TBLF Ch. 55

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The whistle blew and the game officially began.

Both sides were staring at each other’s strong players, Fang Xu, No. 3 of the senior school team, and Ji Rang, No. 9 of the sophomore school team. The two people who originally wanted to fight each other in the game, because they were guarded by the opponent teammates, did not have much room to play.

When Fang Xu dribbled the ball, Ji Rang made a turn around to grab the ball from him, and then quickly passed a long pass to his teammates and scored a two-pointer. Fang Xu stood up straight and looked at him. Ji Rang slapped his hands and smiled provocatively.

After that, the two people began to confront each other.

The teammates also gradually realized that something was wrong and murmured to themselves, are these two people playing or fighting?

At the end of the first half, the sophomore team took the lead by one point. Ji Rang glanced lightly at Fang Xu who had been staring at him, lifted his clothes and wiped his sweat, and walked to the stands.

There was a fierce scream on the other end, but he only had the little girl who was smiling obediently in his eyes. After approaching, he took the towel she handed over and wiped his face with it.

It smells so good, it smelt like her.

Ji Rang never wanted others to misunderstand that Qi Ying fell in love with him early, his baby was so good, he couldn’t bear to let her be aggrieved at all and tried to keep a distance every time in crowded places.

After receiving Qi Ying’s towel, he gestured to Yue Li with his eyes. Yue Li understood in a second, and immediately ran over to him and handed him the mineral water, and shouted excitedly: “Brother Ji Rang, jiayou!”

Ji Rang: “???”

The scene is over, and little sister?

But with such a shout, the gossipy sight that fell on Qi Ying really faded.

Ji Rang threw the finished water bottle back into Yue Li’s arms and was about to turn back. But then no other than Fang Xu walked up to Qi Ying, smiled and said, “School girl, get me a bottle of water.”

There were a few boxes of mineral water in front of the first row. A classmate who was in charge of water distribution, saw Fang Xu asking for water, and quickly passed it. He did not answer but looked at Qi Ying with a smile.

Qi Ying thought this person was so annoying, ignored him, pretended not to hear, turned and walked back.

The smile on Fang Xu’s face faded and he stared at her back.

An opened mineral water bottle slammed under his feet and instantly wetted his sneakers.

Ji Rang stood beside him blankly, holding the bottle cap in his hand. Seeing him looking over coldly, he curled his lips and smiled: “Don’t you want water?”

Fang Xu smiled angrily and pointed at him: “You fucking wait for me.”

Ji Rang gave him a cold look, said nothing, and turned back to the court.

After the start of the second half, both of them went crazy. Qu Dazhuang stood in the stands and asked Liu Haiyang: “Did these two kill each other’s family?”

Liu Haiyang: “…”

As the battle worsened, the cheers in the stadium were overwhelmed by shouts. Ji Rang, like an angry leopard, dashed on the court, and no one could stop him.

When dribbling and dunking, Fang Xu wanted to block and grab the ball. Ji Rang jumped up and hit the ground severely. After he kept lying for a long time without sitting up, the referee blew the timeout whistle.

The atmosphere on the court suddenly exploded, and all the seniors went to pull Fang Xu, and some saw that something was wrong with him: “President Fang, you don’t care about this lunatic, he is going crazy.”

Speaking of Ji Rang, most of them were afraid of him.

Fang Xu coldly glanced at the person who was speaking. When he stood up, Ji Rang stood under the rack with the basketball in his arms, looking at him with a sullen look, and there was a sneer in his eyes.

In the end, the senior school team lost to the sophomore school team by four points.

Everyone was afraid of being hit by the desperate lunatic now. After all, the college entrance examination was just around the corner, and it’s just an interschool friendly match. Who the hell was willing to work that hard?

At the end of the game, the players from both sides shook hands and hugged. Ji Rang was too lazy to engage in these falsehoods and turned around to leave. Shen Yue grabbed him, and said with a smile: “Don’t, friendship first match second. Besides, isn’t this a win? You should show a champion’s demeanor.”

He also noticed that Ji Rang and Fang Xu were not dealing well with each other and wanted to make the two classmates reconcile after the game, so as to not leave any grudges or conflict for later.

Shen Yue took Ji Rang to shake hands with Fang Xu.

