still between the two of them. However, if Shen Lou treated him well, he probably would not have found his “sweetheart.” This point.

Maybe it was someone he got to know after his death?

“Open your mouth.” Shen Lou held a piece of fish and fed it to Lin Xin’s mouth, calling back the distracted Marquis of Lu.

Lin Xin’s right hand was injured and Lin Xin couldn’t hold chopsticks. So, Shen Shizi, who was waiting for Marquis of Lu to go home for the New Year, took the initiative to feed him. The fish meat was deboned and melted in your mouth. Shen Lou even carefully dipped it in the soup.

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