S&E Ch. 2 Blind Date

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A long, long time later, Mr. Zhou had already become Miss Lu’s long-term meal ticket. One day, Mr. Zhou seemed to inadvertently ask: “How did you feel when you saw me for the first time?”

Ms. Lu answered honestly: “It was like seeing an expensive dead coat in a boutique that I couldn’t afford.”

Mr. Zhou’s mouth curled up slightly, quite satisfied.

“Then why didn’t you call me later?”

Miss Lu said very excitedly: “You don’t know, at that moment, I thought – wow, this coat is actually on sale for the season!”

Mr. Zhou’s mouth twitched.

By the way, on that day, the east side of City B was very sunny, while the west side was rainy.

Manager Zhou Ningxu, who was in the west of the city, got up and closed the windows of his office. His teeth ached faintly, and there was an inexplicable anxiety in his heart, as if there was a premonition that something unfortunate that was going to happen.

Lu Shuangyi, a small white writer in the east of the city, happily moved the small table and notebook to the balcony, sharpened her pencils, gritted her teeth, and prepared to write a H[1] drama of the hero and heroine under the sun.

While writing, she secretly encouraged herself-Lu Shuangyi! You must get rid of the shameful hat of “incompetent writer”. You are definitely a talented writer. Never having written before is just a petty excuse…

So… the male and female protagonists started talking nonsense before H… the male protagonist kissed her. The female protagonist now… the heroine fainted due the kiss and laid down… the hero took off the heroine’s clothes… the heroine took off and said no… the hero began to take off his own clothes… the heroine saw the hero’s XX said that it was so big… the hero rushed up… the heroine screamed… and…

The phone rang…

Shuangyi screamed!

Which bastard dared to call her now, couldn’t they see that someone in the house was having sex?

Shuangyi angrily picked up the phone and answered.

“Hey!” Said in an absolutely murderous tone.

There was silence for three seconds, and then the person on the other side hesitantly asked: “Lu Shuangyi?”

Shuangyi was taken aback: “Ban Ya?”

She stiffened, and said patiently: “Lu Shuangyi, my name is Bai Ya, I am not called Ban Ya, thank you!”

Bai Ya, Lu Shuangyi’s former university classmate, one of the double flowers of the Finance Department, looked elegant, dignified, and had good grades. The other flower had been from Shuang Yi’s dormitory. Of course, it was not Shuangyi…

But that was not the point, the point was, Bai Ya from the first day of enrollment, could not understand Lu Shuangyi, who was dull in everything.

So, when she asked Shuangyi if she would have time for a meal tomorrow night, Shuangyi asked curiously: “Ban Ya, are you heartbroken? Okay, I will comfort you.”

“Thank you for your concern, I am currently in a good relationship.” Bai Ya endured again.

“Is it more serious than a broken heart? Are you unemployed?” Unemployment was definitely a hundred times worse for Bai Ya than a broken heart.

“Neither.” Fearing that she would say something unlucky again, Bai Ya quickly said: “Actually, the main reason is to introduce you to a man…”

“Man?” Shuangyi said intuitively: “Is this man weird looking? Has he been in prison, or is disabled or has he been in jail for the murder of his wife?” Otherwise, how could Bai Ya kindly introduce him to her.

Bai Ya said patiently: “It’s my immediate boss, a returnee, handsome in appearance and composure, mature in demeanor, annual income is in millions, do you want to come.”

“If you want, Ban Ya, you are really empathetic…”

“Seven o’clock tomorrow night, XXXX restaurant in the west of the city.”

“Ban Ya, you finally abandoned evil and are doing good…”

“Pop!” Bai Ya hung up unable to bear any more.

The next night, the stars…No, the streetlights were brilliant, Shuangyi rode a bicycle, swaying through the ancient city.

According to the law of the novels, before the blind date, the heroine usually encountered a male pig in some kind of accident, revealing a different side, and a car crash was one of the most commonly used… plop! The sound of someone falling.

“Wow! Do you even know how to ride a bike!”

Sure enough, Shuangyi watched the man go with excitement, but her face suddenly became bitter.

“Uncle, you are so old, so don’t just hit some unmarried girl’s car, okay…”

The 25-year-old unmarried girl Lu Shuangyi scared away the poor uncle who occasionally violated the traffic rules and continued to wander around the market. Finally, at 7 o’clock, she arrived at the XXXX restaurant, and then sadly discovered that this restaurant was too high class, so high class that she could not park her bicycle nearby.

But those big black, white, red, and green cars could enter the parking lot next to it.

This world was not for the poor.

Shuang Yi looked up at the sky, sighed for three seconds, got in the car, parked on another street, and then walked over.

As a result, classmate Lu Shuangyi was miserably late.

To be continued in Ch. 6….

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[1] Erotic.

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