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Sweat slid down the line of Fu Yuanzhou’s jaw, as he was held in Xie Lin’s arms. Because of the embarrassment, his face was red, and his fingertips on the doorknob were trembling.

“What else do you want to do?”

His tone was fierce, but he was afraid in his heart. He really couldn’t think of what Xie Lin could do. He was already ashamed and angry just now: “Wasn’t that enough?”

“What do you think?”

Compared with him, Xie Lin’s voice was much calmer, but it also contained a deep emotion.

“Continue to prove to me how important I am to you.”

Now I am proving how important you are to me by not killing you!

Fu Yuanzhou gritted his teeth, Xie Lin had no scruples because he was reluctant to do anything to him, he couldn’t bear it anymore, he must… escape again!

He turned the door lock that was locked just now, but his hand was sweating a lot, his fingers were wet, and the metal door lock felt like a slippery fish in his hand. He couldn’t turn it until his wrist was held by Xie Lin, and he pulled his hand down.

“Do you still want to be seen by them?”

Xie Lin stuck to his back and grabbed both his wrists. The strong red wine scent burst out suddenly, pure and fragrant, Fu Yuanzhou’s legs suddenly softened, a slight whimper appeared in his throat, and he fell directly against the door to the ground.

Covered by the Alpha’s high-concentration pheromone, Fu Yuanzhou seemed to have fallen into an ocean of red wine in an instant and was almost unable to breathe.

The blood all over his body was rushing and boiling, and his heart was severely captured. He was shaking and his hands were grasped by Xie Lin, Xie Lin pushed him forward, his face and upper body could only be pressed against the door panel. The heat on his face scorched the little piece on the door.

The air conditioner in the room blew out a cool, cold wind, but could not dissipate the heat from Fu Yuanzhou’s body. He didn’t dare to breathe in more pheromones, and could only gasp in small mouthfuls, suppressing the urge to take a deep breath.

Shameless, beast, bastard, actually pressed him with pheromones again!

Fu Yuanzhou scolded Xie Lin bloody in his heart, but all his voice seemed to melt in his throat. He couldn’t say a word, his heart was anxious and embarrassed, but when he spoke again, he said pitifully in a low voice.

“Xie Lin…Xie——”

His tone changed suddenly, and his back was tight, because he felt Xie Lin lift his hand and slightly lift the end of the hairs on the back of his neck, revealing his black collar. The hot air was sprayed on that skin, and it was Xie Lin who lowered his head and slowly got close to the back of his neck.

“Xie Lin? What are you doing?”

Fu Yuanzhou began to struggle hard. Didn’t he say he would not bite the glands? Wasn’t Xie Lin going to regret it?!

Xie Lin soothed him: “I won’t.”

He hugged Fu Yuanzhou, his lips pressed against the soft leather collar. At this moment, the nervousness in Fu Yuanzhou’s heart reached culmination, but he found that Xie Lin did not push away the collar, but just kissed the gland hidden underneath through the collar.

Xie Lin was not speaking. When he lowered his head, his hair swept across the skin of the nape of his neck, making Fu Yuanzhou feel a little itchy.

He couldn’t see Xie Lin’s expression, let alone what he was doing, but through the slight movements of the tip of his nose and hair, he could vaguely feel that Xie Lin’s lips were gently grinding against the collar.

As Xie Lin promised, he did not kiss any part of Fu Yuanzhou’s body, but Fu Yuanzhou still felt a hundred times more tormented than being kissed. Because of the extreme shame, there were even a little tear in his eyes, and his eyes fluttered while reddening.

It doesn’t matter, just bear it for a while…

He told himself in the bottom of his heart, silently accepting the close embrace of Xie Lin and the intoxicating smell of red wine, only hoping for it end quickly, and Xie Lin to let him go——

Suddenly a very soft sound came from behind his neck. Fu Yuanzhou felt his throat tighten slightly, and the entire collar was retracted. It was Xie Lin who bit his collar and pulled it back gently, as if biting his glands, his lips rubbed the skin of the back of his neck in an instant, causing Fu Yuanzhou’s body to tremble violently.