Ji Rang’s face was cold and fierce, Fang Xu smiled, and seemed to stretch out his hand to him magnanimously: “Scholar, you have good skills, and we will have a chance to compete again.”

He glanced at that hand, sneered, and casually touched Fang Xu.

Fang Xu squeezed his hand and pulled him forward. Ji Rang was about to get angry when he heard him smiling and saying, “You thought you would be worthy of her if you won the game?”

Ji Rang smiled. He thought this person was quite interesting, and he was not afraid of dying to this extent. It was the first time he saw someone like this.

As if he hadn’t seen the hostility surging in his eyes, Fang Xu let go of his hand, but his body got closer. From a distance, it looked like two people hugging and making peace.

The tone was as calm as if he was talking about the weather: “I heard that her father is a policeman who sacrificed for the people, right?”

Ji Rang felt his body stiffen.

Fang Xu was very satisfied with his response: “She is proud of her father, how about you? You think that is a shame, don’t you? You hate the police and disgusting so-called sacrifices.” He paused hearing Ji Rang’s rapid breathing, and laughed lowly: “If she knew, guess what would she think of you?”

Ji Rang pinched his neckline and punched him hard at the corner of his mouth.

To make him shut up.

There were two people who were talking and laughing just now, and they started scuffling in the blink of an eye. The people around rushed to pull them apart, Ji Rang had gone crazy, and had to be dragged by several people and couldn’t rush past them.

Fang Xu touched the wound on the corner of his mouth with his thumb, and Ji Rang, whose eyes were red, smiled.

The students who had not left in the stands were shocked to watch this scene, and they talked:

——Why did Ji Rang hit someone again? Didn’t he win the game?

——Really too much. Senior Fang still hugged him in such a very friendly manner too.

——He is just a fucking lunatic. It’s because of the money in his family that he does evil every day, and no one dares to deal with him.

——Isn’t Mr. Fang quite rich as well? See how good he is!

Qi Ying and Yue Li had already left the venue, and they didn’t know what happened in the stadium. Two people stood waiting at the exit, Qi Ying still holding a small prize to give to Ji Rang.

She felt that he would definitely ask her for a reward after winning the game. Although the behavior was childish, she happily prepared the prize in advance.

She knew that he would not lose, and he always did what he said.

But Ji Rang was nowhere to be seen.

Finally, Shen Yue and his teammates came out. Yue Li took Qi Ying and ran over and asked, “Mr. Shen, where is Ji Rang?”

Shen Yue was also a little surprised: “He left long ago, didn’t you see him?” He was busy checking Fang Xu’s injury just now. When he got free, Ji Rang was gone. Seeing the two little girls in an anxious state, he comforted: “It’s okay, maybe there were too many people for you to see, you guys try to call him. It’s dark, go home early after the call.”

Yue Li nodded, and took Qi Ying’s cell phone to call Ji Rang.

The other party had turned off his phone.

Yue Li scratched her head: “Should we go back first? There will be no buses after a while.”

Qi Ying was a little discouraged, holding the chocolate hazelnut in her hand, and nodded with her eyes down.

Behind him, Fang Xu’s group also walked out, all scolding Ji Rang for being crazy. Among them, a boy asked: “President Fang, what did you tell him? He was so angry? I have never seen him like that. It’s like he wanted to kill someone, it was terrible.”

Fang Xu glanced at the slender figure not far away and curled his lips: “It’s just to let the beauty see the essence of the garbage, and not let him dream about things that don’t belong to him all day long.”

He quickened his pace to catch up: “School girl.”

Qi Ying turned his head to see him and was startled by the wound on his face. Yue Li also exclaimed in a low voice: “Why did Senior Fang seem to have been beaten? It was not so when we left.”

Fang Xu had approached them and asked with a smile, “Why haven’t you left? Are you waiting for me?”

Qi Ying shook his head.

She didn’t see Ji Rang, her heart was empty, her head hanging weakly, Fang Xu followed her: “It’s not early, shall I take you home?”

Qi Ying still shook her head and walked forward bored, as if she didn’t even want to give him a look.

The wound on Fang Xu’s face hurt fiercely. He seemed indifferent. In fact, being beaten by Ji Rang in front of so many people was a bit of a shame.

He sneered and asked: “Waiting for Ji Rang? Waiting for him to take you home?”

