TBLF Ch. 56

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The remaining water droplets from the shower dripped down, hitting the cold floor tiles, with a tickling sound. That soft voice, in this small empty space, was like an auditory hallucination.

Ji Rang was stunned for a while, then touched her lips with his fingers, and stopped when he was about to touch them. After a long time, he asked uncertainly: “Yingying, did you speak just now?”

Qi Ying herself did not react.

At that moment, the resistance of this body was as if it had never existed.

She only wanted to tell him eagerly that she would not leave. Just like he will not leave her, she will never leave him. She wanted to tell him not to be sad, no matter what happened, she would stay with him.

Such a strong desire broke through the psychological barrier that had trapped her for a long time.

She nodded.

After finishing the movement, she pursed her lips, and then gave a soft “um”.

The madness that had consumed Ji Rang, which had made him almost irrational gradually dissipated, leaving only unbelievable ecstasy. He sat a little longer, caressing her face with his fingers, and said dumbly: “Hey, say another word.”

She was a little embarrassed, she lowered her eyes slightly, her damp hair stuck to the corner of her forehead, a drop of water hung from the bridge of her small nose, and her eyelashes fluttered, as quick as a breath.

After a while, he heard her whisper: “I won’t go, I will stay with you.”

The voice was soft, sweet and waxy, scratching his palm like a feather.

Ji Rang laughed, the kind of very happy laughter. He wiped the water droplets off her face with his fingertips inch by inch, then stood up, pulled her up, and led her out.

He went to the door, pulled off the towel from the hanger, wrapped her up, and wiped her hair.

She stood obediently, letting him wipe it, waited for him to stop, then handed him the other end cleanly, and said softly, “You wipe it too.”

With a smile in his eyes, he took the towel and rubbed it twice on his head randomly. His black hair was messy, but he looked even more handsome, with an unruly scorn. The thin jersey was attached to his body, making his waistline obvious, and you could see the strong and beautiful muscle lines.

Her palm began to warm up, and her little hand was getting hotter and hotter.

She looked at it secretly, her ears flushed.

Then she heard him smiling and asking: “Is Lao Tzu handsome?”

The last time she watched him play was when she could just hear him. At that time, he said, I’ll show you handsome next time.

Saw it today.


Really handsome.

She looked down at the floor and whispered, “Yes.”

Ji Rang’s breathing stagnated, he stopped, turned around, and looked at the little girl with crimson ears.

Qi Ying felt the scorching gaze above her head, she slowly raised her head, looked at the young man with the burning gaze, pursed her lower lip, and said seriously: “Very handsome.”

Ji Rang’s heartbeat sounded frantically in the quiet corridor.

He felt that his self-control might need to be upgraded again.

The previous self-made system couldn’t resist the little girl’s soft voice offensive.

Ji Rang let his Adam’s apple bob, then he said, “Little fool, you are not allowed to speak.”

Qi Ying blinked puzzledly: “Why?”

He was deliberately fierce: “There is no why! Don’t talk to me, do you understand it or not?!”

Qi Ying’s grievances caused her to press her lips, and she was led to the men’s locker room. He opened his cabinet, which contained a clean sweater, black sweatpants, sneakers, and a dark red jacket.

He took everything out and placed it on the bench: “Change your wet clothes.”

Qi Ying picked it up and looked at it, and whispered, “It’s too big.”

He took down the schoolbag for her. Fortunately, the schoolbag was made of waterproof material. It was not very wet inside. He wiped it with a towel and coaxed her with a low voice: “I only have these. Wear it temporarily. It’s cold outside, and you will catch a cold when you go out wearing wet clothes. “

Qi Ying asked: “What about you?”

He is wetter than her.

Ji Rang smiled and rubbed her head: “I am a man, not afraid of cold.”

When the words fell, he turned around and closed his eyes: “Quickly change, I will count to a hundred. If I have finished the count and you haven’t changed yet, I will turn around again.”

The little girl quickly undressed.

There was the sound of rustling, and it was so exciting.

Ji Rang scolded himself as an asshole in his heart.

After a while, he heard her obediently say: “Changed.”

He opened his eyes and turned around.

The little girl wore his clothes like a cloak, almost covering her head to toe. Sweater and jacket were originally very loose, and she looked like a child stealing adult clothes, nondescript, but too cute.

He laughed, zipped the jacket for her, rolled up the wet clothes she had changed out of, wrapped them in a bath towel, and stuffed them into his schoolbag.

Qi Ying couldn’t wear his sneakers. Those shoes were too big to fit her feet and she couldn’t even walk after wearing them. She took out her wet sneakers and put them on her feet.

Ji Rang snatched the shoes from her hand: “Don’t wear wet shoes, you will get infection at the bottom of your feet?”

She whispered, “But yours is too big.”

He laughed, put her schoolbag on his back, then squatted down with his back to her and said, “Come on, brother will carry you.”

He had blown his back with a hair dryer just now. It was not as wet and moist as before, and through his waterproof jacket, it would not make her cold.

His back is strong, and she could see the arched contours when he squatted.

Qi Ying blushed a little.

He turned around, “Don’t want to be carried? Then in a hug?”

She blushed and threw herself on his back, her delicate arms wrapped around his neck.

The young man stood up steadily and walked out of the stadium with her on his back.

Yue Li was waiting outside anxiously. She didn’t dare to go in or leave. Seeing Ji Rang coming out with Qi Ying on his back, she rushed up with an exclamation: “Yingying! Are you okay?”

