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He watched the half-cat boy shrink into a small ball, and then because Shen Yu had restrained its claws, its whole body was stretched by gravity, hanging on the wall like that, fluttering in the wind…

Xu Maomao panted: “Meow.”

Shen Yu’s eyes darkened, and after a few seconds of dumb surprise, he reached out and lifted the long cat into a round lump again.

One person and one cat, with big eyes and small eyes, stared at each other piercingly.

“What’s going on?” Shen Yu stroked the cat in his hand, and asked unwillingly, “Have you lost your demon power?”

While talking, he hugged him back into his arms, his movements and tone were completely different from before, as if he had changed after him returning to the cat form, and Shen Yu had become serious and returned to the gentleness of the past again.

Xu Maomao nodded sharply: “Meow.” The male god loves me again! Please let me go!

Shen Yu was amused by its timid look, and chuckled: “Do you think I won’t pursue it? I know you can understand me, so now, let’s play a game.”

Xu Maomao cried, QAQ Didn’t even work like this?

“This game is me asking and you have to answer, don’t hide it, otherwise…” Shen Yu paused, touched the cat’s lower abdomen with his finger, and gave Xu Maomao a “you understand” look.

“… Woo.” I’m scared!

“First question, are you Oscar? If yes, nod, if not, shake your head.”

Nonsense, of course choose yes at this time, what if he shakes his head and Shen Yu asks him for the cat? For the sake of family harmony (?) sometimes a man has to tell white lies.

Just as he was about to nod, a bell rang quickly.

Shen Yu was stunned for a moment, took out the phone and saw that it was from the shop, the smile on the corner of his mouth disappeared immediately. There must be something wrong if they were calling at this time, so he resolutely stopped his thoughts of molesting Oscar.

“Hello?…” After a while, Shen Yu frowned, “Okay, I understand, don’t hurt it, and pay attention to your own safety.”

After hanging up the phone, Shen Yu put the cat down and stroked its little head, his voice was full of jokes, helplessness, and more unwillingness, “I’ll go and deal with something first, and we will continue when I get back.”

Xu Maomao: “…”

I hope you can forget this when you come back, male god!

Shen Yu quickly left the door, and Xu Maomao completely recovered from the tension and shock, and at the same time, a doubt gradually grew in his heart.

Well done, why did Shen Yu come back early today? Moreover, when he came back, he acted quickly and his goal was very clear. It was clearly a manifestation of foreseeing the abnormal situation, and it was definitely not a coincidence. It was very possible that Shen Yu may have known exactly what happened at home, for example, he had some kind of channel… Xu Maomao slapped his head, maybe there was a camera in this house!

Although he hadn’t paid attention to information about cute pets before, he had still heard that some owners would install cameras at home in order to know the situation of their pets. According to Shen Yu’s careful appearance, this was entirely possible.

Thinking of this, Xu Maomao immediately began to look for traces of the camera in the room. When he inspected all the objects suspected of being the camera and found no suspicious objects in the corners of the ceiling, his eyes suddenly turned to the huge teddy bear on the sofa.

To say that the extraordinary things Shen Yu did during this period were bringing these two girlish dolls back.

Xu Maomao jumped onto the sofa with a kick on his hind legs and climbed onto the naive teddy bear. After some research, he finally discovered that the secret was hidden in its pair of mung bean-sized eyeballs, which were clearly two miniature cameras!

He went to the study to check again, and sure enough, there was a camera installed on the nose of the pink and tender hello kitty…

There is no fuck to say, so I lost my horse like this! Careless!

The guess was confirmed, and Xu Maomao fell on the carpet as if struck by lightning. Remembering Shen Yu’s unimaginable understanding of cats sometimes, Xu Maomao burst into cold sweat. Shen Yu clearly knew that he was broadcasting live a long time ago, but he still pretended not to know, what a scheming shit-shoveling officer!

Xu Maomao huddled together in a panic, but after a while, he realized that what Shen Yu said just now showed clearly the fact that he hadn’t confirmed that he was Xu Maomao! And what if he doubted it? He didn’t have any evidence, after all, the transformed body was only 80% similar to his original body, and Shen Yu could do nothing if he didn’t admit it.

This last layer of vest had to be kept, otherwise it would be embarrassing for him to get back the male god in the future! Besides, if the cat immortal knew that he was completely exposed, he might actually run naked to warn him!

So the top priority was to destroy those cameras, lest Shen Yu dig out more secrets. After a moment of silence, Xu Maomao got up with a grunt, bit the teddy bear decisively and dragged it into the bathtub, filled it with water, and soaked the bear’s head in it. Then he did the same with Hello Kitty, seeing that the three cameras were all submerged in the water, Xu Maomao was relieved.

He was still thinking about the text he hadn’t finished correcting. As a codewriter with a strong sense of responsibility, he must unswervingly keep updating no matter what the situation was. Xu Maomao quickly adjusted his frightened heart and seeing as Shen Yu would not be able to come back in a short time, he drank another bottle of transformation potion for about half an hour.

It was still a cat’s claw, cat’s ears and cat’s tail, but practice made perfect and the speed gradually increased. As long as Shen Yu didn’t come back to make trouble, it shouldn’t be a problem to complete the task.


Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Pet Shop.

“Manager Shen’s car is here!” The anxious shop assistants who didn’t know what to do were overjoyed and hurried up to greet him.