The glands were exposed, and the sweet peach pheromone entangled with the smell of red wine. Xie Lin paused for a while before finally letting go of Fu Yuanzhou’s hands.

“Uh, huh…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s cheeks were flushed and sweaty, and his whole body was shaking. He raised his hand to cover his mouth to prevent the moan that was about to overflow from his lips.

At this moment, he had already regretted it to the extreme. If he had known that Xie Lin would toss him like this, it would be better to let Xie Lin kiss him directly!

He leaned his forehead against the door frame, his body curled up slightly, his face was sweaty and tearful, and he was embarrassed, but it seemed that Xie Lin didn’t mean to let him go. His body was turned around, letting him face himself.


Fu Yuanzhou was about to collapse. He was really scared of Xie Lin. In his previous life, he always couldn’t fight against Xie Lin. In this life, it was even worse. Xie Lin didn’t need to do anything to get him to be convinced.

He plunged into Xie Lin’s arms all at once. At this moment he finally saw Xie Lin’s expression. Xie Lin’s expression was very pale, his face was only slightly red, as if indifferent, but his hands were clenched tightly, clasping Fu Yuanzhou’s arm, as if nothing had happened and he did not plan to let him go again.

Fu Yuanzhou begged, “Don’t come, don’t come, isn’t that enough?”

Xie Lin said nothing.

“Aren’t you… just angry that someone else kissed me?” Fu Yuanzhou raised his flushed face, pointed to his cheek and said, “Come on, you kiss, can’t you kiss me casually!”

Xie Lin looked at him and finally said: “You only consider me a friend, and friends can’t kiss each other.”

“Who said that friends can’t do it?” Fu Yuanzhou couldn’t help crying. “This is just a way to express intimacy. It’s… to show that I value you very much.”

Xie Lin lowered his eyes and sorted out his slightly messy shirt, as if completely not interested.

His slender fingers ran across his chest, smoothing out the small wrinkles, but suddenly the wrinkles on the fabric became more, and the other hand stretched over and grabbed his neckline.

Fu Yuanzhou pulled Xie Lin by the collar in front of him, and kissed his face, then quickly let go, closed his eyes in desperation, and asked, “Is this all done?”

“Every day.” Xie Lin said suddenly.

“…Huh?” Fu Yuanzhou quietly opened his eyes and made a suspicious voice.

Xie Lin pulled him up from the ground together: “Once a day, as a good morning kiss.”

Fu Yuanzhou flushed, and pointed at him and cried out, “Don’t be too much!”

“That’s a good morning kiss?”

Xie Lin’s eyes were deep, making Fu Yuanzhou’s heart palpitate.

He didn’t say anything, just raised his hand and brushed Fu Yuanzhou’s sweaty forehead, helped him organize his collar, opened the windows to let in fresh air, and dissipated the pheromone smell that filled the room.

Everything seemed very peaceful, but Fu Yuanzhou seemed to understand what he hadn’t said before—

I want more than that, you have to be psychologically prepared.

Fu Yuanzhou almost hit the wall with his head.

Damn, how on earth should I refuse him? Should I have sex reassignment surgery? Was there such an operation?

They had just cleaned up, when there was the sound of two more sets of footsteps outside in the corridor. Someone knocked on the door. It was Fu Yuanzhou’s mother: “Xiao Zhou, Xiao Lin, Xiao Fei came to play with you, can I open the door?”

“Ah…well. “

Fu Yuanzhou trembled, thinking that fortunately, Yu Fei came late. If he had come earlier, how would they have opened the door?

His mother opened the door, and a beautiful face appeared behind her. He was smiling at first, but suddenly he was taken aback, his expression changed slightly.

“What’s the matter?” Xie Lin glanced at him.

“…It’s okay.” Yu Fei squinted his eyes, his brows and eyebrows lined out a bit coquettishly with the pink mole, and his voice was a little heavy.