Qi Ying said softly, “I’m fine.”

Empress Yue Li patted her heart in fear: “It’s okay if it’s okay, it’s okay, you scared me to death…” She suddenly realized something, her eyes almost popped out, her lips trembled fiercely, for a long time, then she screamed and shouted: “Yingying! Can you speak?!”

Qi Ying smiled and nodded: “Yes.”

Yue Li was so excited that he didn’t know what to say and stomped straight on the spot.

The three people went to the street to take a taxi.

When waiting for the taxi, Yue Li thought of something and asked Ji Rang carefully: “Did you cause the wound on Fang Xu’s face?”

Ji Rang’s face darkened, and after a while, he gave a cold “um”.

Yue Li clenched her fist and said to him: “Good fight! He deserves it!”

Fang Xu’s anger at Qi Ying just now made him lose his image in her heart. If he had any dissatisfaction, he had the ability to talk to Ji Rang, but yelling at the little girl, he was a coward!

Yue Li angrily said to Qi Ying: “Yingying, you can talk now, next time he comes to pester you, you can tell him off!”

Qi Ying was a little embarrassed, and said softly, “I don’t know how to scold people.”

Yue Li: “What’s so hard about cursing? I’ll teach you! Listen! You go to your mother, you idiot!”

Qi Ying pursed her lips, repeating in a soft voice: “Yo..you go…”

Ji Rang was about to be killed by laughter due to this cute little fool.

He stared at Yue Li with a sullen face: “Don’t teach her to swear!”

Yue Li sighed: “Oh, you can’t do this, Yingying, you don’t have the talent for swearing, your voice is so soft, people will think you are acting like a baby.”

The car came soon, Ji Rang put the little girl on his back in the back seat, also let Yue Li sit in the back, and sat in the co-pilot by himself, and sent Yue Li home first.

When they arrived at Yue Li’s house, she jumped out of the car and waved to them excitedly: “See you tomorrow, Yingying! When they arrive at school tomorrow, and get to know you can talk, they will be so surprised!”

Qi Ying was also very happy and waved to her: “Goodbye Lili, see you tomorrow.”

Yue Li covered her heart: “Woo, I was cut to death by the soft girl.”

Ji Rang pulled the car door and sat in the back row.

As the car drove towards her home, she sat beside him with her schoolbag in her arms, smiling at him with bright eyes.

Ji Rang couldn’t help but curl his lips: “What are you laughing at?”

She honestly said: “I can talk, I’m so happy.” She lowered her eyes, remembering that her uncle would always hide on the balcony and smoke and sigh secretly during the Chinese New Year. Her voice lowered: “Uncle no longer has to worry about me.”

The way she considered about others makes him feel bad.

“No.” He reached out and touched her head, coaxing her in a low voice: “Yingying will get better and better.”

When the car drove to the gate of the community, he drove her out of the car. There was a passerby pushing a stroller for a walk at the gate of the community.

Standing in the shadow of a street lamp, he had a wet jersey, a clear collarbone, and his bare arms were hard-lined, and he looked aggressively angry.

But when facing her, he was always gentle: “There are so many people over there, I won’t take you there. Go home and take a hot bath. Is there any cold medicine at home? Make a drink and go to bed early.”

What he said this, she nodded.

Be good, be good.

He didn’t want to let her go, but couldn’t help it.

Grabbing her wrist, he dragged her into the shadow of the crabapple tree behind him.

Qi Ying was pressed on the tree trunk by him, he leaned down, and the strong smell of male hormones enveloped her.

There was a small park next to it, and the residents walking around are all residents in the community. She was so worried that her uncle and aunt were also there, and the little hand started pushing at his chest: “What are you doing?”

He snorted in her ears, and the sweet scent from her pierced into his heart.

Qi Ying heard him ask in a dumb voice: “Is what you said tonight true?”

She froze for a moment.

Realizing what he was asking, her heart felt soft and painful.

The dim light of the street lamp penetrated through the fine and dense leaves, and fell on his gloomy face. She stretched out her hand and put her arms around his neck softly.

Ji Rang felt his body stiff.

She leaned closer and said seriously: “I will be with you. No matter what has happened, no matter what will happen in the future, as long as you don’t drive me away, I will always be with you.”

His heartbeat almost got out of control, bumping back and forth in his chest.

The girl blushed, released him, tilted her head slightly, and said in a low voice, “Can you let me go? I’m afraid that my uncle will see.”

Ji Rang felt his teeth bite his tongue fiercely and restrained the impulse, so he didn’t let his animal instinct go crazy enough to kiss her.

After a long while, he chuckled softly, “No.”

Qi Ying felt that he was unreasonable and complained softly, “Then how will you let me go?”

Ji Rang lowered his head and breathed hard: “When you call me, I will let go.” His Adam’s apple rolled, and his voice laughed dumbly: “You haven’t called me once since you spoke. Lao Tzu’s name is unspeakable?”

Qi Ying was a little bit ashamed: “No…”

She just didn’t know what to call him.

She hadn’t called him by his name before. It was disrespectful. They all called him “general”. Now, he can’t be called general.

She really had no idea, she asked: “What do you want me to call you?”

Ji Rang laughed: “What do you think?”

She thought for a while, and after a long time, a soft voice overflowed from her lips: “Ge.”

He bit his mouth so hard that it was bleeding, and went almost crazy.

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