KHSW Ch. 292

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Ling Xi glanced at “Chi Jingyu” and brushed across her hair. She would definitely not choose him. If this episode was broadcast, Chi Jingyu would probably be the first person Yizhi wanted to beat up. She didn’t want to see Chi Jingyu being “hung up” because of this incident.

The moment she shifted her gaze to Yu Jiayin, “Chi Jingyu”‘s eyes darkened slightly, how could Ling Xi not choose him?

Yu Jiayin and Liming were still very easy to distinguish, Liming was taller than Yu Jiayin.

Ling Xi secretly swore in her heart that this Yu Jiayin was too cold. Although they had collaborated in the street dance variety show “Interstellar Dancer” last time, they didn’t have much contact with each other. He didn’t seem to like to talk very much.

Then she shifted her gaze to Liming. Liming was a very sunny boy. The last time she worked with him on the show “Idol Beside You”, he took good care of her.

Shen Bingqian was dissatisfied, but she also had some expectations. In fact, she really hoped to be in a group with boys, no matter which one of the three, all of them were good. Although Liming was younger than her, he was also a fresh meat. By the way, she could also rub off his popularity. If it was Yu Jiayin, although he looked a bit cold and didn’t like to talk, he looked good. If it was Chi Jingyu… that was naturally the best. If she could use this to climb up Yiling’s vice president, would she still need to be worried that she would have no resources in “Yiling” in the future?

The imagination was beautiful, the reality was…

“Chi Jingyu and…” Ling Xi paused slightly, which made “Chi Jingyu” feel nervous.

“A team with Yu Jiayin, a team of Shen Bingqian and Bing Yanyan, and I will team with Liming.”

“Chi Jingyu”‘s eyes seemed to burst into flames. He didn’t expect that Ling Xi would divide him with a man, and what he didn’t expect was that Ling Xi didn’t choose him…

His hands gradually clenched around the seams of his trousers. If he wasn’t worried that his impersonation of Chi Jingyu in order to come to the army camp would be exposed, he would have run away.

Yu Jiayin also looked like he had eaten “s**t”. He never expected that Ling Xi would group him and Chi Jingyu together. Could it be… She and Chi Jingyu were not in that kind of ambiguous relationship at all?

Liming also had the same thought, the relationship between Sister Xi and Chi Jingyu might not be what they thought at all, his heart began to beat wildly.

Bing Yanyan breathed a sigh of relief, she was quite afraid that being in a group with boys would affect her reputation, she felt that she would rather be in a group with a girl than with a boy.

Shen Bingqian had a gloomy face, Ling Xi must have done it on purpose, could it be… Ling Xi also took a liking to Liming’s popularity?

But it didn’t matter too much, she won’t live long anyway.

“Now that we have divided into groups, let’s start!”

“Report, can we object?”

When Ling Xi heard that the person who spoke was Chi Jingyu, she raised her head slightly. What’s his dissatisfaction? I’ve been good to him~

The captain glanced at “Chi Jingyu”, “I said before that here, you must obey and absolutely obey, so objections are invalid.”

Ling Xi almost laughed out loud, Chi Jingyu, don’t blame sister-in-law, she really doesn’t want you to be “stained” by women.

Seeing “Chi Jingyu” looking at her with a “sorrowful” face, she could do nothing.

“Find the wounded and start rescue.” As soon as the captain’s order came out, they had no choice but to accept their fate.

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