MGSGW Ch. 261

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If it was another part-time job, she could also find an easy job like tutoring.

But for this flower shop, Liu Yuanyuan resigned from her previous tutoring job, and also refused some simple social practice that the school work office had helped her find. She really devoted herself wholeheartedly to this flower shop.

Liu Yuanyuan often registered only a few hours of flower selling time a day to get paid, but after selling flowers, she often stayed at the flower shop and studied there.

Even when Lin Mumu and Chen Fangya went out to play, Liu Yuanyuan was guarding the store alone.

In terms of feelings, Liu Yuanyuan’s feelings for the succulent flower shop were no worse than Lin Mumu’s.

“You just made careless friends. Fortunately, you are lucky enough to be in the same dormitory with us.” Chen Fangya always spoke straightforwardly, but she still reached out to wipe Liu Yuanyuan’s tears.

“Yes.” Liu Yuanyuan nodded.

“That woman is just mean-mouthed. No matter what, she is right. She is the only smart person who got admitted to Yanda University. Others are stupid. I look down on her. Yuanyuan, just ignore her next time you see her. If you keep talking to her, you’ll deserve it.”

Chen Fangya said hard words, but her heart was still soft. She already wanted to pull Liu Ting back and give her a good slap.

This firecracker temper was really something that came to mind when hearing her talk. So, she really opened the door again.

Liu Ting was unwilling to give up and kept lingering outside the door.

Now when she saw the door open, she immediately knelt on the threshold again and kept kowtowing: “Lin Mumu, Liu Yuanyuan, please do good I beg you, if you don’t help me, I will really have no choice but to crash and die here.”

“I have already said that you should die and jump from the unknown tower. At least Yanda will have your name left behind. Is it useful for you to die here? Besides, it would be embarrassing if people knew that you committed suicide for 10,000 yuan.” Lin Mumu’s voice was cool.

Liu Ting was a little unable to react and stared at Lin Mumu blankly.

Lin Mumu was a girl, who she used to think was soft, weak was particularly easy to control. That’s why she had the courage to turn around and take the initiative to join Boss Su to grab business from her.

She thought that if she cried and begged, Lin Mumu would be overflowing with sympathy, and maybe she would be willing to help her.

She didn’t expect her to be so difficult?

As soon as Lin Mumu finished speaking, Chen Fangya followed up: “Don’t say that we bullied you. Last time you slandered our Lin Mumu, for being tricked by someone. The Buddha has said: The cycle of karma will bring retribution. This is all what you asked for.”

Liu Ting was so angry at the two of them. Knowing that kneeling was useless, she stood up, dusted herself off, and prepared to leave.

Just at this time, Yun Ting finished his phone call and came out of the backyard.

Liu Ting’s eyes lit up when she saw the tall and handsome Yun Ting. She had heard that Lin Mumu became successful thanks to this man.

Liu Ting was full of resentment towards Lin Mumu at this time, and sneered at Yun Ting:

“What is it like to marry a woman with a heart of snakes and scorpions? Do you know what kind of person Lin Mumu is? With just one sentence, she asked me to go jump off the building.”

Liu Ting said excitedly and leaned closer to Yun Ting.

“Do you want me to take care of it?”

Yun Ting didn’t want to fight with her, so he just turned around and walked to Lin Mumu, hugging Lin Mumu’s shoulders as if to declare his sovereignty.

He didn’t even ask a question, and he had nothing to ask. Did his wife need anyone else to tell him about her?

Liu Ting looked at Yun Ting in a daze. Yun Ting didn’t pay attention to her at all, just pretending that she didn’t exist. At this time, he casually grabbed the pine nuts in Lin Mumu’s hand, pinched them open one by one, removed the intact pine nuts, then he put them in the palm of Lin Mumu’s hand.

Lin Mumu smiled coquettishly at Yun Ting, seemingly not paying attention to what Liu Ting said and just eating her pine nuts.

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