Qi Ying paused and turned to look at him.

Fang Xu stared at her: “He left early. He was just a coward. He was scared enough to hide by a few words of mine. He didn’t dare to come to see you. He left you, a girl outside so late, such a coward.”

Qi Ying’s originally well-behaved expression suddenly turned into cold anger. She reached out and slammed Fang Xu who was next to her, then tightened the strap of her schoolbag and ran to the stadium.

Yue Li yelled anxiously: “Where are you going, Yingying?” She glared at Fang Xu, who had a complicated expression: “How do you talk like this? Are you sick?!”

After scolding him, she hurried to catch up.

Qi Ying ran so fast. She finished her homework at school today so she was not carrying many books in her schoolbag. Yue Li’s schoolbag was full and was so heavy that when she reached the entrance of the stadium out of breath, Qi Ying was gone.

The stadium was empty, and the sound of footsteps reverberated emptily when walking.

Qi Ying went to the locker room first, but found no one, and pushed the doors one by one along the signs. When she walked to the bathroom, she heard a splash of water coming from it.

She glanced at the sign “men’s bathroom” on the door, pursed her lips, and knocked on the door.

The sound of water still rang, and no one responded to her.

Qi Ying opened the door.

The bathroom was dark, but fortunately, the light from outside the corridor came in and she could see clearly. The sound of water came out from the innermost compartment. Such a scene looked as if it was from a horror movie, but she was not afraid.

Fang Xu said just now that Ji Rang left her outside.

She suddenly reacted.

No, he will not leave her behind.

He knew she would wait for him outside and would never leave secretly without saying a word.

He didn’t wait for her; it could only be because he hadn’t come out yet.

She walked to the door of the bathroom from which the sound of water was coming. The door was unlocked and ajar. She gently opened the door and saw the teenager in the No. 9 jersey sitting on the ground, holding his legs in both hands and burying his head in his knees. The shower head drenched him.

He shrank into a ball and hid in a corner, looking so lonely as if he was the only one left in the world.

Qi Ying felt so uncomfortable inside.

The pain made her unable to breathe.

She walked over and squatted down on her knees in front of the boy, the cold water from the shower wetting her soft long hair instantly.

She leaned over and hugged him.

She hugged him well, her arms were thin and weak, but she worked hard to hold him in her arms.

Ji Rang smelled a sweet fragrance.

He shouted dumbly: “Yingying.”

She touched his head and motioned to indicate her presence.

His whole body was cold and stiff, and he slowly raised his head, his hair dampened with water dangling down, his eyes were so red that it looked almost as if he was bleeding, and the drops of water kept falling from his cheeks, like tears that he couldn’t cry out.

The girl’s body was also covered with water.

He raised his hand to turn off the shower.

Qi Ying pinched the sleeve of his uniform and gently wiped the water off his face.

He was motionless, only his eyelashes trembling, letting her rub him, his voice was so numb: “I’m sorry, Yingying, I just wanted to come over and then rush to you, but fell asleep accidentally, did you worry about me? “

She shook her head.

Her clothes were also wet, and she couldn’t wipe the water for him. When she came in just now, she saw a clean towel hanging on the hanger at the door, and she wanted to bring it to him.

She was just about to get up when Ji Rang grabbed her wrist.

He was so strong; he pulled her back into his arms at once. Obviously, the strength was so much and the movements were so rough, but the voice is as soft as an abandoned child, and he asked her in a low voice, “Will you leave later? Will you hate me?”

She hated herself for not being able to speak, she could only shake her head desperately.

“They all hate me.” His teeth trembled slightly, buried in her neck, and his voice was soft and broken: “They all think he is right, and they all think I am wrong. I am ignorant and do not understand the glory. And sacrificing for moral justice. Everyone is praising his greatness. What about you? Do you think I’m wrong too? If you knew…” He raised his head, with a cold look in his eyes, and struggling despair: “Is he right? Will you go too?”

The girl in front of him was fixedly looking at him.

She looked serious.

After a while, she held his face with her small hands, swept the corners of his eyes with her soft fingers, bowed her head and kissed his eyes.

The kiss was so gentle, as if to give him all her love and sincerity.

He heard a soft, soft, trembling voice: “I will not go.”

Even if the whole world was against you, I will always be on your side.

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