“How come there is Xiaolin’s pheromone smell? And Xiaozhou’s…”

Fu Yuanzhou’s mother was an Omega and could smell the remaining pheromone smell. She was taken aback and asked them both: “Auntie said just now that she saw the chair had fallen, did you two fight? Or did you…”

“No, no.” Fu Yuanzhou had no other choice but to lie, “We just had a quarrel just now, I was a little emotional, but it’s all right.”

“You can’t smell the pheromone in the bedroom, can you?” Xie Lin asked Yu Fei again.

“Yes.” Yu Fei raised her lips, “I mentioned to you that I am a little insensitive to pheromones.”

“Xiao Fei, you are insensitive to pheromones?” Yuanzhou’s mother was surprised and quickly took Yu Fei’s hand and asked. “When did it happen, is it congenital or acquired, does your mother know?”

“It was just a few months ago. I had a high fever, and it has been abnormal since then.” Yu Fei smiled: “She doesn’t know, she is very busy at work, and I don’t want her to worry about me anymore.”

“You kid, how can you not tell an adult? If you didn’t say it just now, how would we know?”

Mother Fu worried again and said angrily: “If your sensory function is impaired, all aspects will be affected in the future. Your mother is not free, but Auntie is free. Tomorrow you will ask the school for a leave. I will take you for a checkup. This can’t be delayed.”

“Tomorrow?” Yu Fei blinked and responded slowly, “Okay, thank you Auntie, I will ask the teacher for leave.”

After hearing this, Fu Yuanzhou was a little worried. He didn’t know enough about the common sense of ABO. He didn’t know that pheromone insensitivity might still be a big problem. Yu Fei and Xie Lin didn’t say it before, so he didn’t pay much attention to it.

Why didn’t Xie Lin mention it?

He glanced at Xie Lin subconsciously and found that Xie Lin seemed thoughtful, but not worried.

“You come here first.” Mother Fu grabbed Yu Fei, and nodded to Xie Lin and Fu Yuanzhou, “You two keep busy, I have something to talk to Xiao Fei.”

Xie Lin did not stay, he still had a lot more things to do. Before leaving, he looked back at Fu Yuanzhou and said, “Don’t forget your promise.”

Sitting on the bed, Fu Yuanzhou froze for a moment, beat against the bed and said angrily: “Impossible!”

He didn’t agree to a good morning kiss.!

Xie Lin seemed to smile slightly, and left Fu Yuanzhou’s room. That week was spent peacefully, while Fu Yuanzhou stuck to his bottom line. Of course, he would not kiss him every day, and Yu Fei was always there, and it was rare for him to be alone with Xie Lin.

At the weekend, Yu Fei’s test results came out. He did suffer from pheromone perception dysfunction, but it was not serious. He only needed to take a few courses of medicine and cooperate with physical therapy to be cured.

According to what had been said before, Fu Yuanzhou’s mother took him back to his grandma’s house. Xie Lin and Yu Fei also went with him. Grandma liked children very much, especially Xie Lin, and would talk about letting him come to play every time.

This time when she saw Yu Fei, she was also very happy, and she kept praising Yu Fei the longer she saw him, the better she found him saying that he and Xie Lin showed talents, and their parents were really blessed.

“Grandma, you just praise them for their good looks, do you think I don’t look good?” Fu Yuanzhou sat beside the old woman, holding her hand and smiling with her, “I am your grandson, don’t you like me?

“I like it, of course I like it.”

Her grandson acted like a baby with her, it made grandma smile and talk to him kindly.

“Our Xiaozhou is so good-looking, and his children in the future will definitely look better. Tell me, do you have a boyfriend right now? Needless to say, I think Xiaofei and Xiaolin are both good. Who do you like more between the two of them?”

Hearing the old man’s question, Xie Lin and Yu Fei invariably stopped what they were doing just now and looked at Fu Yuanzhou one after another.

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