Shen Yu could see their figures from a distance, as well as a tall and strong Caucasian shepherd dog[1] outside the door.

Xiao Guan said on the phone just now that shortly after he left, a giant dog came to the pet store. Its hair was well groomed and it had a collar around its neck. It obviously belonged to an owner. But for some reason, there was no owner by his side when it came, and it had a fierce face. It barked wildly as soon as it came and barked for a whole hour. During this time, the shop assistants tried to comfort it and were almost bitten.

The Valley of the Wind pet store opened not long ago, and most of the pets it received were under the size of Erha. The Caucasian was a relatively fierce breed, and the inexperienced shop assistants were all frightened by its barking like a mountain and river, and the experienced therapist had already gone on vacation in the afternoon, so they had no choice but to ask Manager Shen for help.

Shen Yu parked the car at the door, the Caucasian suddenly stopped barking, and its huge head turned to stare at this side.

Although its size was indeed terrifying, strong and powerful, Shen Yu still walked over calmly.

The Caucasian’s head shook, and before Shen Yu approached, it rushed up with a groan, its size was like a small hill, and its speed was very fast, it seemed that as long as it wanted to, it could catch Shen Yu by his neck without him paying attention!

“Manager be careful!”

Shen Yu narrowed his eyes, but he didn’t expect it to suddenly attack. As a result, it came to a sudden stop when it was two meters away from the person and stopped at Shen Yu’s feet hahahaha.

“Woo!” it yelled loudly, while shaking its head and tail. It was the rhythm of a vicious dog turning into a cute dog. A pair of small eyes were fixed on Shen Yu, and its nose made a whirring sound.

Shen Yu froze for a moment, then he reached out and stroked its head.

The Caucasian lowered its head and arched it in his palm, then quickly raised its head back, screaming excitedly: “Wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yu asked.

“Wow, woof, woof!” The Caucasian continued to bark, then seemed to hesitate, and took two tentative steps forward, opening his mouth wide, revealing a row of sharp fangs.

The shop assistants who were watching from a distance were all sweating, they were almost bitten just like this!

As a result, Shen Yu looked down at its movements very calmly. Seeing that Shen Yu was not afraid, it bit down decisively—but it just carefully grabbed his trouser leg.

Shen Yu was a little moved by this scene, and immediately thought of a possibility, it was wearing a collar, and it was so impatient, with the intelligence of a dog, it was very likely that something had happened, and it wanted to bring someone to help. But Xiao Guan and the others were girls, so they definitely dared not follow easily. He was not afraid of these things because he was a man, so he said decisively: “Lead the way.” When the Caucasian heard this, he immediately let go of his mouth, and then ran in one direction, stopping after a few steps, then turning back to urge him to come along.

Shen Yu’s footsteps were fast, and he caught up immediately.

As he expected, the Caucasian took him to a nearby villa complex. This neighborhood was sparsely populated, and most of the people couldn’t afford to buy a house here. But the people who lived here only came here occasionally on vacation. Maybe it once went to another house for help, but when it found no one, it ran to the pet store. After all, the two places were not too far away. As for how he came to know about the Nausicaa Pet Shop, maybe its owner once took it for a walk nearby.

The Caucasian jumped on the door panel skillfully and bit the handle with his mouth. It was so heavy that it easily unlocked it, and then slammed the door open with a whine, signaling Shen Yu to follow in.

Shen Yu followed behind it, all the way up the stairs, and finally found an unconscious old man in the master bedroom.

Shen Yu’s heart tightened, and he rushed forward, first checked his breath with his hand, and found that there was still air coming in and out, so he decisively picked up his mobile phone and dialed for an ambulance.

“…Yes, Building X, V Garden, please hurry up!”

The big dog listened to his call with tears in his eyes, whimpered anxiously, and tried to come over and lick its master. Shen Yu reached out his hand to stop it, because he knew that some old people couldn’t be moved easily when they were comatose.

Before the ambulance arrived, Shen Yu had to comfort the anxious dog over and over again. Fortunately, the environment in this community was very good, and it didn’t take long for harsh siren sounds to be heard outside.

“Excuse me, are you a family member?” the nurses asked when they were sent to the ambulance.

“No, I’m a neighbor.”

“In his condition, he needs to be escorted. See if you can contact his relatives.”

Hearing this, Shen Yu sighed apologetically, and then resolutely rummaged through the room to find the old man’s cell phone. The mobile phone didn’t have a code lock, so he found the old man’s daughter’s number without too much trouble.

As a result, the other party didn’t pick up, so in desperation, Shen Yu followed the ambulance to the hospital.

As soon as the doctor checked him, he was immediately hospitalized and prepped for an operation, because the old man had a very critical cerebral hemorrhage. Fortunately, he was discovered in time, otherwise something would surely have happened.

At this moment, the old man’s daughter finally called. After Shen Yu explained the situation to her, she was anxious and grateful. It turned out that the reason why she didn’t answer the phone just now was because she happened to be on the plane. Now when she heard that her father was going to be hospitalized for an operation, she decisively reported to the leader with whom she had just landed in B city.

Because it would take at least three or four hours for her to come back, Shen Yu accepted her request to guard the old man in the hospital.

After the old man entered the operating room, Shen Yu took a breath. While thinking that it was lucky that he had opened a can for Oscar before going out, he turned on the mobile phone monitoring, hoping to see what his little fairy was doing.

It turned out that the monitoring screen had become very strange, gray, as if under some kind of flowing liquid…

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