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The working atmosphere of the new unit was too different from what he had imagined, and Jiang Lan was a little confused.

Fortunately, he didn’t have long to be stunned before it was time for work. He saw the three “busy” people quickly tidy up their tables in the last few minutes before nine o’clock, put on their work badges, and sat upright, finally looking like public institution employees.

Jiang Lan breathed a sigh of relief.

Xue Meng took the initiative to introduce him to the members of the office.

The uncle who was drinking tea and reading the newspaper was called Zhou Xu, and everyone called him Uncle Zhou. Uncle Zhou was in his fifties. He was tall and thin. He had a kind smile and looked a bit serious when he was not smiling. It was said that he retired from the higher-level department and was waiting out his retirement here. He usually had nothing to do, so he took care of the cleanliness of the office, and he was the one who had cleaned up Jiang Lan’s desk.

The young girl was Xiao Xiaoyu, she was beautiful and fashionable. She was admitted a few years ago and was mainly responsible for the reception at the lobby window. Because her home was close to the Sub-district office, she hadn’t moved from here all these years, and had been staying in the Sub-district office all the time.

There was also a boy named Zhang Tianxing who was not here. Because something happened at home, he had taken a one-month vacation and would not be back until mid-May.

And Xue Meng was the one with the least seniority here, so he smiled and winked at Jiang Lan: “They used to squeeze me hard, but now that you are here, I can be relieved.”

Jiang Lan said in a good-tempered manner and a smile: “Well.”

Then he asked: “Then what are we mainly doing here?”

It was a simple question, but Xue Meng got stuck. He thought for a long time with a tangled expression and said seriously: “We, of course it is to serve the common people!”

Jiang Lan’s big eyes were full of great doubts.

What was the difference between saying this and not saying it?

Xue Meng coughed and added: “Simply put…you have to do everything.”

Probably because he was too surprised to see Jiang Lan’s expression, Xue Meng smiled, and patted him on the shoulder: “But don’t be discouraged. Let’s work hard. We are busy if we say we are busy, but we are also quite leisurely if we say we are free. Other brother departments are very envious of us.”

Xiao Xiaoyu who was standing next to him rolled her huge eyes: “If others run on you, you still blow it up?”

Then she turned her head and explained to Jiang Lan with a smile: “Don’t listen to his nonsense, we are here to help the neighbors solve problems, and we can take care of any trivial matters. You are so good-looking, those aunts must like you, so in the future, if there are any more aunts quarreling and fighting for the square dance venue, I will let you mediate.”

Jiang Lan: ???

Although the more they talked about it, the more discrepancies there were with his ideas, Jiang Lan still followed Xue Meng to go through the entry procedures. After completing the formalities, the door of the director’s office, which was closed opposite, was suddenly opened. There was a middle-aged man sitting inside, who was the director of the Sub-district office. When he saw him, he waved and told him to come in and talk.

The director of the Sub-district office was Cheng Ruhai, with a square Mediterranean face, a big belly, and a very kind smile.

“Xiao Jiang, right? I’ve read your file…”

When Jiang Lan heard the word file, his heart went up, and his eyes were a little flustered. He felt too guilty to look at Director Cheng. His gaze moved up unconsciously, and when it touched the top of Director Cheng’s shiny head, he retracted it with a “whoosh”, and finally focused his gaze on his nose.

There was a reason he felt so guilty.

When he first joined the special service team, he didn’t deliberately conceal his identity, so that every time he went to the Demon Control Bureau to do business, he met his colleagues with trepidation and fear. Obviously he didn’t do anything, and tried his best to be friendly, trying to blend in with them, but just because he was Taotie, those people always looked at him with caution and fear.

After failing to make friends several times, Jiang Lan no longer tried to make friends, and gradually began to act alone like the rest of the special service team. Every time he went to the Demon Control Bureau, he just attended meetings, received tasks, and handed in reports.

So this time when he took the Sub-district office test, he deliberately concealed his real form in the submitted files, pretending that he was just an ordinary demon.

The real body of a demon could not be seen directly. Pretending to be an ordinary demon should help him to smoothly integrate into his circle of colleagues.

Jiang Lan listened to Director Cheng with a worried heart: “Although the races are different, our purpose and philosophy of serving the people are the same. Since you have joined our Hanyang Sub-district Office, you are a part of us. If you have any needs in the world, just ask us, and the organization will try their best to help you solve them. If you have difficulties in life, you can also go to Lao Zhou or Xiao Zhang.”

At this point, Director Cheng moved forward quietly, and said in a low voice: “Lao Zhou and Xiao Zhang are similar to you. They are not ordinary people. Lao Zhou retired from the higher-level department. Although he is close to retirement, it should be no problem for him to guide you young people. If you encounter difficulties, just go to him. Xiao Zhang is on vacation because of a family matter, and you can see him when he comes back.”

Unexpectedly, Director Cheng asked him to come in to say such a thing, and Jiang Lan’s nervous expression gradually jumped up, and he pursed the smile on his lips, nodding heavily: “Don’t worry, Director, I will work seriously.”

Director Cheng smiled heartily, reached out and patted him on the shoulder: “Young people, no need to be so serious, occasional relaxation is allowed.”

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