KHSW Ch. 291

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When Ling Xi learned that she had a perfect score, her heart was filled with excitement. She did not expect that the training during the time on the mountain was very effective, although at that time, she used a slingshot and sandbags to exercise her aiming power.

If she told the captain the truth, he would not believe it.

“Your privilege is to have the right to form a team in our next ambulance training.”

Ambulance training? Ling Xi took a sharp breath. She had seen this link on TV in her previous life, and it was definitely a very… hot part.

Where was this a reward? It was all about pulling hatred!

When Shen Bingqian heard about the privilege mentioned by the captain, she couldn’t help but sigh in her heart, she thought she would be rewarded with something good! It turned out to be grouping them!


“Today, what we are going to train in is cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Why do we have to do this training? Yu Jiayin, tell me.”

“In combat, casualties are extremely easy to occur. When casualties occur, only the comrades around can be relied on. Only the comrades can stop the bleeding, bandage, and rescue in time, and thus the number of casualties can be minimized to the greatest extent.”

“That’s right. Accurate and quick battlefield rescue is of great significance to our operations. In order to leave a deep and intuitive impression on everyone, the squad leader will demonstrate the coherent movements for everyone.”

The squad leader rushed to the mannequin on the ground, “Comrade…Comrade, the patient is unconscious, calling for help, come quickly, someone needs to be rescued here, 1001, 1002…1006, no pulse breathing, start chest compressions, 01 , 02…Left hand down and right hand up, ten fingers crossed, the five fingers of the left hand tilt up as far as possible, two arms, perpendicular to the chest of the injured, press towards the spine of the injured, after every 30 chest presses, carry out 2 times of artificial respiration, cleaning up the foreign objects in the injured mouth, the rescue is complete, and it is in place.”

A few of them didn’t find it difficult.

“Next, Ling Xi will use her privilege to divide the six of you into two groups, with one as the patient and the other as the rescuer.”

“Report, I have a problem.”

Hearing Shen Bingqian’s report, the captain glanced lightly, “Talk.”

“Are we really going to do artificial respiration?”

“Now it’s simulating a real situation. Do you want to watch your comrade to die in front of you?”

Only then did Shen Bingqian start to get nervous, not knowing how Ling Xi would group her up.

Ling Xi looked at the five of them with a tangled expression.

“Chi Jingyu” looked at Lingxi expectantly, hoping that they could form a group.

“Do you want to be in a male-female group, or… male-female, female-female?” This was definitely a very tangled problem, no matter who you put Shen Bingqian in a group with, you would feel sorry for the man.

If it was men and women, or women and men, there would definitely be a group of men and women. In this way, it would become the biggest “pit”. She could even imagine that if this episode was broadcast, she would definitely be scolded awfully by their fans.

The captain didn’t worry about her mood at all, “Have you figured out how to group?”

Ling Xi said softly, “Captain, can I give up my reward?”

“No, you have to make a choice, I’ll give you five seconds, five, four, three…”

“I’ve made up my mind.” Ling Xi had a desperate expression on her face.

“Chi Jingyu”, Li Ming and Yu Jiayin all looked at Ling Xi, who would she choose?

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